Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway

The gorgeous lady from Beauty Bow is having a giveaway and giving away a Poppy coach wristlet (it's so cute!) and some nailpolishes. :) Check it out.

Clickity click ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Wedding

2 weeks ago (wow it has been 2 weeks) my uncle got married. :) It was pretty grand, and really interesting. There was singing, and playing music and dancing and to me it was special because most of the people that sung and put on a show are family. :) My family are great. And sometimes it comes with a price. But anyway...that day was pretty amazing and interesting. My uncle is the youngest of 2 siblings so it was pretty grand. :) I'll just leave you with some pictures.

That's where the couple is going to sit :)

Me and cousins

My sister and cousin

The couple ♥♥♥ aren't they adorable?

Cousin playing at the wedding

The food was okay-ish

I didn't stay long at the wedding tho, cause my sisters had to leave that night so we went home to pack and stuff. Sad tho that they had to leave so early and it was one of my sister's birthday too.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Football update: Carling cup, Barclays Premier League, Champions League

Ok, I thought I updated on the Carling Cup 3rd round but I guess I forgot about it. Last week (I think it was) Arsenal played at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur. The result during regular time was devastating (1-1 I guess not so bad) but Arsenal came back from 1 all to win it 4-1, 2 were penalties from Samir Nasri and 1 was a real cool goal by Arshavin (I nicknamed turtle LOL). So that was awesome *2 thumbs up*.

And as I always predicted, when they have a great week they would literally suck in the weekend. Like LITERALLY, since they lost to West Brom. To make matters worse the lost at home. :(( Boo!! But I guess a lil consolation price for that night is that Chelsea also lost to Manchester City. >:D Bwahahahaha!!! But still they lost, boooooo!!!

And at the moment, I am watching their game against Partizan Belgrade (Champions League). Will update!!

~~~ U P D A T E ~~~

So ermm yeah, I kinda fell asleep (ok, I fell asleep) after the first half cause it was late and truth be told I think the game was kinda ... boring. o.O I know right?? You would think I'd be jumping for joy...but it was pretty late, like 330am. Hello? :P Anyway, I did watch the repeat at 630 (o.O why couldn't I just wait to see it then?) and YAY! they did win (thank god!). When I was watching the game Live, they were 1 all, and I was worried if they were just gonna draw but I was wrong. Pheww~ At least they didn't lose. Gotta love Arsenal. And of course Carlos Vela was playing too altho he didn't score any (I think he might be my next fave if Fabregas should decide to move to Barcelona..booo!!). :) So I was a happy girl.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My 10 Favorite Things ♥♥♥

My newly acquire adorable and funny friend Kitty or Bubble face ^__^ from Life with [Kitty] Bonkers have tagged me with an award. I am so honored and happy :D (and sorry that I posted this up so late!). It is impossible to list just 10 favorite things but these are my top favorite things :D.

The Rules are:
Post who have you this award
State 10 things you like
Give this award to 10 other bloggers you like!

So here goes my top 10 list:

1 CLK. If it is not clear yet he is the boyfriend ♥♥♥. We are in a long distance relationship and I mean literally. We've known each other about 3 1/2 years and been dating for almost 2 years. I love him dearly (^^,)v.

He prefers not to have his face all over the internet, too late baby~~ XDD

2 Lingerie. Honestly I love lingerie. I would totally spend a lot of money on them, especially something that would make me feel sexy. :D Can't blame me right? XD I love them with cute details and prints, not so much plain ones. I am planning to buy more cute lingerie!

Don't you just feel sexy in those? via

3 Kitties. Oh I am a kitty hoarder, like the real, living ones :P. Ok, I have a problem and I need to sort them out but don't you just love cats?? And how cute, funny, playful, adorable they are? And how every single one of them have their own personalities? Yes, yes and yes...see I can't help it. ;)

These are my babies when they were teeny tiny I miss those times ♥♥♥

Family and friends. I love my family and friends (who doesn't?) even tho they are a bit weird and wacky sometimes. I do sometimes feel like ughhhh, but hey they are family (even the friends are like family to me!) and you can't live with them and you can't live without them. I ♥♥♥ everyone.   

My sisters and brother ♥♥♥

Lovely parents ♥♥♥

Old friends, whom I ♥♥♥

...and new friends, whom I am getting to know and ♥♥♥

Arsenal. And if you don't already read my blog, I am referring to the football club (or soccer to you Americans out there). I am quite the fan, not so die-hard that you need everything Arsenal. Arsenal this, Arsenal that...but I do love the game, sport, team, players...haha, they are hot stuff, can't say that I don't look. Love the game, club and players.

6 Poetry. I love poetry, I would search for them online (YAY for internet XD), read them, and write them. My muse use to be people that I love, angry situations, frustrations, sadness and lots of emotional things that I go through. Writing poetry is tough, really but I love it. My biggest fan is my boyfriend ♥♥♥. I still need to get myself a book of poetry.

7 Lip gloss. A girl can never have too many lip gloss right? I don't use a whole lot of lip gloss, but I love it and buy it as much as I can. :D 

8 Music. I ♥♥♥ music. I love classical, R&B, punk rock, and mostly anything that sounds good to me. :D I listen to jazz too, but not very much, I can say I would listen to anything as long as it sounds good to me. :) I also love playing in the orchestra. It is one of the thing that could de-stress when the time gets tough.

Me and my violin :)

9 Books. I am a hoarder. Ok so I collect a lot of things, and books happen to be one of them. :) Yup I am guilty. 0.o I have books that are still new, that I haven't even open and read and some that are like half read cause they are boring. =__= My favorite authors (that I have read so far) are Jeffery Archer and Catherine Coulter. I realized I tend to buy books that are CSI-like, detectives, murder-solving-crimes, with some lil love story infused. I know...typical. =___='' I need to broaden my genre. 

10 Clothes. :D Ohmygosh, who doesn't love clothes?? I admit I am not a fashion junkie and I don't follow the latest trend and whatnot but I still love clothes? Don't you?? I am so into dresses and sweater dresses (that I can't really wear here it's too hot =__='') and cardigans/sweater. :) They are good for layering. And you need some cute black dresses, and a cute cardigan for that night out with your man. :D 

Now don't they just look adorable??? :)

Ok I am suppose to tag 10 people so I tag my followers :). And well you don't really have to do it, but it would be fun to read your 10 favorite things. :) It's to get to know you guys better. ♥♥♥ And sorry Kitty for taking so long to post this!! I got delayed for 2 days o.O.


I have been trying to upload a post for almost 3 days now and it is freakin' impossible =___='' Really I really want to throw something... o.O. Ahhh....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thought of the day

I was on Skype with CLK and we were talking, and talking (non-sense) mostly and I was pointing out that our birthdays are coming soon. Of course he does not want to be reminded that he is turning the big 3 0 by next year and started rambling.

Him: Oh please don't talk about it, I don't want to talk about my boyfriend... (I stopped.)

My b o y f r i e n d ? LOL. Oh you can imagine how hard I laughed...Never knew that he had a boyfriend. o.O LOL thinking about it makes me giggle. Yes dear, we won't talk about your boyfriend birthday.

Oh on the other hand, I was listening to the morning show on the radio (switching between and and two of my favorite DJs was talking to this sweet little boy on the air and he was saying he wanted to be a biologist. So when asked does he know what a biologist does she said no, and one of the dudes was saying

b i o l o g i s t = buy-all-the-gist

LOL hilarious...*sigh* I know that was kinda lame but hey it's my thought of the day and I'll post whatever I want nene ne nene. :P~~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway II

Since I enjoy cosmetics :P I have to post this up cause one of the prizes is a Sleek palette! OMGosh I am so dying to get one and I almost did but didn't :(. It made me sad. This giveaway closes on the 25th of September so better hurry! Dutchess Roz is doing a 300 subscriber giveaway :). So generous of her!

Click on the picture to go to the blogpost :)

Don't you just adore that Sleek palette??

The sexy Make up Addict is also having a giveaway which I failed to noticed earlier =__=''. Fail!

She is giving away some Barry M stuffs and ELF (I love it!) and some other delicious goodies! And if you want to feast your eyes on some delicious goodness, head over to Make me under, who is also having an amazing giveaway. :) Don't forget to follow!! Sorry for compacting this blog post :-/.

Click click on the picture

Blog-surfing: Giveaway

I stumbled upon Funny Face Beauty while I was blog-surfing, and she is doing a giveaway! ^__^ Don't you just love giveaways??! I DO! And she is so generous in giving some MAC stuff and the Naked palette from Urban Decay that is so sought after :). So you might just want to hop over to her blog and check it out ya'll. Giveaway closes on the 10th October.

Click the picture to the giveaway (^^,)v

And the lovely Mary from Make Up Nonsense is also doing a giveaway! I love surfing thru Beauty blogs cause it makes me feel like I am not the only one out there hording beauty stuffs ^__^. Her giveaway includes the Too Faced Bronze and beauty palette (OMG I love!) and my fave lipgloss, NYX! Don't want to miss her giveaway so head on over to her blog!

Click on the picture to her blogpost :)

Oh I love giveaways, don't you!? Ironically both giveaways closes October 10th. (^^,)v

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thought of the day

The only book I have read lately is....

LOL...Meh, that's not books is accumulating dust. But on the other hand I did manage to finish that book by Catherine Coulter, after months of neglecting it. Hehehe, I need to be intellectual again o.O/.

Before I bore you with more football...

I want to tell you that Supernatural is coming soon!!! Season 6 baby!! WoooHooo...time to drool watching Dean Winchester =P~~ Ahh the drooling, the bitching, the tears, the hugs (real men hugs!!) and the screaming. Ahh, I have miss you Supernatural. :) I mean who wouldn't miss this?

Or this...

Oh I am looking forward for more drooling. XDD

Sneak peak of the new season:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food Fest is making me feel fat =__=''

Ok since I rant about football all the time lets talk about something else that I love (and that I can post a million pics without writing much cause I am lazy like that and that I need some me time with CLK :D). Food. Other that the love for football, I. Love. Food. And it starts with F too XDD.

Last weekend it was like food fest, all over again. o.O I did soooo much eating that I think I just gained back the 2kg that I lost. =__* So FML moment...*sob sob* but I have to tell you it was good. :) LOL

Sunday I did hang out with one of my besties, S, and we had a lot to talk about and it was fun. :) We didn't really plan to do anything that day but her and her students, and since they didn't show up we ate like mad! XDD It was called for anyway. :)

S posing with the pepper which in turn made her sneeze XD

Sorry for the food pics XD. We had meaty pizza which was okay in my opinion, some appetizer, shrimp, calamari and potatoes slices or sort, and pasta which S wanted to try. We were hungry when we started but we didn't finish it all. (What? You think we did, didn't you XD.) Then she sent me to the airport cause both my sisters were going back to college :'(. It was a sad. I missed them already.

S sent me to the airport and it was nice of her, and it turns out that both my sisters flight were delayed. From 750pm to 930pm. So, the whole family had dinner at the airport, and went to McDonalds. Of course there were a lot of people at McDonalds so we went to KFC instead. o.O And there were a lot of people too! Well since everyones flight has been bumped an hour or 2 later there was a ton of people just chillaxing at the airport. I took some pics but then my battery died. o.O

My brother took the pic cause he don't want to be in them, typical teen XD

Bleh, my brother is a teenager already o.O time flies~~

Monday, September 20, 2010

When-you-blog-about-football-you-know-life-doesn't-get-that-much-surprising Game 5?

Ok midweek I was super excited about Arsenal winning to Braga (yes it is an Arsenal post, man up) but I was really frustrated and disappointed that they did not win against Sunderland. It is typical Arsenal style (yes they have a style which they need to change!) to do great, and win big midweek and suck on weekends. They need to beat Chelsea :P ahaha. But yeah, disappointed but not so much since 'thankfully' did not watch the game, the channel was crazy fu***d up. The only goal scored is by the sexy captain himself, Fabregas. Which kinda suck I was hoping they would win and gap themselves further from Manchester Utd and closer to Chelsea, but it was not meant to be. **Sob sob

Too bad he got injured not even half way thru the game :-/

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Champions League: Group H

Arsenal vs Braga. It was a home win, 6-0. :D Too bad I did not catch it live!! :'( Booo, I heard they have a replay tonight...grrr, really pisses me off. They show Manchester Utd, Chelsea game and not Arsenal. Bugger...

But anyway, they won big. The biggest score last night. So yeah, next time please have a LIVE game on. XD I'll update when I've watched the game (if I don't that means I didn't watch the game :P). Or I am lazy. XD Or you can read it on the website (they have awesome pictures too!).

Image from

Update :D

Oh wow, I am procrastinating again =__='' It's already Saturday (here) and tomorrow I have to go to my uncle's wedding and I am (with my cousins and sister) are in charge of favors. Bleh, meaning no time to mingle, sit and take pics...well maybe I can take pics and have to pass out favors and that means GETTING UP EARLY.o.O Horror~ At least I hope to get some good pictures :)

Oh on to the game, I didn't manage to catch the replay on tv o.O *sob sob* but I did catch the videos online.

Arsenal v Sporting Braga
Uploaded by evolspeltz. - Basketball, baseball, pro wrestling and more sports videos.

It was uh-mazing!! :) Really great game by the boys!!! And there is another game tonight. Woohoo!!!~~ Will update with results, good luck Gunners!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Game 4: Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers

Can we say HURRAH??! :D Another win for the Gunners ^__^ I love it when they win (DUH!) and there is another game on Wednesday (Thursday morning for me =___='' another late night). First Champions League match, scary. :P

No he didn't score, but voted Man of the match. :) Thriller game, 2 goals scored towards the end of the match by Vela and Song, which I did see. I was out with friends and came late (almost midnight) and only got to watch the last 30mins of the game. :) Amazing still. They won 4-1 and it was pretty big because Manchester Utd and Everton draw. XD. CLK was hoping Everton would win (so was I cause that means that Man U would lose XD) but they didn't so that puts Arsenal no 2 on the table below Chelsea. Good enough for now! We need more wins!!

Fasting Forward: New month begins

Sorry for being MIA for's been a busy week (so far!) with the fasting month is done and over with now it's moving on to the joyous occasions (read: eat, eat, hang out with friends, eat, eat, take photos, eat, eat then get fat :P LOL!). :) I really like Eid cause I get to hang out with friends, eat yummy food, hang out with friends and stay out as late as I want. You know you go visiting and hang out with friends (did I say hang out with friends already?). So yeah, it's a good time to catch up and stuff. :) Since I am beat (damn tired got home at 2am!!) I am gonna leave ya with some pictures from the last few days. :D And of course I will update on a later date. :) I need some zzZZzzz.

me and my cousin

me and cousin :D

Cat on a platter~~ LOL

Cute cookies!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fasting Forward: Counting down, the month is almost over!!!

This post is "Picture Heavy" :D

Just wanna share some photos of the last few days of the week, OMG can't believe Eid is around the corner!!! >.<"" so much to do, so little time (cause I've been procrastinating :P).

Had dinner with the family for my brother's birthday.

My special drink :D 3 layered tea ~~ yums!

Oyster omelet :D yumms~~

Buttered chicken... o_O

Japanese tofu...

Sister love <3

Mixed veggies

Sea cucumber soup ~