Monday, January 31, 2011

Football update: FA cup

Shall I say, one game down and more to go :) The FA cup match against Huddersfield Town was scary.
CLK and I was watching this very rare game that comes on at 8pm, but it was raining hard. I was glad it calmed down before the game ends :). When Bendtner scored the first goal I was like "OK! We can do this!" and we were also watching Better off Ted (our favorite!) while the game was on half time. Then when Sebastien Squillaci was give a red card and sent off I was like "damn, not again". I was hoping the won't lose this game, that would really suck.

But of course when Cesc Fabregas came in, the game turned. :D They got a penalty and scored, of course! :D Yay win!!! It really suck because Denilson and Nasir got injured. Get well soon!! I am actually really excited because they have another game on Tuesday. I just hope they can win and are not too tired from the last game. Good luck team!!


Maggy Vaugeois said...

I love socccccer (L)
it's foot in english i think :P
But you'll know what it is in french :)
Sooooocceer (L)
favorite sport

a!k0 said...

YAY!!! Oh I didn't know it's sooooocceer in French :D Cool...yay!!! Which team do you support?