Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year~

I love Google, especially when they put thing like this up :D Don't you think it's just adooorable?! :D

So many things I am thankful for this 2011, especially all the friends I've made through my blog :). Thank you and I cherish all of you!! Especially my blog readers who followed me on Twitter, you guys are the best! Hopefully our friendship will continue to flourish this coming 2012. :) I am trying very hard to blog everyday, starting tomorrow (2012 - crazy right?!).

I am thankful for all my family and friends that have been by my side, my #fruitbasket family :D (long story I am sure it is not very interesting but they are awesome girls) and my best friend for life, CLK :) He always makes me happy and laugh and make my everyday wonderful. I love you bubs!

I am thankful for being here today, to see another year go by and say hey you, you are alive and well...make the most of that. :) I am thankful for little things and blessed for all the things I have in life.

For this new year, I want to wish everyone a very blessed, joyous and wonderful year ahead. Hope 2012 are 10x as awesome compare to 2011. See you guys in 2012~

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope I am not to late to wish you all a very merry Christmas! :) We had a very wet Christmas, it didn't stop raining since Christmas eve (it's still raining now actually).

So if you didn't know I don't celebrate Christmas but I love Christmas decorations, Christmas spirits and Christmas shopping :P. I love snowy day on Christmas (unfortunately I live in a tropical island so we don't have snow :D) and I think my favorite Christmas was probably Christmas of 1997. It was my last year in Wisconsin and we had an awesome Christmas/farewell party. It was a sad and happy occasion at the same time.

You want to know how much I love Christmas music? I even play them in July :P and my then roommates would think I am nuts :P but they always makes me happy and sad...I have a love/hate relationship with them. I would like to share with you 5 of my favorite Christmas songs.

5. All I want for Christmas is you

4. Santa Baby - I only found this censored version so enjoy :P (this was performed by Marilyn for President JFK live and they had to censored some of the lyrics for the live audience cause she was drunk).

3. Mele Kalikimaka

2. Silver Bells (it was this or White Christmas which I both love (: )

1. Have yourself a merry little Christmas - I love this song and I love Oscar. :) Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of snowy scenery and the time I spent Christmas with friends in WI and I miss it, and the people that I love that is far away during the holiday. This is my all time favorite Christmas song and it would not be Christmas without it :).

And just because I think Michael Buble is sexy, this is a medley of Christmas songs.

I heard this song on the radio today and I liked it. :)

So those are some of my favorite Christmas songs and then some. :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with friends, family and loved ones. It's never too late to tell someone you love them, appreciate them and always thinking of them. This year I am grateful of what I have and learn never take things for granted, even the little things. Merry Christmas everyone~

Friday, December 23, 2011

Google and I would like to wish you a happy Holidays!!

I know a lot of you are going on a very long Christmas weekend :) I wish you the best holiday with your friends and family!! Isn't Google adorable?!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I like a YouTube video: Old Spice Manta Clause

Who doesn't love the sexy and hot Old spice man?? Then something is wrong with you :P I came across this video and I just gotta share it with y'alls.

Movie Date: Immortals

Hello blogger friends!! *waves* It has been so long and I feel like this has been neglected. I was having some rough time and everyday feels so crappy that I would fall asleep in front of my laptop. It was sooo exhausting. I don't know why. I miss blogging (can't believe I'd say that!) and I miss reading your blogs *hugs*. :) I have not neglected y'all.

So I just want to share something with you guys. My ever-so-trusty-movie-friend-date went out tonight to watch Immortals.

Honestly I like this movie, but I wish it was longer. My friend says it reminds him of 300 (which of course the producers were from 300 and I have not watched that movie yet!). We both agreed that this movie was much better that the movie Clash of the Titans. :) Have you watched this yet?? I have yet to see Puss in boots. I want to go watch it soon-ish.

Some movies I want to watch this year and early next year:

Sherlock Holmes 2: A game of shadows

This one I am excited about. There is something about Robert Downey Jr that I love. :D

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I have heard of this book but never read it. The title is really intriguing so I might watch this soon. :)

New Year's Eve

Every time I think of new year I think of all the new years I have to spend it alone...*sigh* LOL I liked this trailer and it kinda reminds me of move Love Actually. I love that movie. And I have yet to see Valentine's Day. Man I gotta get the movie wagon rolling.

So...what movies have you been waiting/wanting to watch this coming months? I hope everyone is having a wonderful December!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Project 365: #158 No shave November - Mustache for a cause

So November is a very special month. :) Not only is it Lung cancer awareness month it is also Movember or No shave November and many manly men out there do not shave their beard/mustache/facial hair for the month of November (they shave it on the 1st of November and grow them out throughout November). It supports the awareness for prostate cancer and raise awareness for men's health issues i.e. depression. Last year Movember also merge with Tacheback to raise awareness for testicular cancer. (via)

And ladies, believe me there are some manly man out there with weird hairy ah-some mustache. Oh there is also the Manliest Beard Competition :D

(somehow this guy reminds me of Colonel Sanders XD)

So in support of Movember, I will share this utterly embarrassing picture of my hair-stache. XD I shall hide in my closet till December now *scurry away*.


Support Movember men! :D

TV Date: The Pillars of the Earth || Game of Thrones

So ever since I can remember, I am pretty much into shows or miniseries with the mid evil theme. From the Three Musketeers to Robin Hood, to The legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, to Merlin. There's also the story of King Henry VIII (if I remember correctly) and there was also Anne Boleyn (which I gotta say is really interesting and sad), and Queen Elizabeth. Funny thing about that I have not seen the Tudors yet. That will be on my list.

So when CLK's sister told me about Game of Thrones (I didn't know it existed even after my friend obsessively tweeted about it on Twitter for weeks) I decide...meh why not. I'll give it a go. :D The opening theme kinda scare me (don't ask me why and I always skip it) and....I loved it! Even though I hate the torturous torture they do it floats my boat.

And this month, November, they started showing The Pillars of the Earth on tv and I was like, WHA--? How come I haven't seen this before? I have always wanted to read this book by Ken Follett but I have never gotten the book and thought why not just watch it? I know most people say books are better than shows or series but I love watching if I can. :)

The opening of pillars of the earth reminds me of the opening theme for game of thrones...somewhat similar.

So have any of you seen or read The pillar of the earth by Ken Follett?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is lung cancer awareness month. White ribbons apparently represents this awareness. :) Let's all spread this awareness around. It is also pancreatic cancer awareness month (in the US).

Early this morning I got a text message from my girl friend telling me one of our good friend's father passed away yesterday. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 4 months ago. Condolences to him and his family.

Thought of the day: Kids say the cutest thing

I use to watch Bill Cosby Kids say the darnest thing. It never cease to make me laugh :). Kids are so adorable, innocent and blunt. XD

"You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget," Jessica - age 8

I think this is so true :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Project 365: #157 Bubble tea time!

While we were out at the mall last weekend we got some bubble tea~! :D It is always a treat. I didn't actually get bubble tea, I got vanilla mocha :P. I can't stand some of the flavor of the bubble tea. So I went with something I knew I was going to love, coffee. XD

I wanted to post a picture of my sister but she said she look bad so just bubble tea picture this time. :)

Project 365: #156 Junkies

I went out with my sister last weekend looking for a present for my mom and we stopped by the grocery store and I bough some junk food =____='' which I kinda regret.

1. Well it is junk food, which is a no-no.
2. The mochi thingy I bought had marshmallow filling, and if you know me well enough I HATE marshmallow O__o
3. I could use that money for something else. Like really.

What I bought:

1. Strawberry flavored mochi (blehh...I didn't like it)
2. Pucca chocolate filled crackers (2 boxes but I ate 1 already)
3. Shapes barbecue flavor (I bought pizza flavor which I ate too :P)
4. Candies (blue raspberry and acai berry sours flavor)
5. KitKat :D

Project 365: #155 My little orphan update

As you can see she is coming along well. I have no definite name for her yet (it is a her). I don't know her characteristics yet since she is still limping and all but she is very spoil and attached. My dad wants to name her Jumper (after my other cat that died last month) but I don't want to give her a reused name. :) She is unique in her own way.

She has started to walk again but her legs still hurts. All in all, she is doing well and learned how to use the litter :). I will keep you up to date. She is 5 days old (since the day I found her). Oh one thing she likes: blanket/towel.

Project 365: #154 Presents

Today (12th November) is my mummy's birthday :D And tomorrow is my daddy's birthday. We didn't celebrate like crazy cause my mom had her school dinner tonight so we couldn't go out for dinner and my family had some gather for prayers for our late great grandmother. But my sister did bake cookies (and they are delicious!!) and we got presents for my parents :).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thought of the day

I have this massive headache (or might be migraine) at this moment. >.<'' This happened last night too. And I do not know what happened or what I ate. I have prematurely concluded that red meat has been the culprit but I have no evidence whatsoever to conclude this findings. OMG THERE'S A HUGE LIZARD CLIMBING ON MY WALL!!!!

Sorry for that little distraction. I really am grossed out by them. What if they were walking across the ceiling and it fell on me??!?!! O___o I would be totally scared but I would be sleeping too soundly to notice. FML.

Ok so anyway, this massive headache, pounding in my head like a Chinese drum is literally stopping me from looking staring at this computer screen and sharing some pictures I took of my friend getting married today. =___='' I might have to finish this when my headache disappears.

I think I need a nap.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 365: #153 Orphan

On holidays or weekends I tend to wake up earlier than I would've like. Like yesterday for instant. I had to, HAD TO wake up to the meow of a kitten. I think I am part cat cause I am very sensitive to cats meow =___= which kinda sucks if you ask me! At 5 freakin' 30. 0__o So yeah, it was pretty dark and I checked outside the balcony and no cat, just meow or echos. I thought I was dreaming. So I tried to go to bed but...mehehehehe Facebook got the best of me. 0__o FML 

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I took in an orphan.

Isn't it adorable?? :D This was the first picture I took before it went to sleep. You see, that cats meow I heard wasn't just me dreaming, it was real. And my mom actually called me (on my phone and we live in the same house!) and said there was a cat outside in the cold. It had been raining the whole night and this little thing was out there, in the cold. Poor thing.

After burrito wrapping it in a towel it was warm and fell asleep. A long sleep. I guess it was in shock cause 12 hours after that he went crazy and scared. It's like it just saw me for the first time. O__o Crazy cat! But now I am happy to report she is safe (nameless as of now) and warm, poop and all. Although we think she might have a broken leg(s) cause she can't walk. : ( Me is sad.

My mom said she reminded her of Jumper, RIP although she doesn't have socks and it's a SHE. =____='' Why can't it be a he?

I will keep you updated on my little orphan.

note: I am experimenting on putting watermarks on my photos. :) I don't know how I feel about it yet. CLK thinks it looks professional :P

Friday, November 4, 2011

TV Date: What I am waiting for this morning (Friday night for you far West people XD)

I just saw that the have brought forward Grimm from the weekends to Friday. :D But it also means that it will be on the same day as Supernatural. I am beyond excited!! Grimm is starting to grow on me and I was excited to have 2 shows with fairy tale themes and supernatural elements of course!!

I like this show but I hope it doesn't get out of control like Lost.

I have not watched Heart  Hart of Dixie or Suburgatory but they look pretty interesting. I might just start soon. My list of shows keep growing everyday :P

Are you watching Supernatural? XD

What have you been watching lately?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Songs in my head: Adele

I love this song. It has been stuck in my head for days now, maybe weeks!! It's bad enough they keep playing this song on the radio stations :P

Adele is nominated for EMA this weekend, with the likes of Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Eminem, and a bunch of others. I hope she wins, and Eminem too! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Date: Terminator Salvation

I am late on this terminator bandwagon. I was actually getting tired of the terminator movies :P that's why I waited so long to watch this movie. I thought it was gonna bad but it was not so bad. At least Arnold Schwarzenegger (OMG this is the first time I spell his name!) wasn't in the movie. It was getting kinda ...old. I did not pay so much attention to the story actually since I did not know what or who was who but I sorted things out at the end.

I like the half and half man. :) He is awesome. :D What do you think of the Terminator movies, especially this one?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Movie Date: Hachiko - A dog's story

I have heard of the tale of this dog before I knew there was a movie about it. Before playing the movie and watching it, I knew I was gonna cry. It is a story about a professor who found an abandoned dog on a train platform and the bond they have. He died one day and the dog keeps coming to the train station to wait for him, for 10 years.

Seriously...I cried. OMG it is so sad. =___=

I wish my cats would wait for me when I get home. Although they do wait for me because the want food. I think there's something about Richard Gere in this movie that makes it so...believable and sad. In Japan, they erected a bronze statue at the train station (I can't remember where now. Edit: It's at Shibuya Station and every April the people hold a special celebration in honor of the Akita) at the place he use to sit and wait.

I think the part when I knew he was going to die is the saddest. Have you watch this movie?

The last day of Horror-ween

So October  Pinktober have come and gone. It is sad really. Also some happy times through out this month. :) And I have been a lazy blogger. I just felt so deflated I needed some recharge time!! I hope I have recharged enough and my camera ran out of memory. I told it to take it easy and walked, but it RAN! LOL So I, who is a lazy bumm, will have to remove and delete all pictures in the hope that I will post them here. :P I will...sooner or later. Sooner is what you should hope for.

Before I move on to November, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY HORRORWEEN!! I saw in the news that the east coast of US was snowing. SNOWING! on Halloween?? what they call a 'rare' snowstorm? So I guess for all you folks out there who wanted to dress as Santa or Mrs Clause this would probably be the appropriate time. :P Now who says you can never be Santa on Halloween? Maybe creepy Santa >:D

I do hope everyone who was hit by this white Halloween is safe and staying warm :). I shall be back with the next post.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thought of the day

"Nothing in this world is truly ours, except our children"

                                                                                                                 102211 i.A

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 365: #152 The Missing and FALL

Hey there peeps. I have been away for too long and promise that I will make up for it. :) As you know my cat went missing 2 weeks ago. I'm sad to report that there is no good news. On the other hand, this morning I saw Kick (Jumper's mom) playing with a little mouse. I am sad to say that it did not make it but they had their moment staring at each other. It was funny, too bad I didn't have my camera with me to take some awesome video. Well I will leave you with a picture of something random I am sure. Oh better yet, fall :D at CLK's house. Beautiful I might add. Damn I wish I was there. Fall is my second favorite season next to winter. :D Yes I love winter!!! XD

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movie Date: What I am looking forward to

I have been trying to occupy myself with other things that worry about Jumper. I have been searching for some upcoming movies and trailers. Some are pretty awesome but I don't know if I will get disappointed. Trailers can be pretty deceiving, which is why I try not to watch them. Sometimes I admit I watch movies because of the starting line up. Or if Leonardo Dicaprio or Johnny Depp is in them XD. Who doesn't like Leo and Johnny? Or shall I say Captain Sparrow :P

Some of the movies I hope does not disappoint am looking forward to watch:

Tower Heist (Nov 4)

The line up is pretty awesome. Ben Stiller is one pretty funny dude if he don't try too hard, Casey Affleck also acts in this, Matthew Broderick, Eddie Murphy (I love him as donkey and that zebra in Madagascar :P), Tea Leoni and Gabourey Sidibe to name a few. I am hoping this is gonna be good. The trailer is pretty hilarious though. I love the part where Matthew Broderick character says 'I'm gonna be a male whore' (I think that's what he said :P).

Puss in Boots

Just plain and simple - who doesn't love puss in boots? :D

Three Musketeers (Oct 2011)

I love anything related to the Three musketeers, movie wise. My all time favorite movies are The man in the iron mask (1998 which Leonardo DiCaprio acted in - of course!) and the 1993 film The three musketeers - with the cast of Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Chris O'Donnell, Oliver Platt and Tim Curry (can't believe Charlie Sheen is in this one, didn't know until I wiki it haha). I think that movie was my number one favorite until I got my hands on The man in the iron mask. I am hoping this newer version does not disappoint me because they can change the whole plot of the story but they can't change the three musketeers. Definitely looking forward to this one.

John Carter (2012)

I don't know why but this movie reminds me of Prince of Persia and I still haven't watched that movie yet. I want to so bad now.

The Hobbit (2012)

If you were crazy about LOTR then you do not want to miss this. One more movie to put on my list. I can't wait to see this and to see Peter Jackson's magic.

The Avengers (2012)

I could not find the official trailer but I am beginning to love this one. I have not seen Thor yet (I'm just so caught up with things). Thor, come to mama!

Transformer 4: Rise of Galvatron (2012)

Apparently there is the 4th installment of this movie. I hope this one is much more better than the last. I heard Michael Bay might not direct this one. We will see.

The Sleeping Beauty (2011)

This movie looks so wrong yet so intriguing. I don't think they will play this at the cinema but I am sure gonna find out a way to watch this.

Last but not least...

Underworld: Awakening (Jan 2012)

I have waited a long time for the next Underworld movie and it has come. I have seen the trailer and psyched myself before watching it. I don't know if I like the trailer. I might have to watch all 3 movies again, starting with the 3rd, 1st and 2nd. I didn't like the 2nd one so much but I might be wrong.

Other movies that might interest you:
The Lost Symbols
Ice Age 4

Is there any movies you are looking forward to?


My Jumper is missing. :( I am very sad. He's been gone for 2 whole days. He wasn't feeling very well and my sister was suppose to take him to the vet but he was gone.

I miss him. Jumper come back. I hope you are still alive and well.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I am...

...currently sitting in the dark, well semi darkness. I have my nifty little Japanese house shaped lamp providing the only source of light in my dark room. The light fixture in my room needs replacing...the bulb I mean. This main one has been going crazy for the past few days. If I turn on the switch and let is sit a lil longer, it might and I say might just turn on. =____='' I need to replace the bulb but I am way too short to change them even with the little ladder. I should've just let CLK replace them for me when he was around. See now that's one good use of tall men and why I love taller men, taller than me anyway :D. Or at least have to be more than 5'6".HAHAHA...

Anyway, this sitting in the dark business isn't helping my already clouded eyesight O_o, me looking like a panda or 4-eye I should say. This will probably make my glare (eye glare?? or whatever you call it) soaring to the roof! This call for another appointment to the eye doctor. FML. And I am really worried about Jumper (who was in my previous blog post). He won't eat, he growls at me (and he never does! he is the sweetest) and he won't let me hold him. :( I am going to have to take him to the vet tomorrow. *sigh*

I am feeling slightly disturbed too. So much for some girls night tonight.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Project 365: #151 Insecure brat

He loves to torment my other kids when he is not tormenting others he likes to sleep, on top of stuff.

He is just so adorable!! How many cats do you know have stripes and spots, with socks?!?!! :D

Pink today anyone?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The coming of a new year

Ello there mate. So yesterday was my birthday (hooray)...we or I didn't do anything special or grand if you are wondering. I just had some nice quiet me time with CLK and talked on skype (not that I can haul him anywhere...) and spent time with my babies. It was alright and........... we made pizza :D. It feels like every year we have pizza on my birthday :P. Not that I'm complaining. I love pizza! I will show you a delish pizza picture ...just because I love you guys.

Hahaha... =___='' and my mom gave me a pink hand bag. Well what do you know, it seems to fit in my go-pink theme for the month of October, but I don't really wear pink very much. I am not a big pink fan - although this one is more of a dark salmon color, deep pink I guess not those striking pink you can see from 10000 miles away. :) I will have to take a pic and show you guys.

And today is actually CLK's birthday. :D Happy birthday baby! (not that he reads my blog but it's the thought that counts :P). I thank you for being in my life and made me realize I can be a much better person inside out and for loving me for ME :D It was a huge thing to find out that our birthday was just hours apart. Since I always envy my parents (their birthdays falls on the 12th and 13th of November) for having birthdays so close together, I feel so special now. *insert cheesy comments or gagging sounds* October is a huge birthday month for me (so is September and seems like every month after August) because all or most I should say of my friends, people I come to know recently and favorite celebrities birthdays falls in October. :D Aren't we all a special bunch? ;)

So anyone who is celebrating their birthday this month, I want to wish a very happy birthday and wonderful year ahead. May your year bring prosperity and joy and happiness. And we share breast cancer awareness month! Oh yeah~

This cake because I am slightly obsessed and I want this for at least one of my birthday :P


Project 365: #150 Brunch with my brother

I honestly have to say I sometimes despise my brother. He is 12 years younger than I am. Sometimes he gets quirky and nice to me which is weird. And sometimes I just love hanging out with him, and because he needs me he oblige. One of those favorite time is when we are out, eating.

I think because he is a guy (and growing - taller than me, whaaat?) he eats a lot. :P

Are you wearing pink today?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Project 365: #149 Deep blue sea

One thing that gets me excited when I go to the pet store to get my cats kids stuff they need, is the shark, Bruce, Dory, and Nemo. :D

^^, aren't they beautiful?

I love this movie!!!

Are you wearing pink today?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project 365: #148 Butterscotch bread

Have you ever had butterscotch bread? Have you ever had butterscotch bread with butter? You should because if you haven't you are missing some awesome combo here :D Too bad they don't sell this bread where  I live. My parent bought them at the airport on their way home.

Are you wearing pink today? :D

Monday, October 3, 2011

Project 365: #147 Pau

Ermmm...I don't really know what you call this. But here we call it pau (po maybe??). Anywho, it is a puff thingy filled with yummy-some goodies inside ie. this one is filled with red bean paste. :D My favorite! Some other fillings would typically be coconut, nuts, butter, chicken curry, and green bean paste.

**Sorry for the awful quality, took them with my phone :)

Edit: Oh now I just realized these are dumplings XDD
Are you wearing pink today?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is breast cancer awareness month!

And I am happy to share it with my birthday month. Yay for October! I am an October baby. This month I will try to wear something pink everyday. Which is kinda hard since I don't a whole lot of pink in my wardrobe. I need to find a pink ribbon soon. :) My immediate family have never been diagnosed with breast cancer but my aunt in my extended family passed away due to breast cancer. I have friends that had lumps removed from their breasts but fortunately they were non-cancerous.

I hope all you beautiful ladies out there gets your breast check out everyday if possible, by you or your doctor and get you mammogram done. You can even let your boyfriend/husband do the breast exam ;) *wink wink*. Spread the cause and stay beautiful.

I want to share this funny commercial with you. :D Never gets old.

Did you wear pink today?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Date: Abduction

2 days ago my cousin and I decided to go watch a movie on a whim. Since no one else wanted to go with (it was a working and school night) we decided to watch the 1045pm show. Out of all the movies (which was not many available that night) we decided to watch Abduction. I was drawn to it because of Taylor Lautner (admitting now). After watching the movie, I seriously wished I chose Dream House instead. At least it will keep me shivering until we reach home (which was almost 1am).

It was very disappointing, and kinda sad. Wish the movie had more awesomeness to it. I can't decide whether the movie was going too slow or too fast, probably both and the ending was kind of a let down. One the good side, I get to spend time with my cousin (whom I rarely see) and took tons of pictures with the Johnny English movie poster. :P Will probably do a separate post on that.

via - wish this scene was in the actual movie!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project 365: #146 Noodles and duck eggs

My cousin made lunch on Saturday. :o) She is awesome. And we had preserved duck egg :D good but high in cholesterol, not recommended to be eaten daily.

Have you eaten these lil buggers?

Project 365: #145 food

While waiting to pick up my parents and sister at the airport, I ate some awesome delicious food. XD It helped me pass the time since my iPod and phone had no battery and I forgot to bring a book. Silly me.

Yummy... I love fries!

Monday, September 26, 2011

He said, she said: Childminder

Last weekend while sleepily texting CLK, who was watching the Packers game at a friend's house.

She: So how was the game?

He: I don't know, I haven't been watching it so much. I am with A. He is cooking Childminder and it's taking a long time.

She: (confused and sleepy)....what's a Childminder? is it a fish?

He: LOL. Damn it autocorrect. Chicken not childminder.

TV Date: American Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Stars

I am so excited and happy that Allison made it!! YAY!! I love her big eyes and quirkiness. I hope she wins. I love Alexandria too, I think her photos are awesome. Do you watch ANTM??

Allison Harvard

Alexandria Everett

Project 365: #144 Farewell Party

A few weeks ago, my sister and I were invited to a family friends (my sister's friend but she's so adorable, funny and honest to the bones that everyone just love her and her family!) farewell party. Our friend Tila was going to further her studies in the UK so she asked some of close friends and family for a lil dinner party.

Her place is awesome. It is unique and I love the decor and ambiance. The house itself is confusing because there are so many doors that leads to rooms :P it's like Alice in Wonderland. She had her place decorated Balinese style with candles and the food was amazing (as always). Let's just let the photos do the talking :D

I don't know why but the guy wanted to pose with me while I was stocking food XD

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TV Date: The Lying Game, Ringer and The Secret Circle

As I was reading some of my awesome blogger friends blogs came across a post about new shows coming up. Two which stood out the most were Ringer and The Secret Circle. I am sure you must've watched the pilot for both. Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Geller (I wanted to write Sarah Jessica Parker..haha what's up with that?) is about a pair of identical twin that lives totally different lives.

This actually reminds me of another series, The Lying Game. It has that 'same' concept, identical twins thing and one trying to be the other kinda theory. The lying game is based on the book by Sara Shepard the same author that wrote Pretty Little Liars. You know how I love my Pretty Little Liars and I am beginning to like The Lying Game too. Oh yeah, one major turn on "hottie" by the name of Blair Redford who plays Ethan Whitehorse, oh so totally hot. He was also in Switched at Birth. Then he was no more. So totally worth the time ;).

Ringer via 

Now onto the secret circle, I was attracted to it because Britt Robertson was starring in it. She played Lux in Life Unexpected which was cancelled I believe. I like that show. Oh yeah Kristoffer Polaha who played Baze in that show is also in Ringer. If you haven't watch it yet, this show is about witches and warlocks I suppose. It kinda reminds me of Charmed and The Covenent in some sort of way. I actually enjoyed the pilot and can't wait for the next episode. I have to say I thought I would like Ringer more but Ringer is kinda boring to me. The Secret Circle is much more intriguing. I hope both keeps clinging on for awhile. And I can't wait for my Supernatural to come back, soon! Oh and have you watched the latest season of Vampire Diaries? I dunno why I never got into it...

Oh this is gonna be so much fun...