Friday, March 30, 2012

It's playlist Friday! Do you watch American Idol? The last Idol I watched was when David Cook was crooning at me from the television. Hahaha...Well as you all know Heejun was voted off. He was one of my favorite. He also sung one of my favorite songs, a song for you.

This song is one of those song that you listen to and cried and listen to over and over again and it makes you feel better. I love listening to this, every version I could find. I am like that. Do you have any songs that does that to you? Makes you sad and pick you up at the same time? I would love to find some awesome new songs out there. Happy Friday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Playlist Friday: Blessed Union of Souls

It's playlist Friday! Ever since I can remember I love listening to this song. It makes me wanna get up and dance every time :D It is actually the first time I've seen the video and the singer reminds me of a rapper. And of course I love it even more since they mentioned Leonardo :P

What's your get up and dance song? Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thought of the day

Sometime life is hard. You need something to pick you up.

                         " Expect the worse, hope for the best."

Friday, March 16, 2012

Playlist Friday: Radiohead - Creep

Why is Friday. I have totally missed a whole week without posts =___=''. Very bad me...sorry I have no excuse other than my favorite pajama pants that my grandma made eons ago finally decide to fall apart and I was sad and had to get fabric so I can make a new one. :D Of course it won't be gramma's pjs but it would be something similar. Although I need to break it in. I hate new clothes. They are not as comfy as the old worn out ones.

Anyway, this week song is inspired by all the creeps out there...and if Johnny Depp was next to me listening music, I would totally ask for an autograph, phone number and if he wants to sit for coffee :P. Enjoy!

P.S. Is there a creep in your life? XD and I just found out when I first talked to CLK, he planted flowers for me just to impress me, isn't that sweet?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bloglovin me :)

As you all know as of 1st March Google Friend Connect (GFC) have been deactivated for blogs that are non-blogger hosted blogs. So if you are one of those bloggers you might not be able to follow some blogs using GFC anymore so here is a bloglovin link if you want to follow me via bloglovin.

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Food and more food

Happy weekend everyone! :) I am lacking in posts these few months and I am sorry. I have so many things unedited and I lack motivation for some reason. I diagnosed myself as depressed for a little while and I am trying to face the day happily one at a time. Sometimes it is kinda hard and I function on a very short fuse. Which is not good for me and people around me. But enough about I want to share some awesome food pictures I have been indulging these past few weeks. Nothing special though just comfort food I love. :D

Friday, March 9, 2012

Movie Date: What I am looking forward to

I think the last movie I saw was Underworld...I have not seen any new movies since then (other than LOTR on tv and National Treasure which I have seen numerous times). I know there have been a bunch of awesome movies out since then but these few movies I want to see (plus Puss in boots which I have not seen yet!!).

Dr Seuss' The Lorax
Who does not love Dr Seuss? I grew up reading it...and surely my future kids will be reading them too. :D I love Horton hears a who and I am hoping to love this movie :D Although I was surprise that they have Zack Efron and Taylor Swiff in a movie together...maybe they will end up together? :P

I have not heard so much about this but a curly red head riding a horse in a forest killing a bear, why not?

Despicable Me 2
Yellow minions? YES please!! I loved the first movie and I am hoping the second is just as funny :D I can't wait for this to come...!!

Madagascar 3
Who does not love Chris Rock??! :D My favorite characters are the penguins!! I even tracked down the short movie clips of the penguins of Madagascar and I play them all the time. Definitely one of the movie I am looking forward to seeing.

Ice Age 4
Seriously I don't know how this movie will end. I am curious how these prehistoric animal will end up in our modern society (probably at a museum of some sort) but I can't wait. Have you seen all the movies? I think I missed Ice Age 3.

GI Joe 2 Retaliation
Can we all say Channing Tatum *drools* This movie seems to be promising. I did not like the first one cause I think it is boring...but I watch it because of Channing Tatum... so lets hope this one is a lil better.

Wrath of the Titans
If you do not know me well enough, I can say I love mythology. Stories and movies about them, Greek or Roman I would watch them all! Just be sure it is worthy of the myth itself. :D I can't wait to watch this!

Jack the Giant Killer
Do you remember that story Jack and the beanstalk? If you do you definitely should watch this. It has a little twist and not so harmless like that story we are use to listen to.

Last but not least...

Samurai X
My cousin and I hang out a lot when we were younger and one of the things we like to do among many things are watching anime. Samurai X is one of those we watched together (although I never finish watching it but it was one of her favorite). I am kinda eager to see what and how this movie would play out. Rurouni Kenshin is one of those anime character that you can't just replace with an actual person but I am looking forward to this. Might have to call up my cousin to ask questions. Do you watch any Japanese anime?

A better place

A few months ago, I posted a picture of my baby cousin who was hospitalize for having a hole on his heart. Unfortunately he passed away late Thursday in the arms of his mother. The news is a little shocking for all of us but God loves him more. May you rest in peace.

Even though I never got to meet you little angel I am sure you are in a better place.

Playlist Friday: The Corrs - All the love in the world

One of my favorite bands that consists of siblings (other than The Hanson) and one of my favorite song :D. They have some nice and catchy tunes on their albums. Enjoy~ Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Playlist Friday: Third eye blind - Semi Charmed life

I fell in love with this song since the first time I heard it yearssss ago. It has been so long but it feels like yesterday. :D