Monday, May 11, 2009

A lil poem

I had vow to myself that I will at least try to write everyday, which I miserably failed to do...HAHAHAHAHA. So today I decided to share a poem I wrote in September last year.

as soft as the clouds,
in the vast blue sky,
As endless as the shining sun,
gives life a meaning,
A reason for living,
feeling, endless meaning.
nothing but dreams.

~I need to be more creative :P

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Balls, no more balls!!

Balls have been disappointing me. Basketball, football (soccer by the way :P), Formula 1 (ok that has nothing to do with balls tho but anyway), it has all disappoint me!!

I was watching the Dallas Mavericks vs Denver Nugget game with my sister earlier, and I was wondering - 'Gees did San Antonio Spurs LOST to Mavericks?' .... 'NOOooooo' *sigh*

Then early Wednesday morning, actually the night before that, my sister had a dream that Arsenal will lose against Man Utd. Yeah, yeah so Man Utd won, and I gotta say Arsenal played crappy football. *double sigh*. And I had this gut-wrenching feeling (that's what I told CLK anyway) that they are gonna lose, bad...REAL bad. He tried to give me some positive-vibes (of course I knew they were already losing!! =_=") he said 'babe, I don't think you wanna watch that game, just rest.' Hah! I knew it was worse that expected.

Formula 1 isn't any better either (ok they don't have anything to do with football) but my super-hot-cute-sexy-blue-eyed-Fin-driver Kimi Raikkonen, has failed to impressed me after 4 races. How bad is that?? Pretty bad. Oh Kimi, do try your best. You know I am behind you 100% *dreamy eyed*.

Oh, I have been looking for a nice, long, black, classy dress (with no luck). Is it that hard to find one?

Sleeping and dreaming

I have been having weird dreams lately. Like almost everynight when I go to sleep I would dream of something oddly weird, and never in a million years would come true. Ok for instant, last night I dreamt that I had a lil (non) verbal fight with CLK, which seem so real that I actually woke up and send him an IM about it. And there goes my sleep, he said it can seem pretty real. Which sucks cause I don't like to get in petty lil fights about nothing-ness. Of course the situation seem so similar (cause we've been in one, a number of times) altho I try not to get overly emotional and allow my feeling to damper the time we had together, and everything works wonders. Altho last night it felt so real it made me cringe, and I did not manage to get back to slumber land =_=". That was kinda harsh.

Ok so, I guess that wasn't that bad. A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was a witch, full power and all. Had this very sexy, and gorgeous warlock with me (ahem, ahem...he was all mysterious and all), and that somehow seem to come out of a Harry Potter film (which I am so waiting to watch!). Altho the whole scenario reminded me of the Charmed, big beautiful house, midnight, full moon, and black cats. It also have a warewolf (very handsome), and a very dangerous dracula. I don't even know what I was thinking before going to bed. :P

It seems like lately, all my dreams have been weird and unusual. Of course I seldom remember them 5 seconds after I get up or awaken by the mysterious-yet-intruiging dreams, and I have to tell CLK like A.S.A.P. But the weird part about it is that, I have been having this particular dream, which I can't recall right at this moment, but I do know that it is the same dream. It will keep playing over and over again. It's like deja vu. I know I've had similar dreams before and even if you are awaken in the middle of it, it will continue. Like you've hit a pause button. That is a lil scary, cause I don't really know what it is trying to tell me. Or it might just me trying to spook myself out...haha. That would be funny.

Friday, May 1, 2009


First post for the month of MAY. Damn, it's May already. *sigh* It's been 3 months since I last saw CLK. :P Not that anyones counting. I have a few posts in mind but I am just so lazy to post anything (at the moment). So this post will be kajsdioaudfhsdbv. Casual, nothing-ness. I was reading Date Wrecks. It's mostly about online dating profiles or dating stories (I think) which got me thinking: Some people are just creepy and weird. My story is a lil different tho, since I am not creepy and (not so) weird, I am actually 'real' to a certain extend. I don't have a weird profile anyway, and the bf is fairly normal enough. (Thankfully he isn't one of those weirded a**hole out there. Amin.) Ciao. I need sleep. =_="