Monday, October 3, 2011

Project 365: #147 Pau

Ermmm...I don't really know what you call this. But here we call it pau (po maybe??). Anywho, it is a puff thingy filled with yummy-some goodies inside ie. this one is filled with red bean paste. :D My favorite! Some other fillings would typically be coconut, nuts, butter, chicken curry, and green bean paste.

**Sorry for the awful quality, took them with my phone :)

Edit: Oh now I just realized these are dumplings XDD
Are you wearing pink today?


skippysays said...

Mmmmm looks yummy! I'd like to try the coconut one- I love anything coconut :)

Meredith Jessica said...

I've had this before when eating out with my boyfriend and his family. The dumpling part is super tasty.

Carrie said...

OHMYGOSH! that looks super duper delicious! not even lying.


LyddieGal said...

sounds interesting - coconut would be delish!
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a!k0 said...

@skippysays: It was actually pretty good :D I didn't take a pic of it tho

@Meredith: Of course! how could I forgot it's called dumplings :P it is delicious :D

@Carrie: I love the chicken curry filling :D

@LyddieGal: Usually I dont like coconut but it was actually pretty good

C & M said...

YUMMY! they look so good ooh<3