Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway - a quickie

:) Hello, I am kinda drowsy so I am keeping this short and simple. :D It's a lil giveaway post. I know you all love giveaway so here goes. The Alicia from Liquored on Lacquer is hosting a giveaway. She is giving some awesome stuff from Fyrinnae ("fyeer-ih-nay") and some other awesome stuff (Maybelline, Sally Hansen to name a few).

Click the picture

Check out her giveaway, it ends December 10th at midnight.

Nea from Fashioned in Finland is having a little giveaway and giving out 2 Sleek palettes and TKB mini sample. The storm and limited edition good girl palette. Oh you don't know how much I want my hands on those palettes. The colors are so amazing, and pretty. :)

Click click you know what to do

The giveaway will end December 3rd so you better hurry.

Also some giveaway on my sidebar, if you want to check them out. :D All are pretty awesome.



Sunday, November 28, 2010

I just want to say....


Arsenal won!!!!!

ARSENAL won!!!!


...A game on Saturday. =____='' They were top of the table for like 5 minutes before Manchester United got the best of them with a 7 -1 score. Like 7 goals. Berbatov is one of my favorite players, too bad he plays for Manchester United.

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's like feeding frenzy!!

Have you ever played Feeding Frenzy?? That fish game you play on your computer? This one.

It is a really fun game. :D I remember playing it with my friend's then 7 year old son (now he is 10 or so) and we had tons of fun. :) No this is not about playing a fish game :P so don't worry.

Lately I can say, my friends (I have a lot of friends) have been getting married, and getting engaged and getting pregnant. :) And I have never been happier for them :D. Some have been dating since college and then getting hitched, of course I am ecstatic. :D So lately a whole lot of those friend have been getting present from the stork ^^. It's just like feeding frenzy, more like stork frenzy! :D Those lil bundle of joy are so cute and I am kinda bummed that I have yet to meet any of them.

I have a few more friends that are getting married this December (more weddings!!) and a few coming January babies. I can't wait! ^^,

Here are some pictures I stole took from their parent's respective Facebook album (with permission of course ) ^^, :

This is Azim. Cute isn't he??

His mom and I were friends. She is a year older but we had a lot of mutual friends :).

Syafinaz Afdzal

This little cutie pie is Syafinaz Afdzal. :) Her daddy and I were classmates and are friends till now. :) She is just adorable and have the cutest little smile.

Marissa Aqueela Darleen Ahamed Fayeez

Marissa's daddy and I were classmates too, and we continue to study at the same place but different courses. Really didn't think he would get married so soon and to have this lil princess in his just gets better. :)

This lil guy was born in August 2010. I forgot his name though. His mommy and I use to do group works together and we enjoyed each other's company. :) She was a quiet and shy person and I am not so quiet and it all works out. :D I have not seen her in years and just recently got in touch with her and she showed me the picture of this cutie patotie! :D

Edhrie Hasshiem

This little fella is the only baby I have met and held in person. He was born on the 14th of October. :) He was such a sweetheart, sleeping the whole time. His mommy and I play in the orchestra together and I am sure he will be a great musician someday. :D

Three times the fun!

Shahrul Nadzri is the lil baby in the picture with his older sister and brother. :) He is one lucky baby to have such fun, loving, parents and siblings. :) My friend Ema, just gave birth to lil baby Shahrul on October 23rd. We've known each other for about 12 years :) and I get to see the little ones grow up. I went to her wedding, and see these kids grow up...and of course she keep nagging me about getting on the band wagon :P. We use to spend our times together before she settled down; drinking at the waterfront, just hanging out with friends, window shopping and everything. I kinda miss everything about it but I am happy for her. We do go out but not so much, she just gave birth to this beautiful baby boy. (I have to go and see her before he gets too big!)

Muhamad Thalif Umair

This is my birthday twin baby boy. He was born on November 8th. :D His mommy and I share the same birthday and when we were studying, we would celebrate together, either sharing parties, hosting it, or celebrating it or getting soaked and pranked on. It was fun to share something special with someone, and you can never forget their birthday! I hope one day I get to meet this handsome boy.

Now this is the latest edition of the baby boom :). The proud parents have not posted an album for this lil guy so I do not know his name. (I am sure they had a boy :P) Welcome to the world baby!!!

Pheww~~ There are more pictures, I just can't find them right now. :) Looking at the baby pictures on Facebook albums, I get so excited, what will my baby look like? You know that kind of thing. :) Someday we will find out. :P I love these baby pictures. I hope I get to meet them one day, I need a vacation so I can go and spoil these little cutie pies.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway III - Makeup Zombie

No it's not makeup made by zombies XD Sorry for spamming your feed with giveaways but I can't resist but to share these things! :) Wendi from Makeup Zombie is having a giveaway courtesy of Facecandy Couture. I kidd you not that the colors of those shadows are delicious :D and very colorful. :)

Click the picture :D

Check Wendi's blog or the site (I linked above!). The giveaway ends November 25th. :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway II

The fabulous Cheryl from Oh to be a Muse is having a holiday giveaway where 2 winners will be chosen. :D The prizes are awesome.

Click on the picture to check out all of the prizes.

Good luck, it ends December 7th :).

Blog-surfing: Giveaway

Just a quick giveaway :) From Marie a la Mode, this is her 3rd giveaway. :D And the products are pretty awesome.

1 Urbad Decay Ammo palette
2 Mini Sephora mascara
3 Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in pink satin
4 Sephora by OPI nail polishes
5 MAC lustre lipstick in Plink
6 Calypso Cuties Sugar Babu de luxe Tahitian Tango lip gloss in Pretty Sweer (wow that's a mouth full)

Click the picture 

Seriously those are an awesome giveaway :D so get your mouse on over there and say hi! ;) Her giveaway ends on November 30th.

Movie Date: Red Riding Hood March 2011

Why must it be March 2011?! Seems like the good movies comes out in March. Hunny, can you please stay till March 2011? ;) Ok, this movie I am in love with (the trailer)...and I am kinda bummed that it has to do with werewolf, Yahoo! quotes "The trailer for "Red Riding Hood" makes it seem the classic fairy tale has received the "Twilight" treatment." I am not a fan of Twilight...sorry Twi-hards out there. I have only watch one movie and I guess it's okay...not great. I suppose the books are better :). What gets me excited is that Leonardo DiCaprio was the one that came with the idea. Come on Leo, why the "Twilight treatment"? =___='' But since I am in love with your movies and you...I am giving you a chance and going to look forward to this movie.

Now I present to you Red Riding Hood:

So, what's your take? Would you watch it?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

When you hang out with my family on holidays you'd definitely gain 10lbs :P

Warning: Picture overload XD

But...that's good so I can make you drools...over food that is. :D So before I get too lazy and forgot to post these awesome food pictures I am going to blog. Even at 153am in the morning =___=''. See how much love I have for you guys? :P And my freakin' Farmville pumpkin isn't ready for harvest yet...LOL.

So yesterday (Wednesday) was a holiday! YAY!! Which mean more food and fun and family. Triple F. The unfortunate thing is that I had to wake up very early to prepare food...which kinda sucks. It was such a lovely day to be asleep in bed. :)

Ok I will show you pictures now. CLK is distracting me XD.

Food: chicken curry, beef and rice squares 'ketupat'

Penang laksa: I love my greens!

with coffee (of course!)

'lemang' - its kinda like sticky rice (?)

My cousin and my dad at it with style :D

moi - before getting ready :P

did my cousin's hair :D

My uncle and I XD I love his camera!

People nomm nomming food...

This is what I end up wearing, minus the hat...I had a simple chignon with 2 red ribbons :)

I also had some delicious cheesecake courtesy of my cousin ^__^

Then we went to Young Su's Korean ice-cream place :D before it closed...


Of course my cousin wanted something salty to end the night =___='' LOL I had my BBQ McShaker fries...delish!!

My cousin had hers with black pepper... ;)

We had a great time...even tho we didn't go anywhere but eat all day long XD. My cousin is going to Cambodia on Saturday and I will be very sad and can't wait for her to come back with presents...LOL. 

The end.

p.s. I started this post at 153am and ended up posting it 12 hours later...LOL 

p.s.s. And you might be wondering why it said 9something something-pm on the post because I don't know how to change the time thingy =___='' and I am lazy to figure it out XD

Monday, November 15, 2010

My First Car Ride :)

This was my very first car ride and I am pretty sure this wont be my last. :D

It was a really nice drive, since I get to snuggle and loved, and I can even see all the moving trees as my human the car drove by. I love being loved and snuggled. I love my first car ride. ;)

Last Sunday, I took my kitten (I named her Kitt the kitty kat) to pick my sister up from her extra class. I left him in the car for awhile and he actually climbed out of it. Before I drove off, he came back and jumped in. I was scared he was gonna go all crazy in the car because all of my cats (previous ones and the ones I have now) hates car rides with a passion. They would kinda meow loudly and go crazy like that. So I was surprised that Kitt stay put on my lap and purred all the way home. :) He's so adorable. And after losing Hero (my other cat) he's like a comfort blanket. :) He loves getting behind his ears scratched and loves the attention. :D I am definitely gonna let him go with me to my grandma's so he'll get use to car rides. :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Date: March 2011 o.O

Ok, I was on Cheri's tumblr and I found this trailer. It. Looks. Amazing. o.O But it will be out in 2011. =___='' Waiting....waiting...but I hope it won't disappoint. Like many does.

So...what's your verdict? Would you watch it? I know I REALLY want to....sigh*.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Being Away

Sorry, I have a few things to post but I am still kinda sad about losing my cat. So I need a breather...I will update on more football news (2 weeks missed!! =__=) and some other random stuff. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie Date: RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous)

It's been awhile since I have done movie posts. It's not that I have not watch any movies, it is actually the opposite, and I get kinda lazy writing about movies that was out 2 years or so ago :P. But I will try to do more...I guess no one really read this, but it is for my own pleasure and update :P.

On Sundays I usually make my way to the Sunday market with my mom. Ever since CLK told me about the movie RED, I wanted to watch it and I knew it came out last month. I checked one of the local cinema and they don't show it anymore so I turn to my friend for some help. :) We usually go to watch movies on Wednesday because it is cheaper than any other day, second cheapest would have to be Tuesday (ladies night - where ladies get to watch movies for MYR6). And Wednesday it is only MYR5!! (That is about $1.62USD) Cool eh??

So my movie buddy said there were 2 shows showing RED, one on 245pm and the other is 745pm and I was like LETS WATCH!! :D I have seen the trailer and it was pretty interesting and funny and I was hoping the movie is somewhat good and entertaining. And it was!!

It wasn't the best movie I have seen this year (I still think Inception was the best movie I have seen this year) but it was fun, it was hilarious, entertaining and funny, with action. :D Who doesn't love it??! I did :D. Bruce Willis would have to be one of those actors that I love to watch and I think is handsome (even tho he is old but still I think he's hot :P). He's one of those men that age gracefully :). One of the funny thing in the movie was when Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) spoke in 'Chinese'. My friend is Chinese and he laughed. When I asked him what did he say, he said, "It doesn't mean anything, that doesn't even make sense." LOL. Was funny, they could've at least said pigs can fly or something XD.

From, there are a few goofs from the movies, that I didn't know!! I should've read that first before watching the movie, now I gotta watch it again!! XD One of the goofs are:

  • Revealing mistakes: When Frank gets up at 6am and walks downstairs to take his pills, his watch says 6.05am, but the kitchen clock on the wall behind him says 7.05am.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): What Frank actually says in Russian is "I'd be hurt by you" instead of the intended "You'd do me a favor".

There are a whole lot more, if you want to read it. I like the movie, it is hilarious :). My kinda movie, not too tense and crazy. I was watching the trailer for Unstoppable (with Chris Pine) and I soooo want to watch that now! I told my friend ... Wednesday!!!

First time I step foot here after the renovation, it's ok nothing special :P

Yahoo! critics gave this movie a B-, but I tell you it was worth the MYR8 we spent and 2 hours watching it. :D I like it, and I can watch it again!!

"Remaindered to a sleepy Cleveland suburb where every house looks like the next, black-ops retiree Frank Moses (Willis) is stuck in a dull, lonely life. He regularly tears up his Social Security checks so as to have an excuse for re-engaging his ongoing conversation with Sarah (Parker), a tart-tongued customer service staffer located in Kansas City. Then, one night, as Frank's neighborhood slumbers, a cadre of silhouettes march slowly across his snowy street, their automatic weapons spewing gunfire against a backdrop of yards populated by brightly lit plastic Santas and snowmen. It's a grabby shot, suggestive of an alien touchdown in Smalltown, USA. And it propels our exile back into the kind of action he lives and breathes...."  From MSN movie critics, read more here.

After the movies we went to McDonald's because I wanted to eat the limited time offer on spicy chicken mcDeluxe black pepper burger. I am crazy about peppers, black or white and I gotta try this one out!!!

A fiery combo, but not so "fiery" the original ones are a lot fiery in my opinion.

My shaker fries (left), even the shaker was spicy and sprinkled with black pepper (the specks!) awesome!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway II

Sorry for the many giveaway posts, I just don't want to forget anything. So, look away if you are not interested. XD Seriously... o.O. Head on over to Click and Make Up!! to check out Kat O giveaway. Some of the giveaway includes Benefit, NYC, Maybelline and a wonderful palette :D

Click on the picture to the giveaway

She has extended the date to 27th November. Don't miss out!

Blog-surfing: Christmas Giveaway

Joy is having a giveaway...for Christmas! Isn't this something awesome to get for Christmas? Or in time for Christmas. :) Check out her blog and giveaway, All Made Up. Click on the picture to go to the giveaway!

The winner will be chosen on the 1st of December.