Friday, September 27, 2013

Playlist Friday: I'm outta love - Anastacia

Happy Friday peeps!! Sorry I have not posted anything more this week. I was super busy catching up with all my favorite shows that have started. It is like OMFG!! :P Been watching some catch up episodes of NCIS and the new season, The Blacklist (I am liking so far!) and Sleepy Hollow. I might just do a post on all that.

So today is a song that I usually bust out if I need a lift me up. This is a dance song, at least for me it is but it is a breakup song in my opinion.

I am not sure of her other songs but this song by Anastacia is my favorite. :) How was your week?? I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Playlist Friday: Stacie Orrico - I Promise

Happy Friday. I have been away and I feel bad. I can't give a (good) excuse but I just had a lot on my mind. Family stuff and personal stuff, I try to cut back on internet time. You can always find me tweeting or IG-ing away though. I even cut down on Facebook, believe it?

Anyway while I was discarding things from my room (in the hope of clearing all the crap - trust me I have a lot of crap) I stumble upon stacks and stacks of CDs and DVDs I made while in college. I went through them (well just 2 for now) found old favourites and OMG! I miss them. Today one of the song I want to share with you is by Stacie Orrico.

I don't know if you remember this lady but when she came out I was like Oh-Em-Gee?! She has this sexy voice and unique look - I gotta have her album. And I did. Bought it and now I wish I had something to play it (when I was young we only had tape). I love most of her songs that I can remember. Then she just kinda disappear. I don't really know what she is up to now.

I love this song. I listened to this over and over and wish I had that know those days when I was still single and available. Such sad stories I must say. I love her look and voice...she's so pretty. Don't you think so?

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Honestly for awhile there I lost interest in blogging. That was the biggest reason and then realize all the 'friends' I've made here. I will try to get back on the blogging band wagon. I hope I keep my horses happy this time.