Thursday, June 25, 2009

The world bid farewell

To Michael Jackson. I was really shocked when CLK told me that Michael Jackson has died...this morning. I found out at about 630am. Like seriously. The night before I was reading that Farrah Fawcett (may she rest in peace) has died and now Michael Jackson. I was laying down in bed while talking to CLK via Y!Messenger and I though he was literally kidding. At first I thought I was dreaming cause I just woke up from a short slumber then as I probe him with more questions he told me, 'Yeah it's true, it is a shock.'

The Jackson 5, the beginning of a legend

So I got up (forcing myself to get up from my comfy position) and typed 'Michael Jackson' on the Yahoo! search engine and there it was staring at me.. "Michael Jackson, 50, dies of cardiac arrest." I still couldn't believe it!! Like seriously? So I told him it's true. :( I mean I am not sad sad or anything...maybe I am sad but I don't really know him. But like countless people have said, stated, wrote, called in the local radio (yes, 2 of our local radio
station are playing a MICHAEL JACKSON marathon, which I guess isn't so bad cause I like his songs), he will be greatly missed. He was literally the KING OF POP and no one can replace the irreplaceable Michael Jackson. The Great Michael Jackson.

Michael, may you rest in peace, and may peace be upon you. We, the World, will miss you.

We bid you farewell.

~ Images is curtesy of Yahoo! News and Ballz.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The longest word in the English Dictionary

... is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocosis! Phew*** I think I spelt that right :P.


Well anywho... Happy BELATED Father's Day!!! To whomever are dads out there, to-be-dads, will-be-dads-in-the-near-future, husbands, sons, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, grandpas, etc etc!! =) We had a good father's day dinner, nothing fancy tho. We didn't do anything in the day tho...we kinda forgot. :P I know how bad are we to forget father's day? But we made up for it, made cupcakes and a cheesecake (that I did not eat). Altho the cupcakes are (almost) a hit. :P I would've made pizza but nah... brother looked like a guy that just broke out of jail >:D ahahaha...

Happy Father's day, daddy!!! *dushhhh*

ps Arrrgghhh, this internet connection is killing me, now I can't upload anymore pics...really. Annoying. And it's raining out, I wanna go home and sleep!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June bug

It's the June flu-bug...this is the second time I am down with a fever-flu-cough in a week. *sigh* I think the first time I caught the fever-dizzyness from my friend Dianne, then I realized last night I wasn't feeling so well. Now I'm down with a cold, bad cough and some bad headaches. I think I caught it from my sisters (who have been since for a week or so). Sick again...on the other hand, my cat Simba seem to be feeling better. She's eating, drinking and pooping :P. She was sick and now she's not. Yay!!

I have pictures but I am too dizzy to upload any...and beach post. *sigh* I want to puke and sleep =_='.

* A dime for a song : No boundries - Adam Lambert*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday, my cat gave me dust bunnies...and today when I woke up, my brother told us we've been mugged, ROBBED!! Robbed! How in the hell could we be robbed?? It's really scary. To know that someone WAS in the house while we were sleeping and took our stuff. This was the 2nd time.

I kept thinking, what I did wrong last night. We moved the kitty cages into the middle of the room near the fan cause it was getting hot last night. And we locked the door and turned on the alarm. And still someone broke into the house. The truth is my uncle slept late (at 4am) and I slept at around 3am (while talking to CLK, off and on) and I woke up at 5am to lock my door. They said that the robbers might have made it in the house around that time. I mean, were they there while I locked my door? And my uncle said he went to get something to eat at 4am, and he felt as if someone was there. I'm glad nothing happened to anyone.

They took his handphone, my brother's sony psp, my mom's hp laptop and my sister's nec laptop which was still fairly new. It really pissed me off to know someone would walk in and hello!!! I hope they burn (before going to hell) and get struck by lightning >:D. I know I'm mean. This is the 2nd time, the first was unsuccessful. Damn people! Really, I wish them dead. XD. The important this is no one was hurt, which is good.

~ The scary thing is, the night before my sister had a dream of being robbed, deja vu?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dust bunnies!!!

My cat gave me dust bunnies!!!!

ps Selamat hari gawai to all my ibanese friends!!! Holidays till Tuesday! YAY!