Friday, November 19, 2010

Movie Date: Red Riding Hood March 2011

Why must it be March 2011?! Seems like the good movies comes out in March. Hunny, can you please stay till March 2011? ;) Ok, this movie I am in love with (the trailer)...and I am kinda bummed that it has to do with werewolf, Yahoo! quotes "The trailer for "Red Riding Hood" makes it seem the classic fairy tale has received the "Twilight" treatment." I am not a fan of Twilight...sorry Twi-hards out there. I have only watch one movie and I guess it's okay...not great. I suppose the books are better :). What gets me excited is that Leonardo DiCaprio was the one that came with the idea. Come on Leo, why the "Twilight treatment"? =___='' But since I am in love with your movies and you...I am giving you a chance and going to look forward to this movie.

Now I present to you Red Riding Hood:

So, what's your take? Would you watch it?


Straylights said...

DId you know Leo also either had the idea or produced The Orphan? That movie was creepy good! You should check it out if you haven't!

However, I am on the fence about this Red Riding Hood business. We shall see...we shall see :D

a!k0 said...

OH wow really? o_O I did see it but have not put it on my was creepy and unexpected..but I didn't know it was his idea or whatever. That movie reminds me of The Orphanage...OMG that one was kinda weirdly confusing but I think it was pretty good. :D

So am I!! I just don't want them to ruin the story...but you know how much I love my Leonardo DiCaprio :P so I shall see...or wait to see...