Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nuffnang celebrates BlogDay!

So I don't know if it is a coincidence that Nuffnang blogday fall on the 31st of August, which also happen to be Malaysia's Independence day (Merdeka! Merdeka!) and it is the second day of raya (eid). I hope I am not too late to submit this cause I want to share with you some blogs I found interesting and I read through and through! (but I don't limit myself to these blogs cause I follow hundreds of blogs!) So here is my fair share of blogs that I am so in love with (and then some!).


Lorena is an amazing and beautiful lady that travels! OMG I would love to travel all over the world. Her photographs are amazing and reading her blog makes you wanna go pack up and see the world.


Lee Oliveira is an awesome photographer, his muse comes from everyday people on the street. He has a fashion blog which I love to look at and get inspired by. I would say he is a world traveler now, I wonder if he would ever come to Malaysia? :D


The Blythes amazing journey to be with each other. :) I think I love reading this because it reminds me of my own relationship and the hardship of getting there. They are just a beautiful and cute couple, jealous here! ;)


Michelle has the most amazing DIY-house project blog ever! Formally known as 3 men and a lady, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy earlier this year and has renamed her blog. :D She posts about house renovations (and I love those DIY stuff) and she have some pretty awesome ideas.


I found Kaitlin's blog from another blog (which I totally forgot!) and I just fell in love! I don't bake often or cook but her blog is amazing and it will make you drool like crazy! She also takes amazing pictures and share recipes on her blog. Sweet!


I am a sucker for amazing and beautiful pictures - and for inspiration, I want to be able to take awesome pictures too someday (not be a photographer cause I don't think I am creative enough). Jennifer takes beautiful photographs for wedding, senior portraits, you name it. And since she lives so close to CLK I so want her to take our wedding pictures :P (if it ever happens anyway). :D And she looks so hot now - with her weight lost and all. I am jealous and envious!

So these are some awesome blogs that I adore and love to read. These are 6 of hundreds of blogs that I love. I have them all on my blogroll if you want to take a look. To all bloggers out there, happy blogday!! and happy merdeka day!! and selamat hari raya!!

Other blogs that I think is awesome:

Have a wonderful week!

Google is awesome, August 31st

Happy Independence Malaysian!! And Google is so awesome to have this on its homepage. :)

via Google

It is also the 2nd day of Eid so happy Eid to everyone who celebrates it! I have some pictures, nothing awesome that I want to share, after I get them all resized and cropped :P

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I like a YouTube video

I was looking and reading blogs this few days (cause I was feeling crappy) and stumble upon this video on YouTube. I love braids, and since I have quite long hair, I think braids are a must to master. I just love this video cause it teaches you the different types of braids. There are more than just the regular braid, french braid, and fishtail braid. I have tried to do a 5 strand braid but I got lost but this video makes it sound so simple. :D You should check it out if you are a braid freak like me ;).

He said, she said: The grass is always greener...

I was having a crappy weekend, and Monday. I had a fever Sunday and then my back hurts really bad. So basically I had a bad start. After getting moody and crappy with CLK, I manage to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

While talking on IM.
She: My hair feels short and bouncy...boing boing (cause I thought the bad haircut was the root of my wasn't).

He: So are you liking it more?

She: I dunno, I wish it was straighter? I wish it was naturally straighter...

He: I know...blame your parents I guess

She: I would say I'd blame it on my Javanese genes...

He: Damn the Javanese! Should've traded the v for a p :P

She: HAHAHA...then I bet then I'd wish my hair was curly..

He: probably, the grass is always greener on the other side... People always want what they cannot have.

She: What do you wan't that you can't have?

He: (pause) more hair ;)

LOL Thank you for acknowledging my hair jokes after all these while XD

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Football update: Arsenal season 2011/2012

Last weekend was the start of the new season. Football. My life. The football season keeps my insane life more insane and I get to compete and talk bullshit with my male friends, what's not to like? :D But having your other half there with you would be a lot nicer.

Imagine my greatest dismay and utter disappointment when I found out 4 of my favorite players have moved (transfer) to other clubs. =____='' It was really sad.

1. Gael Clichy

I think he was the most versatile player especially paired with Bacary Sagna. I hope he isn't thinking about moving too! We will miss you Clichy.

2. Cesc Fabregas

This move was (not) a big shocker. There was a lot of speculation that he wanted to move since 2 years ago but he always state that he is a true Gunner. But we all know he can only be a true Gunner for so long and one day would move back to his hometown, Barcelona. I actually was very disappointed to hear he actually wanted to move this season. After losing Clichy, this was one sad, sad story to me. And he was the captain and was pretty good too! =____=''

3. Emmanuel Eboue

4. Samir Nasri (possible move)

Arsene Wenger did brought home a few new players:

#15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Joined August 2011

This guy have the longest name :P and I think he has the sweetest smile :)

#25 Carl Jenkinson
Joined June 2011

Am excited to see him play.

#27 Gervinho
Joined July 2011

This dude is from Ivory Coast I guess replacing Eboue. :) He got in a little tiff in the first game but I am excited for him to play too :) And a striker, which is pretty awesome.

#31 Ryo Miyaichi
Striker (another one!)

I believe this guy is from Japan (I think?). I am not sure but he looks sweet doesn't he? :D Am hoping he is just as good as Park Ji Sung the Manchester United player.

The started their first game last Saturday which they draw, 0 - 0 with Newcastle United. They also played in the UEFA Champions League vs Udinese Calcio and they won. :) Yay! Their next game is this Saturday against Liverpool and I am excited. :)

Sorry for the geeky-ness and football overload. XD

All pictures are from

Friday, August 12, 2011

He said, she said: Meowwww~

Haha literally :P Funny story...

While talking with CLK on Skype, like always...

He: You know I just dug out a few more trees for me to plant so I will have a fence of trees...

She: More trees?

He: Yup, I can't wait till they grow and block my neighbors...

She: I want my cherry blossom trees!!...

He: Don't worry, we will get your trees.....meowwww

She: Meoww? Did you just...meoww at me? * ROFL*

He: I...think I did. I guess I can't say Saka did it huh? Hahahaha...


Thursday, August 11, 2011

He said, she said: Some kinda porn

So, ever since CLK has an Arbor day foundation membership he has been looking at trees, non-stop. They are sending him 20 trees and he is super stoked. It gets me somewhat excited too.

He: I am obsessed at looking at this arbor day website.

She: Gees, damn you arbor day website, LOL well at least it's better than porn.

He: ...It's tree porn!!

I think this picture is important. XD

Monday, August 8, 2011

Project 365: #132 A slice for the road

Went to visit my sister's friend who was in Korea for a month on a study trip. I wish I went to their school, I want to go to South Korea and LA for a school seriously. I miss out a lot. :P But anyway, she made us eat a slice of carrot cheesecake before we left home. It was pretty awesome.

I need to try to make this or carrot cake cause I need to prove CLK wrong :P.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project 365: #131 Save the planet

I went to the mall a month back or so, and look who I saw.

Finally they put out recycling bins out. And they are so adorable. ^^, with cute faces ;).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Movie Date: Captain America - The First Avenger

Last Saturday, my sister, her bf, my brother and I went to the movies. Since NO ONE wanted to watch Harry Potter (I cried inside!!) we went to watch Captain America instead. I wanted myself to hate this movie, and almost convinced myself that it was gonna be bad! - but - =___='' I actually liked it! LOL I was pretty sad at myself cause I thought I would enjoy watching Harry Potter more. Sigh**

Mind you I was clueless about Captain America. I have heard of it, I don't think I have ever watch the cartoon version (if any, I am more of the X-Men geek XD) and convinced myself I would not like it. Damn Captain America has a oogle-licious body. Then my sister's bf went on and on about this being the first avenger (I have heard of this but never actually seen it, you know, The Avenger) so I was like *light bulb switched on* ohhhhhh.... Earlier this year I checked it was last year (I did not write about it, weird) I watched Ironman 2 after failing to watch the first one, which I did afterwards and I enjoyed it. And Thor came out, but I skipped it, thinking I would not liked it then realized I should've watched Thor before watching Captain America. They really should have a label on the movie - "Watch Thor before proceeding to watch Captain America".

I actually liked this movie. The hero was awesome, there was some funny scenes and I totally dig old, WWII movies, all in one. Amazing huh? I still have not watched Harry Potter, I am still crying inside. Also The Green Lantern, something about The Justice League being made? Please tell me if I am getting my facts wrong. The Green Lantern is too cartoony for me to watch, although I adore Ryan Reynolds - sigh*. Maybe I will wait a little longer.

I need to watch Thor now, have anyone watched it? Do you like it? Did you watch Captain America yet?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie Date: Transformer 3 Dark of the moon

Took my sisters and brother to watch Transformer 3 a few weeks back, before my sister, A left for India. I had mixed feeling about the movie. I actually enjoyed the action part but I don't really care for the lovey, dovey part, I feel like it was pointless.

My sisters on the other hand thought it was boring. My brother liked it though. I wish there was more action in the movie, wonder if there is a fourth installment? I don't know if I liked Megan Fox's character better or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley better, I wish they had more roles than just act pretty. Patrick Dempsey was in it, I think he has a pretty awful role thought, I keep imagining him in Grey's Anatomy. *sigh*

Anyway, I would give this movie a 6/10. It was a pretty interesting movie, it didn't put me to sleep. I think the story was cut short...this was a pretty long movie too, 157 minutes. :) Have you watched this movie yet? Did you like it?