Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year...

*confetti in the air*'s Christmas already!!! (OMG!!! It's Christmas already!!!?!?) And it has been a year (seems like really yesterday) that it was Christmas. Ok it has been a year already, but do you feel like it was only yesterday? Yes...that's how I feel O.o And I love my panda face ------> 0.O Ahahaha (:

Ok, I have been doing a lot of useful (and not so useful :P stuff) lately. Like for Christmas I manage to baked cookies for my friend (tart and this other cookie we call Mama Carrie ^_^...) yummy I must say.

This is the mama carrie that I made...It looks pale but it is really good... :D

Tada.... This is my tart (pineapple tart) me and my sister baked. ^_^ I can say I'm very proud of myself...and well since it is Christmas, I know people have ginger bread man cookies, and I decided to make one tart man cookie :P ahahaha. See, he is adorable and yummy indeed. ^_^

Ahahaha...ok my sister says his eyes are buldging too much and it looks like a star, but sooo? It's my cookie :D. And it got burned a lil...ahaha. My sister and I made chicken pie with the left over dough. I didn't want to make too many tarts so we made chicken pie!!! It was yummy and everyone wanted it. We finished baking at 1230am!! I know crazy, then I got a bad backache in the morning. This is the chicken pie my sister made. :D


Ok, on the other note, my dad brought us out for dinner..hmm, a few nights ago. And we went to Top Spot. It a place where people sell food. Well duh! :P Ok I'm not very good at describing things...OMG!!! I use to be a pro. Ok, it's a place where there are stalls where people sell food, and there are place where you sit, order and enjoy your food...............yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... ^_^. I have some pictures I will upload...the internet is giving me a f****ng bad time. So it's really, really pissing me at the moment. :( Oh, and I manage to take a picture of this guy (ok CLK says he looks Australian but I dunno the difference :P. Ok maybe I do, but who cares. ;) And the more I try to take a pic of him the more it turn out to be bad. Hehehe...I know I can't think of anything better to do while eating. ^_^

Ok, the guy on the right of the picture (the one in blue, the Australian looking dude :P)

This was the oyster thingy we ate...I don't really know the name of the dish. They say it's egg...thingy. :D But it was good. And it is a lil salty tho, it comes with a soy sauce based dip (that was salty >.<).
This (of course) is the mixed veggie!!! I love mixed veggie. ^_^

This dish is a fish dish cooked sweet and sour style. I don't know what's the fish name is in English, but it is called 'bawal itam' in Malay. :D

And this one is my brother's favorite. It is sea cucumber soup. It has a different taste everytime I go there and eat. Sometimes it's sour, but it is yummy tho. :D

This are some of the dishes we ordered (ok my brother ordered them cause he knows them by
heart). It was good, maybe we go there a lot so it is not "WOW" :P but it's good enough for me. :D


Another thing that I did before Christmas week was driving (not me, my uncle drove ^_~) to
Serikin. :D It is the border of Sarawak and Indonesia. And we went shopping!!! Bought a lot of stuff, but not anything ORIGINAL, mind you. But who cares, it is still CHEAP!!! Some of the thins I bought were:

1. Knee length spotted black dress. This dress I found when I was on my way back to the car. And I am so glad I found it. And it was in the rain, this one is a new one that old guy got me. It is soft and black (with white spots). It is cute. ^_^ I bought it for RM28.

2. Black pashmina. I have been looking for a black shawl/pashmina and I found this for RM11. It is soft and black (duh! :P) And I am happy. :D

3. Black kebaya with pretty peacock design ^_^. I so freakin' love this kebaya!! Ok, it is not a kebaya yet but I will make it into a kebaya! And there is always one stall that sell this design! And this one the LAST ONE that was sold. I am so glad that I found it. The original color I wanted was of a RED peacock but the one I found was PINK but it's ok. :) It was still worth it. The tapih* isn't the one that comes originally with the top. I had to change it cause the original one was BRIGHT PINK. The red one I saw was blackish-with red color. :( I wanted that one, but I suppose I should be satisfied with this one.

But I am happy cause I LOVE the design on it. ^_^ is bee-oootiful!!! So all in all, I spent too much of stuff the past 2 months. *sigh* I'm not regretting anything tho. ;)


*tapih - it's a local word :P

>.< I don't know why the fonts keep changing in the blog...I must have done something to it...but I am so lazy to change it.... :P

Friday, December 12, 2008


If you have Facebook, then you know that there are millions (literally), millions of applications that comes with it...OMFG! I can't handle it when people sends stuff it takes me forever to go thru them all...sorry (: I don't want to ignore them, so I let them just sit there, collecting dust! :P Ok, maybe not collecting dust but you get the point. Now, I think I have about 3000 invites. And I don't want to ignore cause when they send me them, they have moi on their mind. Thank you friends. :D

There is this particular application, Hatchlings, that I didn't really bother at first. Then it just became mad. MAD I tell ya!! Cause everyone is so crazy about finding these eggs. And the creatures that comes out of it, it's just freakin' ADORABLE!!! :D Yes now I am addicted to it. And I add people just for that sake!! :D We help each other out so its good. I am satisfied. ;) It is very addictive....I can't get enought of it!!! And we all are looking for special eggs that comes out during holiday seasons.... Facebook is a real bad addiction!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok I'm kinda pissy right now, and yes 'unfortunately' it is that time of the month, but I'm pissy for a different reason. *sigh* The day started good, emmm, I suppose not so good cause Chelsea won the game last night (ok kidding ) but anyway, it got worse and then I got this fu**ing message from this 'guy'. Gosh it is so freakin' irritating, and annoying and so disrespectful. I feel so violated and harrassed!

I feel like killing that poor bastard and stabbing his eyes once, twice....until I can't stab anymore. Gees, that makes me soooooo freakin' angry. Stupid idiot! What do you think I'm that freakin' cheap??!?! EXCUSE MOI! Doesn't mean I show off a lil flesh means I'm a freakin' wh**e. And no I don't do it so you can go goo-goo gaa-gaa over me... Ewwwww...that's so fu**kin' gross. FYI we dress up so we can feel good about ourself, and just because we can. Don't make assumptions about why we do and what we want. Go lick yourself... Ahh he is making me soo mad...and angry and mad...errrr....

And today was suppose to be a relaxing wednesday, and I got another dress, green color, which I have been looking forward to. (Dress tally so far 3 new ones , thanks Al!). And it was ruined by a stupid email...gosh can people just grow up? I feel so violated and why oh why do some 'guys' (some not all...I have found guys who are very mature and very nice to hang out with) have to be so immature?? And gross, and very sick minded, very everything la... Ish, fu**in' a**hole.




On a different note, I went to Bookcastle yesterday (Tuesday) and bought books!!! Yes I heart books, always :P. I spent at least RM58 yesterday on books and I bought 7 books!!! (: I'm a happy woman. I bought 4 books by this auther, Nora Roberts. I have never read any of her books before but they sound interesting (and they were covered in plastic, possibly new ones too :P) so I got them and I hope they are just as good as the others. The 3 books that I bought was a trilogy and since all was there so what the heck, and one book entitled Birthright. I also found 2 books by one of my fave author, Catherine Coulter...she always makes me stay awake pass my bedtime and her stories are always interesting. Also, I found a book about Mary Tudor, one of the daughters of King Henry VIII of England. Coincidently, I was watching the movie 'The other Boleyn Girl' the morning I went to the bookstore. So I had to get that one, it always intruiges me. I have started reading that, and of course it's like reading history :P. And I also wanted to get the VC Andrews books too, but I had too many books I couldn't carry them to the counter. >:) There was one new series I found, Melody. So I am hoping the other books appear soon. So I can snatch them away...ahahaha. I have nothing against new books, but I want to get them at a cheaper what, I'm a cheap skate *pffffffftttttt*. I am tired, but I need to start my work again...yosh!!!! I know I can, I know I can, I know I can!!

ciao bella~~

Friday, December 5, 2008

I have been gone for sooo long....

But I bet no one missed me :P
So I'll update later....


Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little sleepy...

It's freakin' 341am and I am doing office works =.=''' Yes office work has been creeping up with me, it's ALL over the place, on the floor *groan*, on the table *double groan*, on the that's just Kimi (he's my very lovable, formally flushed stuffed dog - bought at WATSON a few years back and has become my one companion). :D Ask everyone who has share space with me they know how much Kimi means to me. (: Some of you may say ... 'Hey, Kimi sounds familliar' *scratch invisible beard* and YES I admit, I have a fascination for KIMI RAIKKONEN, the Formula 1 Ferrari driver. For you people who have no freakin' clue who Kimi is, here is a picture:

Isn't Kimi GORGEOUS?? Of course my "Kimi" is not this gorgeous, but they have one thing in common...light blue :D Of course they can't compare to Kimi's eyes *drools*.

And of course my bed is littered with stuffed animals, and lil beanie babies (not that I am complaining or anything) just saying that it's littered. >:) I love em no matter what! And of course pillows. :D Gotta have our pillows don't we?

Anyhow, writing, writing, writing,...sleepy, sleepy, sleepy......*yawn*. I think I should just call it a night. ;) Oh, updates on what I've been up to (like anyone care >.<). I bought this NICE heels (at least I think they are anyway) last week, like I should stop doing impulse shopping, and a maxi dress in dark brown...gotta update on that later, and a nice hooded black sweater. (: *AL I still need to update on that nice dress you MMS me....hehehe, I'm just crazy! XD* That's just what I can see anyway, and paid a bunch of people that I owe too *sigh*. Now all I need is some people to hang out with with me to watch MADAGASCAR 2 - yes everyone who have watched it already - BOO HOO!! I haven't watch it yet, so I wanna go...even tho it will be filled with kids (like the time I watched Madagascar with my friend, I think we were the only 2 who was not with kids or kids ourself ^_^ fun!).

Oh was thinking of looking for some nice looking shorts...any ideas?? Not too short cause I don't want to display my ASS altho if it was a great looking ass I wouldn't mind showing >:) ahahahaha....oh me oh my! :P Ok, sleepy....will write later...zzZZzzZzzzZZzz.......

currently listening to:
All Saints - Never ever (like how long ago is that?!?!)
Boyzone classics :P
Simple Plan - Save you
Britney Spears - Womanizer (this song is kinda catchy...been listening to it like for a few days now)

Ciao ~~

Monday, November 17, 2008


This weekend it is all about DURIANS!!! I am really, really addicted to this fruit...It's just so yummy... really :P even the smell is really heavenly. Ahaha, okay, okay...not everyone loves the prickly green creature, but I do. And I had a few (more than a few) of them this weekend. (: They were heavenly... And I have a few pictures of the lil culprit:

*my parents ate the fruit before I had a chance to snap pictures

*my sister said they look good (again minus the yummy durians*sigh*)

I find it very satisfying when you can eat the fruit without it being all bad, or taste bad, or just aren't ripe enough to eat...and this particular one I opened (yes! I actually opened a durian...ahaha, it is not like it's that hard anyway) was just lovable, yummy, delicious and oh so good! :P And that made me happy....

Also my sister had this really crazy idea, to use the durian shell as a bikini for those Hawaiian hula dancers, replacing them with those coconut shell *ahahahahahaha* Surely no one wants to touch your boobs even when you say "Go ahead, touch my boobies!" >:)

Ahahaha >:) she'll kill me is she knew I posted that here....still, it was funny! :P

ciao ~~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Walking down memory lane...with music

Another Friday, another weekend...another football match *yay*. But Fridays come and go too soon. This week has been a good one, in terms of classes, work, and more work (well that isn't always good...but it was pretty breezy this week). And music wise I have been listening to songs that I was listening when I was in high school, and some good 'remember-the-days-songs'...I mean those were the good old days, good music, good friends, good fun (:

Songs I've been listening:

1. White Town - Your woman
2. Arkana - So little time
3. Michael Jackson - You are not alone (hahaha, this song is good...really)
4. Elvis - Love me tender
5. All American Reject - Swing swing
6. Weezer (a bunch of songs)
7. The soundtrack of The Sound of Music
8. Reliant K - random songs from my music folder

9. Nickleback - Saving me
10. Everclear - lots of Everclear (:
11. Richard Marx - Right here waiting
12. Third Eye Blind - Semi charmed life (my all time FAVE)
13. Ultra - Say it once

It's been those days when you go, 'hey, I know this song' or 'Wow been a while since I listen to this'. Especially Ultra. I only know like 2 songs by them, and none other was that good :P My cousin, and I was so hooked on Your woman. Those were the days *dreamy eyes*
and we have a lot of those good days. (:

Yesterday I got a text from a good friend of mine. She's getting engaged! *shriek* I mean it's all so sudden, and well I was more surprised, but happy :D Another friend of mine is getting married on the 22nd and one on the 29th. Seems like everyone is getting married eh? I wish them the best of luck with their significant other (: always happy for people who are taking the leap of faith :D


Someone said I was playing favorites with my kitties, but I can't help it. Don't you just fall in love with a picture like this?

Isn't my Oreo CUTE? There are NO words to describe her...she even meowed and look at you when you talk to her..*sigh* cats are just ADORABLE!!!

ciao (for now) ~~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...Happy Birthday Daddy!...

Happy birthday Daddy!!! Today is DADDY'S birthday..and yesterday was MUMMY'S birthday. But too bad mum is not here she is in Sabah. And UPSR result came out today, my brother (who I swear didn't study all that much) got 5A's. 5A's I tell ya!! And of course I shouldn't complain cause I didn't even take that exam *muahahaha*

Anyway my dad is 50 today, yup the BIG 5-0. And I can't believe he is 50 already. Someone told me to write 'OLD' on the birthday cake cause 50 is "over the hills". I think OLD should stand for "O-ways Love Daddy" *grins* see it is still 'OLD'...hehe.
Tonight I have to go to RUMAH SARAWAK for my orchestra rehearsal. There is this show in December, the 6th (if I am not mistaken) that we all are playing (hopefully) that involves a pianist from SINGAPORE. I am not so sure on how many songs we are performing or how long, or how much we are paid (hehehe....that's the magic word: PAID) but it's something that I love to do. Play music = get paid *evil laugh* . And of course I love the music too, and the people..most of all the music. (Really, the payment is a bonus.)

ciao ~~

Another victory...

It was a match to be remembered...not that you can forget anything when it comes to FOOTBALL. Arsenal just had their 4th round tie against a very good Wigan Athletic side. Arsene Wenger, as always manage to select his very special team (an average age of 19) to face the Premier League side. 19 I tell ya! And their youngest (I reckon) is this kid named Jack Wilshere who is only 16 of age...and he is pretty darn good as fast as hell. They dubbed this bunch of youngster the 'Carling Cup kids'. I get the joy of watching them...altho I didn't watch the game last was a sad, sad night for me. ~image taken from arsenal website~

They had a comfy 3 goals to nil last night, and are in the top 8. Let's hope they did better than last season (which was rather a disappointment, since they were doing so good at the end of December until Eduardo broke his was their ultimate downfall) but overall I think they had a pretty good season. They lost players but I think they gained more, in terms of their younger about their first team as being the 'young guns' their second team is dubbed the 'younger guns'. Everyone was playing great football last night and I missed it *sobb sobb*
but I will catch the repeat of the match on StarSports or ESPN by whatever means possible...If you're interested to watch the highlights, of any of the football matches click here.

This morning as I was driving to work and was caught is a drizzle, I was switching from one radio station to the other.. sometimes I think that they play the same song, over and over and over again it's kinda boring. So I had to stop at the traffic light and suddenly this one really old song by White Town - Your woman came on. I was like OMG!
How many radio station play that song in the morning, even at all!! I so heart that radio station. At least it made my morning, it was cold, wet and good...I even made a tuna-cheese sandwich. *grins* I have to get a move on, I need to do more work for tomorrow...arrrrggghhhh and I should really get to bed since I need to get up early and get breakfast started cause my mum is in KK...mummy come home soon. And we will celebrate your birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!! And it's also good when you can get someone to wake you up at 530 in the morning *grins* life is always good...<3


Monday, November 10, 2008

SPM starts today...

So today, 7 years ago I took my its been that long already. Hehehe, I feel so old...yet I still think I am still the same...only gained a bit of weight, hair is still the same, kinda freakish-ly huge and wavy (I refuse to use the word curly...but I think my hair is sexy what!), still have that soon-to-be-gone-accent which Mike tells me I do not have any accent and that he can understand me 99%. Gosh, where did the 1% go? Bleh, altho as a fellow American who live in the South, I can understand him 100% altho he has that occasional Southern-drawl..which I think is cute. Ahaha, shhhh....ok I haven't met anyone with a Southern-drawl before so I think it's cute...beside I never could copy them 100%. Errr anyway, SPM starts today and it just brings back a lot of school years memories...all the good ones, not so good ones, bad ones, and worse ones...altho I don't think I have any bad or worse ones...

So to all the kiddies out there that is taking their SPM today I wish you all good luck, don't regret them like I use to...hahaha...and then say 'haiya so easy la, wish I could've studied more..' then my mum would say "I told you so!". I gotta get ready to fetch the 'princess' that is taking her SPM right now...sheesh, now I have to become a driver....ciao~~


Wanna continue this post a little bit. Wahhh...I'm so tired. I got home, then I went to check my mails (like I always do), check my friendster - go pester people a lil bit, tweek at my facebook, check my myspace account, replied to people, read blogs, and many a blogs I read...everyday, check and then I realized 2 hours have passed and my MirMo (he who should not be named...for now) is no where to be found. Of course I had to pick up my sister so I suppose that was a good thing.

I got back home, made 2 GRILLED CHEESE sandwiches cause I was freakin' starving, no lunch and I wanted to eat cheese so bad. I actually cooked today...feel proud for me *jumps up and down* which turn out real good too. I made veggie (kacang fave, the light-green colored one) and sting-ray, 3 pieces (ikan parik la...) which turned out pretty good...and I also made goreng pisang, because my mum says the pisang is gonna go bad if no one wants to goreng them. So I goreng and goreng, before I started cooking...and after all that cooking and frying..I didn't even feel hungry. At all. Like all that tiring and exhausting effort, I didn't even feel like having dinner instead here I am ranting my time away...

Now I feel tired and I think I might take a nap...(gees using caps when it is required is a lot of work..I should eliminate all caps in the next post..much faster, less hassle). And after my nap I am going to take a shower and eat (if there is food to eat). ciao ~~ (again).

Starting off with a ...

So as this first official post goes, I have nothing to add or write. Not now, I just have soooooo many things to do that my head is spinning. Yet I was warned that people will read this (thank you my dear, your words will linger in my mind) but it's just for the fun of it and ranting away. So this is it, it is late, 5am and I need to get some zZzzZZzz...and life little surprises just gets less surprising...