Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movie Date: What I am looking forward to

I have been trying to occupy myself with other things that worry about Jumper. I have been searching for some upcoming movies and trailers. Some are pretty awesome but I don't know if I will get disappointed. Trailers can be pretty deceiving, which is why I try not to watch them. Sometimes I admit I watch movies because of the starting line up. Or if Leonardo Dicaprio or Johnny Depp is in them XD. Who doesn't like Leo and Johnny? Or shall I say Captain Sparrow :P

Some of the movies I hope does not disappoint am looking forward to watch:

Tower Heist (Nov 4)

The line up is pretty awesome. Ben Stiller is one pretty funny dude if he don't try too hard, Casey Affleck also acts in this, Matthew Broderick, Eddie Murphy (I love him as donkey and that zebra in Madagascar :P), Tea Leoni and Gabourey Sidibe to name a few. I am hoping this is gonna be good. The trailer is pretty hilarious though. I love the part where Matthew Broderick character says 'I'm gonna be a male whore' (I think that's what he said :P).

Puss in Boots

Just plain and simple - who doesn't love puss in boots? :D

Three Musketeers (Oct 2011)

I love anything related to the Three musketeers, movie wise. My all time favorite movies are The man in the iron mask (1998 which Leonardo DiCaprio acted in - of course!) and the 1993 film The three musketeers - with the cast of Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Chris O'Donnell, Oliver Platt and Tim Curry (can't believe Charlie Sheen is in this one, didn't know until I wiki it haha). I think that movie was my number one favorite until I got my hands on The man in the iron mask. I am hoping this newer version does not disappoint me because they can change the whole plot of the story but they can't change the three musketeers. Definitely looking forward to this one.

John Carter (2012)

I don't know why but this movie reminds me of Prince of Persia and I still haven't watched that movie yet. I want to so bad now.

The Hobbit (2012)

If you were crazy about LOTR then you do not want to miss this. One more movie to put on my list. I can't wait to see this and to see Peter Jackson's magic.

The Avengers (2012)

I could not find the official trailer but I am beginning to love this one. I have not seen Thor yet (I'm just so caught up with things). Thor, come to mama!

Transformer 4: Rise of Galvatron (2012)

Apparently there is the 4th installment of this movie. I hope this one is much more better than the last. I heard Michael Bay might not direct this one. We will see.

The Sleeping Beauty (2011)

This movie looks so wrong yet so intriguing. I don't think they will play this at the cinema but I am sure gonna find out a way to watch this.

Last but not least...

Underworld: Awakening (Jan 2012)

I have waited a long time for the next Underworld movie and it has come. I have seen the trailer and psyched myself before watching it. I don't know if I like the trailer. I might have to watch all 3 movies again, starting with the 3rd, 1st and 2nd. I didn't like the 2nd one so much but I might be wrong.

Other movies that might interest you:
The Lost Symbols
Ice Age 4

Is there any movies you are looking forward to?


Mimi said...

i love watching movie trailers too! and you're right, trailers can be so deceiving in that they look great when really the movie isn't so good. :/

anyways, i am looking forward to the vow. i love channing tatum and rachel mcadams!

<3, Mimi
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Candypop said...

Well in australia where iam this horror movie called 'The Thing' is coming out soon which i wana see!

The avengers does look good though so im lookin forward to that aswell
But yeah trailers seem to put only the good bits in and when you go watch the movie its like =/ OH it was ....OKAY...wasnt as good as expected >=|


Carrie said...

i totally agree with you. trailers always deceive me too! but i usually end up liking the movie. :D

i definitely want to see tower heist, sleeping beauty, and puss in boots.


Louise said...

Ooooh I want to see them all! I think I'm most excited about the hobbit :) xx

a!k0 said...

@Mimi: yes I hate being deceived!! but I am hoping some of these movies are good :D Oh, I have to look that movie up now. thanks and I love rachel mcadams too!!

@Candypop: OH I think I've seen the thing posters here too..but I am not a horror movie fan :D Do tell if you like it.

@Carrie: yes tower heist looks funny :P That would be pretty entertaining. And puss in boots!! I love his big brown eyes :D

@Louise: YES! Me too! It has been too long since LOTR!

Ivana said...

Looks like some great movies are on their way out! I´m so sad to hear about your Jumper, I keep my fingers crossed for him!

xx Ivana
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a!k0 said...

@Ivana: thanks but my neighbor found him :( And yes some awesome movies coming out :)