Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Movie Date: Captain America - The First Avenger

Last Saturday, my sister, her bf, my brother and I went to the movies. Since NO ONE wanted to watch Harry Potter (I cried inside!!) we went to watch Captain America instead. I wanted myself to hate this movie, and almost convinced myself that it was gonna be bad! - but - =___='' I actually liked it! LOL I was pretty sad at myself cause I thought I would enjoy watching Harry Potter more. Sigh**

Mind you I was clueless about Captain America. I have heard of it, I don't think I have ever watch the cartoon version (if any, I am more of the X-Men geek XD) and convinced myself I would not like it. Damn Captain America has a oogle-licious body. Then my sister's bf went on and on about this being the first avenger (I have heard of this but never actually seen it, you know, The Avenger) so I was like *light bulb switched on* ohhhhhh.... Earlier this year I checked it was last year (I did not write about it, weird) I watched Ironman 2 after failing to watch the first one, which I did afterwards and I enjoyed it. And Thor came out, but I skipped it, thinking I would not liked it then realized I should've watched Thor before watching Captain America. They really should have a label on the movie - "Watch Thor before proceeding to watch Captain America".

I actually liked this movie. The hero was awesome, there was some funny scenes and I totally dig old, WWII movies, all in one. Amazing huh? I still have not watched Harry Potter, I am still crying inside. Also The Green Lantern, something about The Justice League being made? Please tell me if I am getting my facts wrong. The Green Lantern is too cartoony for me to watch, although I adore Ryan Reynolds - sigh*. Maybe I will wait a little longer.

I need to watch Thor now, have anyone watched it? Do you like it? Did you watch Captain America yet?


Sunny & Star said...

I loved Captain America. It was amazing and a little sad.

If you still haven't seen Thor, you definitely need to make it a priority! It was amazing. If you liked Captain America, you are going to love Thor!

Mimi said...

haha, i heard captain america was really good! :) but if that was the case, i would've watched harry potter by myself... i think. aaahh, but then again it's no fun watching harry potter alone. haha. ;)

<3, Mimi

a!k0 said...

@Sunny&Star: It was! and sad too...he slept all that while! Oh yes I need to watch Thor and watch Ironman2 again :D I hope Thor is just as good as you say :D

@Mimi: Yes it was! I definitely did not regret watching it :D Although I don't think I could watch Harry Potter alone too it is just not fun :D hehe...need to watch that next!

Straylights said...

I didn't like Capitan Americano. IT was sooooooooo slow for me. I did however like Thor, because he was funny, and he has pretty eyes *drools*


a!k0 said...

@Straylights: I haven't watched Thor yet, i am gonna have to now. And I should've watch Harry Potter instead... haha, I guess the hunky Captain America just blow everything out of proportion :P You gotta love his body...drools**