Sunday, January 9, 2011

Movie Date: Hansel and Gretel - Horror movies

Ok, so I heard that they were remaking the classic Hansel and Gretel into a pair or bounty hunter (what?!). So I wanted to know when it was coming or was it in the making or whatever on YouTube. I found this instead.

o_O It looks scary, being an Asian horror movie, and was out in 2007. I didn't know this. =___='' Where was I in 2007? I tried looking for a sub one but no luck. No this movie is worth the watch don't you think?

Oh and this one. I am a wuss at watching horror/thriller but I want to watch this. With CLK close by though :D So I can hide and say "Is it over yet?" :P


Ayu~Emma said...

I know about Hazel and Gretel. Quite a hit in S.Korea but haven't gt chance to watch it. Have u?

Ayu~Emma said...

Eh, I forgot..If you haven't watch it..Search it at or mysoju. Got English sub

Carrie said...

i've seen the shutter. It was the american version though. although I prefer watching asian horror films because they're much much much scarier.


a!k0 said...

@Ayu: Oh..I have to check that out :D I want to see that Hansel and Gretel movie ^^

@Carrie: I don't remember the English version. My friend say it's not as creepy as the Thai version o_O That's one reason I don't watch Asian horror :P