Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food Fest is making me feel fat =__=''

Ok since I rant about football all the time lets talk about something else that I love (and that I can post a million pics without writing much cause I am lazy like that and that I need some me time with CLK :D). Food. Other that the love for football, I. Love. Food. And it starts with F too XDD.

Last weekend it was like food fest, all over again. o.O I did soooo much eating that I think I just gained back the 2kg that I lost. =__* So FML moment...*sob sob* but I have to tell you it was good. :) LOL

Sunday I did hang out with one of my besties, S, and we had a lot to talk about and it was fun. :) We didn't really plan to do anything that day but her and her students, and since they didn't show up we ate like mad! XDD It was called for anyway. :)

S posing with the pepper which in turn made her sneeze XD

Sorry for the food pics XD. We had meaty pizza which was okay in my opinion, some appetizer, shrimp, calamari and potatoes slices or sort, and pasta which S wanted to try. We were hungry when we started but we didn't finish it all. (What? You think we did, didn't you XD.) Then she sent me to the airport cause both my sisters were going back to college :'(. It was a sad. I missed them already.

S sent me to the airport and it was nice of her, and it turns out that both my sisters flight were delayed. From 750pm to 930pm. So, the whole family had dinner at the airport, and went to McDonalds. Of course there were a lot of people at McDonalds so we went to KFC instead. o.O And there were a lot of people too! Well since everyones flight has been bumped an hour or 2 later there was a ton of people just chillaxing at the airport. I took some pics but then my battery died. o.O

My brother took the pic cause he don't want to be in them, typical teen XD

Bleh, my brother is a teenager already o.O time flies~~

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KittyBonkers said...

Mmmmmmmm all that food made me hungry!! It all looks delicious!! I want some D: I have pizza for tomorrow ;D But today is stir fry day!!
It sucks when flights are delayed but at least everyone was there to keep each other company!!

Thank as always for the comments on my blog <3 You are very welcome for the tag <3 I don't know how my cat sleeps like that she is such a silly cat sometimes!! Me and my friends had a dress up day on Sunday we dressed Japanese themed it was so much fun!!

And the museum was great fun, lots of cool aliens!! I love museums, I love the ones in London too!!

Kitty x