Monday, January 31, 2011

Football update: FA cup

Shall I say, one game down and more to go :) The FA cup match against Huddersfield Town was scary.
CLK and I was watching this very rare game that comes on at 8pm, but it was raining hard. I was glad it calmed down before the game ends :). When Bendtner scored the first goal I was like "OK! We can do this!" and we were also watching Better off Ted (our favorite!) while the game was on half time. Then when Sebastien Squillaci was give a red card and sent off I was like "damn, not again". I was hoping the won't lose this game, that would really suck.

But of course when Cesc Fabregas came in, the game turned. :D They got a penalty and scored, of course! :D Yay win!!! It really suck because Denilson and Nasir got injured. Get well soon!! I am actually really excited because they have another game on Tuesday. I just hope they can win and are not too tired from the last game. Good luck team!!

Project 365: #31 Make me happy

I like to think I am hard to please but CLK says otherwise. XD I guess I like to think I am hard to please. Weirdly so, and food always makes me happy - to the extend. We always get frustrated when we need to find a place to eat because I can't make up my mind 95% of the time as to where we should go. I guess that's why sometimes usually I don't eat. Sorry for the food pictures :D.

CLK said I have lights in my eyes when we talk about

Sunday, January 30, 2011

TV Date: Better off Ted

OMG this must be one of the funnies show I have watched (in awhile) but too bad it got cancelled. Awww... *pout* but no worries, I still think it is worth the mention. Like seriously if you want a good laugh, dark humor, this is one for you. Seriously. :D And if you like Portia de Rossi, I think she is be honest :).

CLK and I fell in love with this series after watching it Thursday and now, we're hooked!! :D There's only 2 seasons so we are going to run through it non-stop! The downside to it is, other than it was cancelled, is that it's only 20-something minutes long. I wish it was an hour long. More dark humor >:D.

Show Summary (from

Ted Crisp loves his job. He works for the team at Veridian Dynamics, where nothing is too far-fetched, or out of the ordinary. An average day for Ted could easily involve creating a suicidal turkey, for instance. The only problem is, Ted is ethical and the company is not.

Jay Harrington - Ted Crisp
Portia de Rossi - Victoria Palmer
Andrea Anders - Linda Zwordling
Jonathan Slavin - Phil Mymen
Malcolm Barrett - Lem Hewitt
Isabella Acres - Rose Crisp

I am in love with this!

Project 365: #30 Lazy Sunday

Hello lazy Sunday. We might just do nothing, or watch the clouds, play badminton, wash the car, go to the beach (?), go for a movie, watch Better off Ted, or bowling. :D Or just doing nothing XD.

I'll just post a picture of the sky I took :D *Spongebob grin* I will update soon-ish, if I found something interesting ;).

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 365: #29 I ♥♥♥ the beach!

Ok so I get to go to the beach. YAY!!! *runs around in circle 10 times* After CLK got better I decided it would be best to bring him to the wilderness, get more fresh air, and get him or at least try to get him tan....LOL >:D which never works. I just think it's funny. And I, on the other hand gets tan easily =___=''

So picture time!! Unfortunately my battery died shortly after we arrived. Thankfully CLK had a back up camera/video camera.

This stray white cat began following us. I think he was half blind because he was following CLK and when he was dodging big rocks he actually hit it. :( It was sad. But he was so funny and loud.

Ahh picture fail =__= the cat was following us

My heart looks like it's deformed...but CLK said 'It's like our love, lopsided' o_O

Me trying to act..cute? XD

The water was pretty far from us so we walked to the water

The the tide came crashing and brought the water in

The beginning of sunset

It was a pretty fun day but we are planning to go again Sunday (hopefully) and spend more time at the beach :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Project 365: #28 Random loves

Ok I can only choose between cat pictures of food pictures...but since I have posted a ton of food pictures, cat pictures it is! And to avoid people from getting hungry while reading this!! XD

I can't pick just one pictures, so I post a bunch of pictures XD. My favorite is the one with my cat trying to pull the stray out ...looks like she wants a sip!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pack your bags cause we're going to Wembley: Football update

Like literally ...we are going to the finals!!! Arsenal I mean XD I can't remember the last time they were ever in the finals. Maybe like years and years back? They were almost thru last season but was short. I was so scared that they were going to lose against Ipswich Town on Tuesday that I did not watch the game. Nerves. I did catch the repeat tho. Epic Arsenal game. Awesome. Another 3 - 0 score. I think 3 should be a lucky number for the Gunners this year. :D But not finishing 3rd of course, that would just be terrible.

The caption, Fabregas scored the third goal and it was just a wonderful sight. *sigh* Bendtner and Koscielny scored the other two goals. Awesome game. Come on, we can win the cup this season!!!

Previous games:

FA Cup
Arsenal v Leeds 1 - 1

Carling Cup (1st leg)
Ipswich Town v Arsenal 1 - 0

Premier League
West Ham Utd v Arsenal 0 - 3

FA Cup (2nd game)
Leeds v Arsenal 3 - 0

Premier League
Arsenal v Wigan 3 - 0

We need this!

On other news, The Green Bay packers and the Pittsburg Steelers are going to the Superbowl. :D

Project 365: #27 Bubble necklace

When CLK was sick, I had to accompany my aunt and her friend shopping. Shopping for toys for my little cousin. I actually was attracted to the stores that were selling jewelries. OMG such a bad thing to be attracted to. There was this cute butterfly earring that I wanted but have not bought yet (am definitely going to!!) and I bought this very long necklace. It can be wrapped 3 times around your neck, at least I think so. I would never buy anything like this prior but now, I am loving it. :D I would definitely buy another one...maybe. ;)

Project 365: #26 Bella Italiana

Have I told you guys how much I love Italian food? Pizza especially...and pasta. Oh...I can have them all day, everyday. *drools* CLK, my cousin and I went to Bella Italiana because my friend J recommended their pizza. He said they have the best town. I will always find an excuse to have pizza. XD

This was very good - vanilla shake

Haha I look like I just woke up... o_O It was cold too.

Enjoying banana shake? XD

Pizza and lasagna...emmm that was good~ plus Tabasco of course...they know me so well!!

This was us pretending to get in a fight.

Me - Happy! :D