Saturday, May 18, 2013

Playlist Friday: Only You - Cee Lo Green ft Lauriana Mae (Saturday Edition)

Hi everyone! How is your weekend so far?! Mine so far have been relaxed but I have full dress rehearsal tonight for Monday and Tuesday shows - it's crazy!! So it is a little late for Playlist Friday so this is the Saturday edition. :D

I was watching the voice when I heard this song. It captivated me and I am crazy about it! Been listening to it non stop since the voice episode. :D I like Lauriana's voice and Cee Lo is just amazing!!

What do you think of this song? Love it, hate it? I hope everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Playlist Friday: Black Eyed Peas - My humps

Happy Friday everyone :) I missed last week and this week I've been really busy. I had to share this song that's been lingering in my head. I love BEP and this is one of the cute, sexy dance song that I would dance to whenever I listen to it. :D

I love BEP songs cause they are pretty catchy and its good to dance with and of course I love Fergie. She has a smokin' hot body and the dance is too cute not to try out. What? You never try to learn the cute dances in videos?

I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend! I think I need to bust out my BEP songs more and have a groovy day... Be safe everyone!