Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365: #16 S is for sushi

We went to eat sushi yesterday and I think had too much :P I don't think we'll be having sushi soon. Although the wasabi was probably was the best part. Yummmm ~~ Do you eat wasabi with your sushi?


Rainbowing said...

mmm looks so good! Going to have sushi on friday! Can't wait. No I don't like wasabi too much. But I love lotsa soy sauce on mine!

Hope your well, btw my blog is finally sorted and you can follow one last time here : so you can get updates!

Will tell you about my sushi adventures soon!

a!k0 said...

Ahh :D Followed! Oh I am in love with wasabi ever since I first ate it which was a few years back, before then I never really liked sushi as much :D now I am addicted! :) I can't wait for your sushi adventure, you need to take a lot of pics ^__^

Oh what happened to your blog? Doing some tweaking eh?

Marie said...

A little bit if wasabi is good.:D

***** Marie *****