Sunday, December 5, 2010

Long weekend Part 1

Saturday nights are usually reserved for my creative side. Meaning I have to spend a few hours every Saturday night meeting up with my musically talented friends. :) You know it says a lot about these people. We sacrifice Saturday nights (that we can spend with friends going shopping or going to the movies) for our orchestra practice. It's fun and there are pros to going other than expanding our creative minds and musical knowledge. We get $$. But of course that's not very important. :) We get to attend shows and functions that not a lot of people get to go to, and free of charge of course. Then again we do get to sit on stage and try to madly play tunes, and pieces and not screw up. XD

Well nothing exciting happened really. Some of the 'key players' were away on a show for a function and we were left there, just us, mere mortals and not the "key players". Although saying 'key players' really gets me off because well we're kinda like the 'leftovers'. Hurhurhur~~ Sad but anyway we did pretty good. Of course we just played some Christmas songs, which I love! Me and a friend of mine, Nacy, had to lead the 2nd violin. I was like OMFG-Eva! Eva and I have been going and playing in the orchestra for about 12 years and I think we started together too. She looked at me and laugh.

I asked, "You know when was the last time I lead?"

Eva, "Yes when you were playing the 3rd violin."

Laughs. It was fun though. We did play Schubert 'Unfinished' symphony No 8.

Ok we aren't that good but we did okay. :D I have a feeling that our conductor wants us to play this for our 18th December function =___=''. Needing to practice now. I have pictures to show but it is currently residing in my camera and are refusing to make its appearance (battery died :P) so I will have to continue this a lil later. :D Enjoy the piece by Schubert. I really like the song.


'moringHoney said...

wow perfect music

a!k0 said...

It is a beautiful piece..I am sure we can least I need a ton of improvement :D