Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011

I wanted to write a super duper long post reminiscing the past 2010, then I thought I want to spend it with my family. So this short one will do :).

My year wasn't all that great, didn't jump off a plane, or went scuba diving, didn't get married either (a lot of my friends did - congratulations!), didn't fall and break anything, maybe a cup, so overall it was good. :) Not exciting or crazy but it was fun. :D I get to meet a lot of new friends, literally and virtually. ^__^ My blog grew, as I tried to post every day, and I met a lot of cool bloggers out there! There are so many things to read and write! And I admire all the beauty bloggers that dedicate their time to blogging. :)

A few of the bloggers that I adore and I read religiously!

Mimi - What Mimi Writes
Carrie - Read My Life As Carrie
Keira - Keirasluckycharm
Marie - All things Marie
Ayu's blog
Dressing the Higgenbottom :D 
Lee Oliveira
A certain slant of light
Keiko Lynn :)
Collette - Statements in Fashion

I could go on but these are a few that I read. I have overload myself with more than 100++ blogs =___='' but I love reading every one of them!! Thank you for being here :D and sharing your passion with the world.

So my 2011 count down have started and I only have 7 hours to go before 2011. I will see everyone next year! ;)



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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaways - Before the year ends!

Just a quick giveaway news the ones that will end by the year end (it's almost 2011!!) :

1. Suburban Beauty giveaway

Click picture

Lola B of Suburban Beauty is having a NYE giveaway. :) It consists of some pretty awesome stuff. Click the picture to go to the giveaway which by the way ends December 31st.

2. Beauty by Kayla Shevonne giveaway

It's her 200 follower giveaway, Beauty by Kayla Shevonne (yay congrats!) is giving out not one, not two, but three (3) lucky winners some pretty awesome prizes. :) Giveaway ends December 31st.

Click picture :)

3. Beauty Craze giveaway

Click picture 

Over $500 worth of make up, for real? Yes, Lisamarie and Christelle from Beauty Crazed is having this big giveaway. This also ends December 31st. Isn't it intriguing?

4. Pink Dolly giveaway

It is LUSH :D Get it? :P Pink Dolly is having a Lush giveaway :) along with other delicious stuff. I have never tried any Lush stuff but everyone is raving about it. This would be a really cool thing to try.

Click click

And I am loving Simple products. Ends December 31st (UK GMT 12 noon).

5. Pammy Blogs Beauty giveaway

Pammy from Pammy Blogs Beauty is having her first 100 followers giveaway :D Congrats!! Here are some of the prizes:

Clickity Click

There's Stila and NYX and a bunch of other goodies. :D Giveaway ends December 31st. :) See, end of the year madness!!

Anniversary and birthdays celebration :)

I wanted to share some pictures with you guys. :) 2 weeks ago (December 18th) or so was my parents' 27th anniversary and it was also my Christmas/year end concert. My sisters cooked and baked a cake (which was cup cake batter they turn into a chocolate cake!) and it was delish! :D It was better! And yummilicious!! ^__^ I wasn't there to celebrate with them but they waited for me to come home to cut the cake. :D Isn't it an interesting cake? So decorative :P.

My sister wanted to take this picture because my dad and brother had arm sling on, and only one really needs it XD

Family picture...aww

We had to take picture with The Cake

They even had a picture of my stray, Kick Buttowski

What I wore for my concert, minus hat


Then my parents and sisters played scrabble XD

Yummy cake!! My treble clef ^__^

It was a really fun day, and a tiring one for me, since I had to run around at the show and home but I get to eat yummy food so it was worth it!! ^_~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway II - Fashioned in Finland

I was about to log off and do another post later but this just popped up on my blog. GIVEAWAY~ Who doesn't love that? ;) Fashioned in Finland is hosting a giveaway - January Giveaway! and January is a day away :P

Click click

I wanted this ELF 100 eyeshadow looks promising. :) She is giving away one of this to one lucky winner. :D I wanted to post this before I forgot. Giveaway ends January 31st.

Blog-surfing: Giveaways

Hey ladies (and gents) I decided to post a few giveaways (YAY!) because the pictures are taking forever to load =___='' Kinda annoying, so here goes. :D

1. Funny Face Beauty Holiday Giveaway

This is a holiday giveaway, and I know your eyes are zeroed in on the Naked palette. Yup, she's giving one away. :D Yay right? ^__^ This giveaway ends on January 11th (if I'm right, I can't find the date =___=) but you can check it here.

2. Laur's Beauty Blog Giveaway

Lauren from Laur's Beauty Blog is hosting her 100 followers giveaway. :) Congrats! She's giving a M.A.C lipstick of your choice. I know how everyone is crazy about these go here. This ends January 14th.

3. The Grasshopper' Treasure + 12,000 visits Giveaway

+12,000!! Wow, I don't think my blog ever gets that much visits :P but that's ok ^__^. She piling up a load full of stuff for this giveaway.

- Yves Rocher Anti-fatigue ice gelfor feet
- False Lash Effect Mascara
- Bourjois Strectch ombre vert étirable eyeshadow
 Essence Tip Painter in white
- NYC gloss in Strawberry Banana
- Essence Eyeshadow palette in 05 Aqua Flash
- NYC loose blush powder in Tender Pink
- Bourjous duochromatic eye pecil in vert doré
 - Essence mosaic powder in 01 Sunkissed beauty 
- Deliplus eye pencil in dark blue
- Yves Rocher perfume samples (2)
 Vivalanails nails decoration
 -Armonía Cosmética Natural creams and micelar water samples 
- MAC viva glam stickers

Check out her blog for the giveaway. The giveaway ends January 6th. Next year ;).

I just thought I post this as one post instead of multiple posts. :) Hope you enjoy. :D Now back on schedule.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thought of the day

Before Christmas day, my sisters and I was watching the Scream 2010 award (rerun). I did not watch the whole award when it aired so we sat and watched. We kinda pondered why it was called the 'Scream' award. There was people wearing gory masks, and wearing costumes. (Update: Scream award is an award show dedicated to  the horror, sci-fi, fantasy genres of feature films.)

So after about an hour of watching it and 'aaah', 'ooo' -ing the trophy (which look like a wooden stake) the last award was presented, and we screamed!!!

Then Ryan Reynolds happened. o.O Now I guess we know why it's called the Scream award. XD He won the Scream award for the Most Anticipated Movie for Green Lantern.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone. :) I just want to drop by and wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year! I am positively sure I will drop by with some post (in progress) before new year but just in case ...happy early new year!! :D My cousin is getting married and my lil cousin is getting an introduction to the whole family so it's so busy. Plus my friend's grandfather passed away 4 days ago. I should be updating more, so I am sorry. :-/ New year is looming and I am feeling rather gloomy and bleh, I guess it's that end of the year sadness. And the charger for the batteries for my camera blew up, poof! so I am pretty mad about that. *sigh*

Christmas really reminds me of snow and more snow, and the ugly cold weather - which I love - don't get me wrong, :) and family. Here it's pretty warm so no snow :P no Christmas spirit. Too bad. :) I just look the feeling of Christmas, even tho I don't celebrate it. Oh and it reminds me of frosty the snow man :D hehe, I love that song. ^^, and did I mention how much I love Christmas songs? :D I even play them in July!

One of my favorite songs that I absolutely have to play and hear and sing! even tho I don't hit every note, I am so loving this song. What's your favorite song to play during the Christmas season? 

With that I want to wish all my readers and friends a Merry Christmas and happy new year. Who would've known I would meet so many wonderful and beautiful people through this experience and I can't wait to see what 2011 bring us!! Have fun with your loved ones and drive safe and stay warm!

With love,

Me x0x0

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movie Date: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Easy A, Indiana Jones, Salt

Hey everybody. I have been a bad blogger. I have not blogged, except for saying that last Saturday's match was cancelled due to bad weather. It has been a pretty long 2 weeks (or more). A lot have been going on :D, nothing major or anything. Just here and there, lil stuff, and people getting married, people passing away, busy with practice, celebrating stuff (I'll post pictures later :D), hmmm lets see what else? Movies :D.

My cousin is getting married this weekend so all the relatives are flocking into town, so it would be kinda loud, noisy and busy. I hope to get pictures. :)

Ok, on to movies. The last few days or so my family kinda bonded, it has been awhile. Playing scrabble while eating sunflower seed and watching movies. The 4 movies that I remember watching (on the top of my head anyway) are:

Alvin and the Chipmunk

I don't really have high hopes for this movie, because I love the cartoon series! My favorite is of course Theodore. :D He is such a chubbs ^__^. And I was surprised that I actually like it. :D Not the greatest but a fun movie to watch with kids and family. Very relaxed and funny. And I still do LOVE Theodore!! He is so chubby (in a chipmunk way) and reminds me of my cat Kitt (I'll have to show you a picture of chubby Kitt later).

On it received 4.4/10. I just think people expect more from this movie. I still think it's fun. :D

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls

This was a pretty tough movie. I love Indian Jones movies, the older ones but this just suck. Bad. I don't like the movies from start to finish. I was pretty disappointed. I read the reviews and it wasn't good, and to top it off, there was aliens!!! (Sorry but aliens are a no no). I manage to snooze in the middle of the movie.

To top it off gave it a 7/10 o.O. Sorry Indy you just did not rock my boat.


I was skeptical about this movie. I am not really a fan of Angelina Jolie, and some people liked it and some people don't. After watching it, I actually like it. :D It's action packed, and it's like a puzzle piece, and of course me and my sister try to play 'director' - saying this will happen, and that will happen ^__^ it's fun! Hehe...this movie reminds me of the Ocean movies. You know the one with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon. I love those movies, my sister on the other hand didn't. It didn't have a lot of action but the story line is pretty complex. :D Just like Leverage. gave it a 5.9/10. I liked it, could watch it again. :)

Easy A

Now, this movie is funny, fun and different. It's one of those movies you can go and bring your date but they might not like cause it's a chick flick. I actually enjoy this movie. It's different, it's funny, it's fun. :D If you haven't watch it, you should. It'd say this is a date movie, you don't really have to pay attention to the movie, ;) if you know what I mean. I actually like Emma Stone in this movie. :D gave it a 7.1/10. Totally agreed.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Football update: What happened last week

Hey guys~ It has been almost 10 days. Sorry =___='' It has been a busy week. :) Will update soon! Just had our Christmas/year end concert and it was Ah-mazing! :) First time I have felt so happy after a show! ^__^

So I wanted to update about football. First of all, the game tonight (18th December, 1500 UK time) is postponed because there is a blizzard in London. I am kinda sad but the snow is so beautiful.

See? Awesome huh? But the game is postponed. Sucks. Arsenal vs Stoke City will commence until further notice. Last week they met Manchester United for a match but they lost, 1 - 0. Which sucks more. *sigh*

They will meet Barcelona for the round of 16 for the Champions League and it does not seem very bright. Like ending the run for the Champions League. So no game tonight, maybe that means early night? :)

I will have updates soon-ish!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog-surfing Giveaway: Face Candy Couture

Ok first weekend post. :) Don't you guys just love me for posting giveaways? XD Nea from Fashioned in Finland is having a giveaway that is actually hosted by Shantle Shipp from Face Candy Couture. :) A mouthful ;).

The price:
4 x 3 g jar of Face Candy Couture eyeshadows of your choice, Shantle will ship those directly to you.

Click picture

These loose pigments are really pretty, and there are a ton of colors to choose from. Check out some of the EOTD pictures from her blog. Giveaway ends December 20th.

My football update

This is a football update so...if you are not a football fan, turn your face away...or I'll entertain you with a picture of my cat, Charlie.

My Cat Charlie (with his newspaper ball)

So last Wednesday (I watched it Thursday morning) Arsenal played their last Champions League match against FK Partizan Beograd. They are in Group H, and was top of that group but lost their last game so they need to win this game in order to go on to the last 16. In normal talk, they better win or pack their bags. Well actually I think they have a good chance to go to the last 16 rounds but a win would be sweeter. I did not update my football last month because they weren't doing very good. (Lost a lot of games and really poor performance).

I am happy to report that they cruise past FK Partizan Beograd. :) I was scared a lil when they scored 1 each but then it was smooth sailing. Although Bacary Sagna did get a red card, minutes before time. What a shame. I hope they get to play somewhat mediocre team next cause I want them in the finals!

I hope they didn't take down the video again, if they do check out footytube if you are interested in the clips. :)

They had a game Saturday against Fulham and won! Of course, it was one of those long game and you get very edgy. It was a pretty good game, Samir Nasri scored both goals. I thought they were gonna give it all away or get a draw from the game. It took them a very long time to score the second goal and thankfully they did! Don't scare us like that Arsenal! (At least don't scare me :P).

Courtesy of wallpaper here

The week before they had a Carling Cup clash and since all the top teams are out, I hope Arsenal would be favorite to win the cup. :) The matches for the cup match in January are as follows:

Birmingham CityvsWest Ham United
St. Andrews
ArsenalvsIpswich Town
Emirates Stadium

Ipswich TownvsArsenal
Portman Road
West Ham UnitedvsBirmingham City
Upton Park

Courtesy of Carling Cup website

 That would be in January o.O and I have to wait!!! It sucks. At least I get to see a game with CLK and hopefully it would be a good one and not fall asleep like I use to. LOL.

Blog-surfing Giveaway: The Dapper Bun

Now this was literally blogsurfing and I came upon this very pretty blog :). The Dapper Bun and it has a cute little bunny. Aww... Mary Ann, who also have an etsy shop is having a giveaway. The winner will get a jewelry of their choice chosen from her etsy shop. All the jewelry are made by her from sterling silver or 14K gold fill with AAA-quality semi-precious stone. I have fallen in love with the necklace, and bracelets :D

Click the image to go to her giveaway!

If you are interested go check out her blog or etsy shop :D. Giveaway ends December 15th.

Tag: My Perfect imperfection ♥♥♥♥

I have just been tagged by Keirasluckycharm :). The original tag was done by Andrea's choice on YouTube. I love watching her videos cause she's very candid and funny :D. You can watch the video here! For this tag you have to name 3 imperfections that you have and will not fix, something that makes you unique :D. It's those imperfections that makes us perfect. Then you name 3 perfections, or 3 things you really like about yourself. :D Ok lets get started:

My 3 imperfections:

1. My feet. Ughh I think I have huge feet, and it's not as pretty as other people who have small and nice feet. I feel so sad. Asians usually have pretty small feet and mine is just not very attractive.

2. I have a thing about being tanned. Or darker. I tanned easily and I hate it! I mean I know I sound a lil crazy but being Asian, we like ourselves to be a lil fair (at least lighter skin).

3. My nose. I think I have a rather large nose, at least that's how I feel about it. Don't you guys think so?

My 3 perfections:

1. My hair!! :D I have embrace my frizzy, unruly, and crazy curls. My friends told me endless time that those curls are sexy, and now I think so too!

2. My eyes. :) I've always get compliments on them, they are almond shaped and one of my friends complimented that they look like cats eyes. :D

3. My glasses. I wore em for a while now and I use to hide them and not let anyone see me with them. I use to think I look horrible. Now I just like how it makes me look, I think glasses are sexy. :D

I would love for everyone to do this tag! :D I would love to read all your perfect imperfection. I specifically tag:

A Certain Slant of Light

Life With [Kitty] Bonkers

What Mimi Writes

Ayuluvneko :)

Fresh Guys

I hope to read some of your perfect imprefections. :) And sorry for taking so long to do this tag!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway

So I decided to lace my posts with giveaways :) so it isn't obvious. Because you know I don't just intend to post least it's like a breather from my posts of a thousand pictures. XD The lovely Ares from Salon Ares is hosting a giveaway.

Click picture

She is giving away a ton of cool stuff (^^,) :

-2 Beauties Factory Pre-designed False Nail
-Living Proof Shampoo, Conditioner and Full Thickening Cream [samples]
-Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat Smoothie Body Lotion Birthday Cake [sample]
-Sephora e/s in Aspen Summit [sample]
-Sephora Nano Eyes in Silver Green [sample]
-Sephora Mascara Lash Plumper [sample]
-Sephora Lip Gloss in Bronzed Beauty [sample]
-50+ deco peices
-a cute little purple bow
-Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Pink Star
-Confettie Long Wearing Nail Color in White Knights
-4 pairs of Red Cherry False Lashes in #1, #15, #47 and #42
-1 pair of Yagun False Lashes
-E.L.F 32 Piece Eyesadow Collection Palette
-4 Estee Lauder Lip Sticks in Rose Tea, Candy, Fig and Tiger Eye

Visit her blog to take a peek of the pictures :D. I am excited that she is giving away 4 Estee Lauder lippies ^^. The giveaway ends December 16th

Long weekend Part 2 and mini haul :D

UPDATE: Pssssstt.....I just realized there's a bunch of pictures in this post.

Sunday my sister and I went to our friend's wedding. I usually take like a billion pictures and I actually just took less than 10 at the wedding. We did take a few pictures with the bride but not the groom - since we don't know him at all - so we were happy. :) And too I didn't take my mom's Canon camera, those pictures would turn out better.

My sister and the bride

After the wedding my sisters, brother and I went to the PC fair. It's where you can see all the geeks and nerds get crazy over electronics. LOL :P We went there because my sister wanted to get an external hard drive, I wanted to get some empty DVDs and other stuff. This is like a mini haul and I've never post any haul in the past. :)

The things we bought:

p.s. we didn't buy the cat though

The we took my mom out for a drink. :) We had shaved ice (or ABC that's what we call it) and it was good. :D My sister and I have been craving for this...and there was a lot of people there too.

This is called "rojak".

Shaved iced or ABC

Some noodle thingy, I had better.

It was a full weekend for me. I wish it was longer though. :) How was your weekend?