Thursday, November 17, 2011

Project 365: #158 No shave November - Mustache for a cause

So November is a very special month. :) Not only is it Lung cancer awareness month it is also Movember or No shave November and many manly men out there do not shave their beard/mustache/facial hair for the month of November (they shave it on the 1st of November and grow them out throughout November). It supports the awareness for prostate cancer and raise awareness for men's health issues i.e. depression. Last year Movember also merge with Tacheback to raise awareness for testicular cancer. (via)

And ladies, believe me there are some manly man out there with weird hairy ah-some mustache. Oh there is also the Manliest Beard Competition :D

(somehow this guy reminds me of Colonel Sanders XD)

So in support of Movember, I will share this utterly embarrassing picture of my hair-stache. XD I shall hide in my closet till December now *scurry away*.


Support Movember men! :D

TV Date: The Pillars of the Earth || Game of Thrones

So ever since I can remember, I am pretty much into shows or miniseries with the mid evil theme. From the Three Musketeers to Robin Hood, to The legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, to Merlin. There's also the story of King Henry VIII (if I remember correctly) and there was also Anne Boleyn (which I gotta say is really interesting and sad), and Queen Elizabeth. Funny thing about that I have not seen the Tudors yet. That will be on my list.

So when CLK's sister told me about Game of Thrones (I didn't know it existed even after my friend obsessively tweeted about it on Twitter for weeks) I decide...meh why not. I'll give it a go. :D The opening theme kinda scare me (don't ask me why and I always skip it) and....I loved it! Even though I hate the torturous torture they do it floats my boat.

And this month, November, they started showing The Pillars of the Earth on tv and I was like, WHA--? How come I haven't seen this before? I have always wanted to read this book by Ken Follett but I have never gotten the book and thought why not just watch it? I know most people say books are better than shows or series but I love watching if I can. :)

The opening of pillars of the earth reminds me of the opening theme for game of thrones...somewhat similar.

So have any of you seen or read The pillar of the earth by Ken Follett?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is lung cancer awareness month. White ribbons apparently represents this awareness. :) Let's all spread this awareness around. It is also pancreatic cancer awareness month (in the US).

Early this morning I got a text message from my girl friend telling me one of our good friend's father passed away yesterday. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 4 months ago. Condolences to him and his family.

Thought of the day: Kids say the cutest thing

I use to watch Bill Cosby Kids say the darnest thing. It never cease to make me laugh :). Kids are so adorable, innocent and blunt. XD

"You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget," Jessica - age 8

I think this is so true :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Project 365: #157 Bubble tea time!

While we were out at the mall last weekend we got some bubble tea~! :D It is always a treat. I didn't actually get bubble tea, I got vanilla mocha :P. I can't stand some of the flavor of the bubble tea. So I went with something I knew I was going to love, coffee. XD

I wanted to post a picture of my sister but she said she look bad so just bubble tea picture this time. :)

Project 365: #156 Junkies

I went out with my sister last weekend looking for a present for my mom and we stopped by the grocery store and I bough some junk food =____='' which I kinda regret.

1. Well it is junk food, which is a no-no.
2. The mochi thingy I bought had marshmallow filling, and if you know me well enough I HATE marshmallow O__o
3. I could use that money for something else. Like really.

What I bought:

1. Strawberry flavored mochi (blehh...I didn't like it)
2. Pucca chocolate filled crackers (2 boxes but I ate 1 already)
3. Shapes barbecue flavor (I bought pizza flavor which I ate too :P)
4. Candies (blue raspberry and acai berry sours flavor)
5. KitKat :D

Project 365: #155 My little orphan update

As you can see she is coming along well. I have no definite name for her yet (it is a her). I don't know her characteristics yet since she is still limping and all but she is very spoil and attached. My dad wants to name her Jumper (after my other cat that died last month) but I don't want to give her a reused name. :) She is unique in her own way.

She has started to walk again but her legs still hurts. All in all, she is doing well and learned how to use the litter :). I will keep you up to date. She is 5 days old (since the day I found her). Oh one thing she likes: blanket/towel.

Project 365: #154 Presents

Today (12th November) is my mummy's birthday :D And tomorrow is my daddy's birthday. We didn't celebrate like crazy cause my mom had her school dinner tonight so we couldn't go out for dinner and my family had some gather for prayers for our late great grandmother. But my sister did bake cookies (and they are delicious!!) and we got presents for my parents :).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thought of the day

I have this massive headache (or might be migraine) at this moment. >.<'' This happened last night too. And I do not know what happened or what I ate. I have prematurely concluded that red meat has been the culprit but I have no evidence whatsoever to conclude this findings. OMG THERE'S A HUGE LIZARD CLIMBING ON MY WALL!!!!

Sorry for that little distraction. I really am grossed out by them. What if they were walking across the ceiling and it fell on me??!?!! O___o I would be totally scared but I would be sleeping too soundly to notice. FML.

Ok so anyway, this massive headache, pounding in my head like a Chinese drum is literally stopping me from looking staring at this computer screen and sharing some pictures I took of my friend getting married today. =___='' I might have to finish this when my headache disappears.

I think I need a nap.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 365: #153 Orphan

On holidays or weekends I tend to wake up earlier than I would've like. Like yesterday for instant. I had to, HAD TO wake up to the meow of a kitten. I think I am part cat cause I am very sensitive to cats meow =___= which kinda sucks if you ask me! At 5 freakin' 30. 0__o So yeah, it was pretty dark and I checked outside the balcony and no cat, just meow or echos. I thought I was dreaming. So I tried to go to bed but...mehehehehe Facebook got the best of me. 0__o FML 

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I took in an orphan.

Isn't it adorable?? :D This was the first picture I took before it went to sleep. You see, that cats meow I heard wasn't just me dreaming, it was real. And my mom actually called me (on my phone and we live in the same house!) and said there was a cat outside in the cold. It had been raining the whole night and this little thing was out there, in the cold. Poor thing.

After burrito wrapping it in a towel it was warm and fell asleep. A long sleep. I guess it was in shock cause 12 hours after that he went crazy and scared. It's like it just saw me for the first time. O__o Crazy cat! But now I am happy to report she is safe (nameless as of now) and warm, poop and all. Although we think she might have a broken leg(s) cause she can't walk. : ( Me is sad.

My mom said she reminded her of Jumper, RIP although she doesn't have socks and it's a SHE. =____='' Why can't it be a he?

I will keep you updated on my little orphan.

note: I am experimenting on putting watermarks on my photos. :) I don't know how I feel about it yet. CLK thinks it looks professional :P

Friday, November 4, 2011

TV Date: What I am waiting for this morning (Friday night for you far West people XD)

I just saw that the have brought forward Grimm from the weekends to Friday. :D But it also means that it will be on the same day as Supernatural. I am beyond excited!! Grimm is starting to grow on me and I was excited to have 2 shows with fairy tale themes and supernatural elements of course!!

I like this show but I hope it doesn't get out of control like Lost.

I have not watched Heart  Hart of Dixie or Suburgatory but they look pretty interesting. I might just start soon. My list of shows keep growing everyday :P

Are you watching Supernatural? XD

What have you been watching lately?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Songs in my head: Adele

I love this song. It has been stuck in my head for days now, maybe weeks!! It's bad enough they keep playing this song on the radio stations :P

Adele is nominated for EMA this weekend, with the likes of Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Eminem, and a bunch of others. I hope she wins, and Eminem too! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Date: Terminator Salvation

I am late on this terminator bandwagon. I was actually getting tired of the terminator movies :P that's why I waited so long to watch this movie. I thought it was gonna bad but it was not so bad. At least Arnold Schwarzenegger (OMG this is the first time I spell his name!) wasn't in the movie. It was getting kinda ...old. I did not pay so much attention to the story actually since I did not know what or who was who but I sorted things out at the end.

I like the half and half man. :) He is awesome. :D What do you think of the Terminator movies, especially this one?