Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Wedding

2 weeks ago (wow it has been 2 weeks) my uncle got married. :) It was pretty grand, and really interesting. There was singing, and playing music and dancing and to me it was special because most of the people that sung and put on a show are family. :) My family are great. And sometimes it comes with a price. But anyway...that day was pretty amazing and interesting. My uncle is the youngest of 2 siblings so it was pretty grand. :) I'll just leave you with some pictures.

That's where the couple is going to sit :)

Me and cousins

My sister and cousin

The couple ♥♥♥ aren't they adorable?

Cousin playing at the wedding

The food was okay-ish

I didn't stay long at the wedding tho, cause my sisters had to leave that night so we went home to pack and stuff. Sad tho that they had to leave so early and it was one of my sister's birthday too.

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