Monday, August 31, 2009


I know this is 1st of September (here it is) but I just want to make a shout out to everyone out there who celebrated our Independence yesterday.


Ok I am a lil late on that throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air-kinda-thingy, but I really meant to post this yesterday, really. :D I did not celebrate. Nope. Not this year. Nor any other year. Well maybe some years when I was in college, bored with the internet, since you're on it 24/7 (damn I should've started this blog then, actually I do blog but on MySpace :P) and go, 

'hey why don't we go make a fool of ourself and try to look slutty sultry and sexy while doing it?'  

Haha, nah I'm not like that. Really. :D So some 31st August was great, or should I say the 30th night. We use to rent this house, and from there we could see fireworks and didn't have to be stuck in traffic to go to the stadium or whatsoever to watch it. Cool heh? :D We'd usually just sit on the park benches in front of our rented house and take pictures with the firework on display. I think 2 years ago was the best, since our college had a firework display too and the state had a firework display too. It sounded like Thor was having an uproar with Zeus :P and I feel like I was in this colorful, bright, loud, and magical land.

Awesome. I think I have some pictures. I'd have to dig those up. :D

Anywhooo, this year was bleh. I, for one, did not really enjoy the night/day. It was kinda peaceful yet boring. Altho I fell asleep before midnight I probably missed the fireworks. :( Oh well I'd have to wait till New Years. But the kids were playing fire crackers and fireworks of their own. Damn, annoying kids!!! But yeah, it dampers the mood of my Merdeka night. But at least I got a good night sleep, eh? :D Well deserved.

Oh, I just realized that it was also the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. She died 31st August 1997, and I remembered that day clearly. Since it was our Independence day, we were celebrating it. With joy. Then the news of the princess dying really shocked me. So every year on the 31st of August, it always reminds me of the horrible crash that took her life away. :) Altho I did not know her but she has done amazing things in the short life. You will always be missed.

**Selamat Hari Merdeka = Happy Independence Day

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Piece of the week: The Marriage of Figaro

This week piece is by Mozart. Altho it was not the piece that I wanted to share but I could not find the one that I wanted so this will have to do. :) Enjoy Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

Monday, August 24, 2009


...not! Ok I am happy Arsenal won (again! yippie!) last Saturday night, and it was a good game. 4 - 1 versus Portsmouth. See, I told you it would make me not so pissed when they play, but today is Monday and I am kinda bummed. Ok maybe not bummed, just a lil mad. A lil. A teeny tiny bit maybe. *sigh* Anywho, as for Arsenal winning, I am fairly happy. :D And they have another game on Wednesday (that would be Thursday morning for me) vs Celtic for the UEFA Championship qualifier. I hope they win. Bad. :) Arsenal video here. :D

And owh, I have learned something new over the weekend. :D Ok I know it's not new anymore but I have been wanting to learn but just got held back a bit. I learned how to do a fishtail braid and a rope braid. I am uber happy. :D Altho I still can't do a french fishtail braid (yet) but I am learning. And my hair looks so crappy with the rope braid. Cause I just have this crazy lil hair and shits that goes everywhere. I tried it on my sisters hair, and it. Looked. Good. YAY! New things to do with my very long, and crazy hair! So anyway, it is raining elephant and dinosaurs out there and I left the umbrella in the car. Stupid really. But they said it wasn't gonna rain. Next time I should listen to my inner conscience. I better prep for a wet journey to the car...not looking forward to it. *sigh*

Imagine having to endure the freezing cold rain like this, poor thing

** Oh I was listening to some songs I have on my laptop for centuries that are gathering dust (ahaha...gather dust?) and I was like her I haven't listen to this song in a freakin' long time, and I think it just brought me back to my lonely days, I feel lonely today. Listening to To you I belong by B*witched**

Saturday, August 22, 2009


*photo from here*

Can you say pissed much? Yes I am. It started cherry but now I feel like I was gutted in the stomach. Really? Hate much? Yes, but you can't really get angry at someone for that long of a time right? Wrong, I am gonna be uber ego and drag this on for days...really. Am pissed. Really..........

Arsenal is playing tonight so that oughta be good. Can't wait. At least I won't stay angry that long. Hmphhh.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Piece of the week: Marche Slave

As you know I am a part of an orchestra (ok maybe 2 orchestras) but I love my classical orchestra. (Yes I play in an orchestra). I play the violin. :) I have been playing since I was 10 (that's actually very late to start playing the violin) but that doesn't matter. I got the chance that ultimately got me where I am in the orchestra today, playing for the Sarawak State Symphony Orchestra or SONS.

I started playing the violin when I was in elementary school. Actually I didn't know how it all started. It is a long story but I'll try to keep it short :P. There was a time in my life when I had to move around a lot, since my parents were teachers. And one fortunate event lead me to study abroad (ok my dad was studying abroad not moi but I suppose I was studying abroad too :D but in elementary school hehehe) and it brought me to Menomonie, Wisconsin. :) I loved the place. It is a small town (is it a town now still?) and everyone is friendly. :D Good first impression.

Well you know how it is, they encourage you to embrace your identity (ok I might just made that up) but they were talking about being in a band or orchestra. It was either band or orchestra. :D I was really interested in learning the drums or percussion but I think I was persuaded by friends to join the orchestra. (Ok maybe I always thought being a violinist was awesome :P) so that's how it all started. And the rest is history...or herstory :P *geddit*

Anyway, I was thinking of sharing the piece that I think are really interesting (and that interest me) of the week. :D I play twice a week (for my classical orchestra) and twice a week (now to be once a week) for my jazz orchestra. Yes I play jazz too but I'm not very good.

So this week Piece of the week (POW) is Marche Slave by Tchaikovsky. I love this piece, altho it is a tad bit difficult but practice makes perfect, right? ;) I am gonna practice summore.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I. Am. Fuckin'. Awesome.


I couldn't believe myself.

There is a story behind this (promise) but I am too tired and sickly to tell you now, but I am.
Pretty. Awesome. :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok, I said I was awesome, so I am. :P I need to indulge in self-vanity once in awhile. So anyway, it has something to do with yesterday (Monday evening, in case yesterday is confusing). :D I was pretty pissed off cause the lightning struck our router so that means no internet, and no YoVille :P. Ahahah...I think I am hooked on that
game =_='''. So anyway, after a frustrating hour of trying to connect but then I realize there was no connection, I went on playing my Farm Frenzy 2!! I love that game :P.

So, I walked out of the office late (like by 5 minutes) and I was frantically trying to think where I parked the car. (Yeah sometimes I am so paranoid that my car is missing :P, I hope that never happens) and I saw there was this orange-ish car that double parked me. Actually that asshole blocked my car! I was like what. The. Hell? How
am I going to get out? Ok, first I thought, if he is double parking that means he is close or/and somewhere near right? (That's what CLK thought). I thought so too. After starting up the car to give that asshole a signal that I AM ABOUT to leave, I waited for about 5-10 minutes for that person to get a clue. Unfortunately, the so called asshole wasn't anywhere near his car. Nor was he 50 feet from his car. I was like. What. The. Fuck! Like seriously, I had to go home and get change and go to my jazz orchestra rehearsal.

I was sitting there thinking I have to have a second plan to get out of this parking space in case the dude would not be around to move his fucking car. So then, I got and idea. I. am. Awesome. Fortunately the parking space next to mine was empty (thank God!!) and I was thinking,

'Hmmm, this car is small enough to do 3-points turning to actually use the empty lot to actually squeeze out of the parking lot.' This might work! Brilliant idea I say.

So I don't know if there was anyone around to watch my spectacular escapade or be amazed at what I did (cause they should because I rocked!) but I know there was this one lady and her son in a car just a few feet from mine. And I bet she saw the whole thing. How I manage to squeeze out of the parking space by doing the logical thing I can think of. I thought I saw the boy point at me and telling his mom something. I wasn't paying attention cause I was hoping I wouldn't scratch the fucker's car (wish I did, serves him right).

I manage to get out after reversing-forward-reverse-shit.I hope I don't hit his car.-reversing-forward and I got out. Aren't I amazing?? I. Totally. Am. Yesserie. :D

Too bad I didn't have anyone take a video of my escapade :P

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It is just. Fucking. EPIC. Can you believe it?? Arsenal (on its first game of the season) won 6 - 1 vs Everton. Epic I tell ya. I am happy. *roll on my back and wants my tummy rub, like a kitty cat* (Cheshire smile **___________________________________** )

Our 5 goal scorers from last night are (yes 5, Fabregas scored twice ^^):

First goal was from Denilson, was an awesome goal, didn't think it would go in :D.

Second goal was from their new defender, Thomas Vermaelen, awesome header,

third goal was also from the defender, William Gallas, who is known to head home goals on occasions.

Fourth and fifth goal was from (the very cute and awesome) captain Cesc Fabregas. :D

Their last and also important goal was from Eduardo, who was out for 1 year last season from a broken leg, it was a cute goal but it was a goal that counts. :D Epic I say.

Altho the other team manage to score 1 goal (from Saha) it was an epic game anyway. Happy. :D Read the story here, and the video here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Let the countdown begin

Everton vs Arsenal 1230 pm, Sunday morning (1730 hours London time)

Mood swings, yeah it's that time of month

I get effin- mad during this time of month. I get upset, I cry (yes I cry over stupid lil things), I get pissed off by little mistakes, I get really pissy and I always seem to throw it all at CLK. I sometimes get upset with him, even tho it was clearly nothing to be upset about. I get 'irrational'. (Yes I know, I admit I'm irrational when I'm upset, or I'm upset and get irrational, but I can't help it.) Yes. I. Can't help it. I get pissy, I cry- a lot. Sometimes it makes me feel a lot better about myself. Other times, I just get more upset.

But you know sometimes I just needed that someone to not try to understand why I'm upset. Just let me be. (OK I don't want to let me 'be' I need someone to give me hugs and tell me everything is going to be OK.)

(What? I just want some lovin'.)

Clearly, sometimes that message don't come across. It sometimes come across as 'leave-me-fuckin'-alone-I-don't-want-to-talk-to-you-now'. Which really sucks. I do admit it's a mistake in my part. But that's ego talking. I don't wanna go, 'please hold me, I want you to make it all better'. Sissy. But really, that's what I'm saying. *sigh*

CLK always seems to be optimistic about things. Like now, I'm in my PMS-ing state, really annoying if you ask me. If I was my boyfriend I'd really be annoyed. But no. He's like all 'I know you're in your mood swing, pms thing so I think I need to leave you alone'. Like what? So cool. I mean, yeah I'm in my PMS thing but I don't want to be alone. :( *pout* And yes, I am being difficult. I am being irrational. I am being stupid. But I don't want to be alone. What am I talking about? I don't know. Sometimes I don't get myself. Being irrational. *sigh*

I don't want to be irrational. (Yes I am definitely IRRATIONAL) but sometimes I can't help myself. Sometimes I feel like yapping and biting peoples' heads off (mostly CLK cause I talk to him a lot and he happens to trigger my irrational mode when I'm upset (which usually happens over idiotic things he say or I just feel like he don't want to talk to me) which is, irrational). See? I don't understand myself. *spins round and round* I'm upset, can't you tell? (and I have no idea what's the point of this post)

I need a rest and clear my mind. Oooo, orchestra practice tonight, yummy. Mind-clearing time.

*psst, PMS survival tips*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Long weekend part I

Since it's wayyyy too late for me to write anything long, or productive, I have pictures instead. :D Yay (doing a happy lil Irish dance)! I had a long weekend, like loooooooooooooooooong weekend, with little sleep and long drive that almost got us lost cause I kinda spaced-out while driving.

Seriously, I kept saying 'I didn't see the intersection' as my excuse and before a span of 12-hours have passed, seems like the "whole" family knew about our 'almost-got-lost-getting-home-journey' story. Seriously, no kidding. So pictures it is:

I love kitties. Cats. I love kitty cats. :D And I know I said I was gonna post some up, so here are some!!! :) They are...err...I think 2/3 of the whole gang, promise I will post more up. :D

This is Ollie. He is a big boy. He is a naughty boy. And he is also a horny lil bugger. But he was ( still) my first baby :). Don't want to make him feel bad now do we. Oh did I mention he is a scardy cat? Yeah he is a scardy cat (ahaha, funny I know). He is ultimately scared of the vacuum cleaner. If I was a wee-lil cat I would be scared of the big, yellow, noisy vacuum cleaner too.

This is a picture of Ollie (top) and Charlie (bottom) having some good time. (Ok, Charlie likes Ollie (no he is not gay) and likes to lick him and then bite his ears, I suppose like two brothers playing football, cat-style. And Ollie tolerates this. Pretty cute ey?)

I introduce you, Charlie. Cute ey? This is my (current) love of my life. Shhhhh don't tell CLK. >:D Ahahaha... He said that "he's trying to take away my woman", I feel so special. He gives good massages, on your protruding belly and anywhere he could find that suits his needs. Really.

And this is what a pregnant cat sleeps like. Isn't she adorable? That is Simba. Not related to The Lion King Simba.

This picture was taken last week (I think). I don't remember when, but I know I was out watching The Proposal with my friend, and we walked along the Waterfront and I took this, cause I wanted to see if it is as beautiful as they say it is, and IT is. Breathtaking. Altho I wish I was walking with someone else, hand-in-hand. =_=''' but the view was great. :D

The state building, bathed with lights.

And I just have to take a picture of this. The golden arches restaurant being renovated. At least I think it is, to vamp it up. I hope it is cause it sure need a lot of renovation, cause I've been to a lot of McDonald's that are wayyyyyyyyy cooler than this one. Like totally. I have to show you my McDonald's picture collection. CLK said it's like I eat, breath, sleep McDonald's. :P Ok, he doesn't say that exactly but said that I do hang out there a lot. Like "hang out". XD


Ok I realized that 'those' are not what I did last weekend (but the McD pic is and then realized that this is what I did LAST weekend, and it is weekend already. Life. *sigh*) but this is what I did do during (last) weekend. My brother and I went to watch G.I. Joe. Which was kinda disappointing. The movie was good, but it lack something. I do have to say I liked Transformers: The Rise of the Fallen (is that what the title was, dang I forgot) much better. More realistic. Yeah. That's what it is. More believable. :) Good, don't get me wrong. But I guess Channing Tatum (spell check?) really sealed the deal. *drools* (But that can't beat a nekkid Ryan Reynolds *drools more*). And while waiting for the movie, I took pictures of the city. As much of the city that's viewable.

Before the movie (which was spontaneous) we went to my cousins' second wedding reception. They are a cute couple, altho I didn't manage to get a lot of pictures (cause I came late) and I was just in time to hear them call all the relatives on the guys side that wanted to take pictures with the new(old)lyweds. I was not a very willing participant but I smiled for the camera anyway :D, best I could do for being late.

A picture with someone's grandfather (I think it was either the bride's or the groom's, well duh!).

My cousins (they are 5 siblings and all guys and one is to be married in a few months time)

Me and my sister, CLK was like "Oh you got a picture with your sister, very rare" :P ahahaha. Indeed.

This boy (I think he was 8 or something) sung at the wedding, and he was GOOD. He even sang songs I don't even know existed. Chubby and cute. :D


Ok that was what I did on Saturday. I got lost on Sunday, remember? That story later. I need sleep. It's 305am (local time, 8+EMT - is that how they write it?). Good night. *psssttt, I did say I didn't want to write a long post right, this turns out pretty long tho*

Friday, August 7, 2009

Starting my ritual

*Image from flicker page here*

Every year, around this time of month, I would start my ritual. It is a very tiring ritual, a lot of reading and comparing notes. A lot of 'ohhh' and 'askdhouahfvdo' (that's me swearing), and a lot of "bla bla bla" (that's me talking) about...FOOTBALL. :D Yes it is that time of year when the Barclays Premier League starts and me, as an avid football-supporter-viewer, keep up-to-date with the current transfer/move/changes of my favorite club, Arsenal. :D Of course other people would think that it is boring (truthfully it is if you don't have a fuckin' clue what I'm talking about) and some people would think, 'Well she's watching it because of the (cute) players' (and you are partially right, but hey, that's like a bonus. :D Fun isn't it?).

* Picture from here*

Ok what I do before the season starts:

1. List out all the players that are in the team. Since we all know (I'm sure you know) that players come and go, and updating is a must. Beside, it will make it easier to hold a conversation with my uncles and cousins and I can tell them "you are wrong" straight to their faces :P. This of course needs me to have a full knowledge of who is staying, who is leaving, who is gone.

2. Reminisce on all the glory of last year, e.g who scored what, who scored when, who was out for how long, who will regret leaving, the-good-the-bad-the-very-bad, etc etc. Of course this will have to be done with an avid supporter too. (Yes I like displaying my well-round knowledge of football to my male friends, I need some respect.)

3. Back-up support other clubs that is not Manchester United or Chelsea. No offence to their fans. (This means Liverpool - and maybe other clubs, such as Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City - when they are not playing against Arsenal of course). This is done, well I could say I like the team as equal but it's because of Fernando Torres :P. I think hes cool. Yes shut up you lucky Liverpool supporters.

*Pic is from flicker page by NeverOffside*

***psst hot isn't he, with those freckles....*dreams****

4. List out all their games, time and dates (since I DO NOT want to miss any, if possible). Of course some of the games aren't even shown live (which sucks since they show all the Man U and Chelsea games). But I'm glad for delayed telecast. Altho I always cheat and check the score before hand on their website (I don't want to waste my time watching a game if they lost :P).

5. Hope they win silverware this year (fingers crossed XD) and checking vids and highlights on Footytube. :D It's my bestfriend during football season.

So that's basically what I do during football season. Yes I know it is kinda boring but football is fun XD. At least to me it is, and I'd watch a game no matter how late it is, even if I fall asleep with the football watching me :P.

Yeah reminds me when CLK was here, and I told him we gotta watch football together (since he can't watch it while he works, time difference thingy) so we did. We watch a fair share of matches, and I remember staying up and watching it with him a couple of times, with my sister and uncle. The other number of time I think I was too tired to even make it to half-time. I told him if anything happens (e.g goals, red cards, anything exciting basically) he should wake me up. But of course he didn't wake me up cause nothing happened. :P But those we fun times, I'd do it again. Even tho I am only there to fall asleep XD. Good times. <3>

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Arsenal won the Emirates Cup

Jack Wilshere, Arsenal 17-years old protégé, who scored twice vs Ranger Sunday night

It's a good consolation of a silverware-less 2008/2009 season (of which the lost the Emirates Cup), and a recovering and bright journey of a new season of football, aka soccer. :D I am happy. Altho they have lost 2 of their famous African duo to a move to Manchester City (following Teves move to City, yes...>:D), Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is pretty hyped up about the upcoming season which starts soon. So am I.

Altho the infamous Adebayor won't be in the starting XI but the team isn't worried. They have Thomas Rosicky who will definitely be playing after 18 months hiatus. I am so waiting to watch him play along side Fabregas and Eduardo. He was greatly missed last season. :D Upon watching his play, as a preview for this season, his moves are almost identical to Fabregas. :D That can be a good thing. Altho Arsenal are equip with world class players, I noticed that they are small stature, compared to other players, but they move quick. :D Oh, I am so happy football season starts soon!!! XD Can't contain myself!!!

Altho I just read in today's newspaper that Samir Nasri has a broken leg, which sucks. I was looking forward to watch Nasri, Fabregas, Rosicky and Eduardo become the new Fab4 after Flamini, and Hleb left the club last season. But I am sure they will be one of the top contenders for the Cup and Champions League. :D

Last night they beat Ranger to lift the Emirates Cup, and I am hoping that they will lift more cups in the coming months. I am pretty sure this is going to be a great season since a lot of changes have come upon the Premier League clubs, only time will tell. I'm excited!

The video of last night's game here (altho it's in Spanish - I think).

Happy Friendship Day!!

Happy Friendship Day!!! Yes it is today, I always thought it falls on the 1st of August, but it actually falls on the 1st Sunday in August (and yes it is Sunday here). So everyone, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY! I have so many things to tell ...yet so little time. And I have this gross story that reminds me of LiLu. No in a bad way tho :D. I love reading her blog, if you're free check it out here. I'm in a constructive mode so you will see me again. :D