Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365: #15 My favorite necklace and Thank you!

I had this necklace for almost a month and I have been meaning to blog about it to say thank you! :) Carrie from Read my life as Carrie held a contest along with Leslie (you can visit her etsy shop) in October and I won! I was surprised and happy since I've never won anything. :D Happy, happy!! I got to choose a necklace from Leslie shop and I've chosen a library key pendant. :D I have always wanted a key pendant necklace and hinted CLK but I got the opportunity to have my very own key! And it is bigger than a normal necklace would've been so yay me!

Leslie even wrote me a sweet note <3 I got this package right before my Christmas show and I've worn this a numerous of times! Am loving it so. :D Thank you Carrie and Leslie for the opportunity and sorry it's a lil bit late.

Wore it for my concert

At a wedding after Christmas day :D


Carrie said...

aww. you're welcome!!! you deserve it. It look sooo cute. :D


Ayu~Emma said...

Ah..u won dis ^^ Nice la

Keirasluckycharm said...

How cute and congrats on winning!

a!k0 said...

@Carrie: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win it..and I am loving it.

@Ayu: Yup..I know :D

@Keira: Thank you ^__^

Marie said...

Congrats on winning, it's a cute necklace!:D

***** Marie *****