Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breezy or confined

I don't know why but this has been lingering in my mind lately...(ok maybe I was just thinking about CLK :P). But anyway, I was thinking if you (as a guy) prefer to wear boxers or briefs/underwear/thongs? And (as a gal) prefer your man with boxers or briefs/underwear/thongs?

Honestly I think thongs are just not me :P. Altho I know some (one) person who wears them...personally. It was just a random thought I had, and I am rather curious tho...

**pssstttttttttt....aint he HOT? :P

Update: As I was posting this last night (or the night before) I was browsing around The Sun (UK) and found this. Amazing isnt it? :D Although the dudes in the pics isnt as hot (ugly act) as the guy above...and quite creepy and gross.... *gag*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Paper dolls

When you were a kid, approximately 8 or 9, have you ever play with paper dolls?? I remember they were really popular when I was in grade school. Like I'd buy them (yes I was addicted) those paper dolls for about 20cent (or was it 50cent?) and collect them. I know my cousin weren't that much into it, but everyone else was (well I hope so cause I don't think I was that weird :P). Anyway, they had different types. Some are very 'Barbie'-like (but not as pretty), some are like cartoon-like, anime-like or whatever they were but they were cute. It is printed on a piece of A4 paper and well you cut out the (paper) doll and her dresses, hats, heels, whatever thats pre-cut on the paper. But the not-so-practical-thing about these paper dolls are that each one of them are different. So that means they can't share clothes.

Like today you have Barbie (and the likes) and one Barbie can share other Barbie dresses, hats, shoes, etc. Of course you can buy just dresses for Barbies. I'm so glad I got to play with the paper dolls, at least they don't cost as much as Barbies :P. I guess Barbies weren't as popular (well my parents probably wouldn't buy me one anyway :P) in my days. Maybe it was just me. >:D But I remember I use to have a lot. I actually found them a few years back, still in good shape :P ehehehe. No I don't think I have them now.

What reminds me of paper dolls was the intro for The Starter Wife. The introduction for that series is a paper doll theme. :D I'd like to play with them if given a chance again...ehehe. I know, weirdo.

*Rihianna - Cry*