Friday, May 1, 2009


First post for the month of MAY. Damn, it's May already. *sigh* It's been 3 months since I last saw CLK. :P Not that anyones counting. I have a few posts in mind but I am just so lazy to post anything (at the moment). So this post will be kajsdioaudfhsdbv. Casual, nothing-ness. I was reading Date Wrecks. It's mostly about online dating profiles or dating stories (I think) which got me thinking: Some people are just creepy and weird. My story is a lil different tho, since I am not creepy and (not so) weird, I am actually 'real' to a certain extend. I don't have a weird profile anyway, and the bf is fairly normal enough. (Thankfully he isn't one of those weirded a**hole out there. Amin.) Ciao. I need sleep. =_="

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