Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway

Ok ladies before I proceed, giveaway post. :D Skip this if you're not interested.

First this lovely giveaway by Kalmo from Cambo Soup to celebrate over 100 posts. :) She's giving away a BN Clinique eyeshadow palette and BN Silk Whitia anti-oxidation whitening mask. :D Now every girl needs a whitening mask :D (although I never really like them but they are fun to experiment with you other half).

Click picture :)

Also Jennifer from Jennifer's blog is hosting a giveaway too. :) She's giving away 29 items and an extra item for the winner.

Click click :D

I think both are an awesome giveaway, but they end December 8th so better hurry and check them out.

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