Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 365: #29 I ♥♥♥ the beach!

Ok so I get to go to the beach. YAY!!! *runs around in circle 10 times* After CLK got better I decided it would be best to bring him to the wilderness, get more fresh air, and get him or at least try to get him tan....LOL >:D which never works. I just think it's funny. And I, on the other hand gets tan easily =___=''

So picture time!! Unfortunately my battery died shortly after we arrived. Thankfully CLK had a back up camera/video camera.

This stray white cat began following us. I think he was half blind because he was following CLK and when he was dodging big rocks he actually hit it. :( It was sad. But he was so funny and loud.

Ahh picture fail =__= the cat was following us

My heart looks like it's deformed...but CLK said 'It's like our love, lopsided' o_O

Me trying to act..cute? XD

The water was pretty far from us so we walked to the water

The the tide came crashing and brought the water in

The beginning of sunset

It was a pretty fun day but we are planning to go again Sunday (hopefully) and spend more time at the beach :)


Rainbowing said...

Aaah the heart in the sand is sweet! And what a gorgeous beach, I'm begging I come over to borneo!

a!k0 said...

:D Aww thanks, it's a but lopsided, actually it's a lot lopsided XD yes come!!! When I go to a nicer beach I will post them :D

Diana said...

oh . . . I love you beach pictures!