Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Balls, no more balls!!

Balls have been disappointing me. Basketball, football (soccer by the way :P), Formula 1 (ok that has nothing to do with balls tho but anyway), it has all disappoint me!!

I was watching the Dallas Mavericks vs Denver Nugget game with my sister earlier, and I was wondering - 'Gees did San Antonio Spurs LOST to Mavericks?' .... 'NOOooooo' *sigh*

Then early Wednesday morning, actually the night before that, my sister had a dream that Arsenal will lose against Man Utd. Yeah, yeah so Man Utd won, and I gotta say Arsenal played crappy football. *double sigh*. And I had this gut-wrenching feeling (that's what I told CLK anyway) that they are gonna lose, bad...REAL bad. He tried to give me some positive-vibes (of course I knew they were already losing!! =_=") he said 'babe, I don't think you wanna watch that game, just rest.' Hah! I knew it was worse that expected.

Formula 1 isn't any better either (ok they don't have anything to do with football) but my super-hot-cute-sexy-blue-eyed-Fin-driver Kimi Raikkonen, has failed to impressed me after 4 races. How bad is that?? Pretty bad. Oh Kimi, do try your best. You know I am behind you 100% *dreamy eyed*.

Oh, I have been looking for a nice, long, black, classy dress (with no luck). Is it that hard to find one?

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