Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Movie Date: Despicable me & Project 365: #25 Date ♥♥♥

I am loving this movie. X1000!! So, I was obsessed with saying "Whaaaat?" like the yellow minion in the movie and CLK got all weird looking. I told him, "It's a line from Despicable me, you gotta watch it, it's funny and really good." Then he said he watched Megamind o.O. Ok moving along.

This scene...OMFG I laugh every time I watch this...or replay it in my head...or just say 'Whaaaat?' ROFLMAO

Oh come on you gotta think it's funny right?? :P CLK does...and he wants to watch it again. SCORE! >:D muahahahaha**

At this delicious Italian restaurant - oh pizza!


Tamuna said...

You two are just too cute :))

Diana said...

Oh . . . i need to see this movie what?? lmao so funny :D

Keirasluckycharm said...

Awww lol so cute! i really want to see that movie.

a!k0 said...

@Tamuna: Awww thank you :D

@Diana: Whaaaat? You haven't seen it yet :P hehe, definitely should!!!

@Keirasluckycharm: Definitely should! :D Both of us are loving it! I think you and your lil man would too ;) hehe

Rainbowing said...

Haha what a funny clip! I haven't seen it yet! Must do soon though!

a!k0 said...

@Rainbowing: Oh not you too ;) You need to get on my minion bandwagon *hops on board* get on!