Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Football update: Carling cup, Barclays Premier League, Champions League

Ok, I thought I updated on the Carling Cup 3rd round but I guess I forgot about it. Last week (I think it was) Arsenal played at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur. The result during regular time was devastating (1-1 I guess not so bad) but Arsenal came back from 1 all to win it 4-1, 2 were penalties from Samir Nasri and 1 was a real cool goal by Arshavin (I nicknamed turtle LOL). So that was awesome *2 thumbs up*.

And as I always predicted, when they have a great week they would literally suck in the weekend. Like LITERALLY, since they lost to West Brom. To make matters worse the lost at home. :(( Boo!! But I guess a lil consolation price for that night is that Chelsea also lost to Manchester City. >:D Bwahahahaha!!! But still they lost, boooooo!!!

And at the moment, I am watching their game against Partizan Belgrade (Champions League). Will update!!

~~~ U P D A T E ~~~

So ermm yeah, I kinda fell asleep (ok, I fell asleep) after the first half cause it was late and truth be told I think the game was kinda ... boring. o.O I know right?? You would think I'd be jumping for joy...but it was pretty late, like 330am. Hello? :P Anyway, I did watch the repeat at 630 (o.O why couldn't I just wait to see it then?) and YAY! they did win (thank god!). When I was watching the game Live, they were 1 all, and I was worried if they were just gonna draw but I was wrong. Pheww~ At least they didn't lose. Gotta love Arsenal. And of course Carlos Vela was playing too altho he didn't score any (I think he might be my next fave if Fabregas should decide to move to Barcelona..booo!!). :) So I was a happy girl.

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