Saturday, November 12, 2011

Project 365: #156 Junkies

I went out with my sister last weekend looking for a present for my mom and we stopped by the grocery store and I bough some junk food =____='' which I kinda regret.

1. Well it is junk food, which is a no-no.
2. The mochi thingy I bought had marshmallow filling, and if you know me well enough I HATE marshmallow O__o
3. I could use that money for something else. Like really.

What I bought:

1. Strawberry flavored mochi (blehh...I didn't like it)
2. Pucca chocolate filled crackers (2 boxes but I ate 1 already)
3. Shapes barbecue flavor (I bought pizza flavor which I ate too :P)
4. Candies (blue raspberry and acai berry sours flavor)
5. KitKat :D


Ayu~Emma said...

pucca choc filling is my fave..that one is dark choc rite? I want!!!

a!k0 said...

YES!! :D It is soooooooo good! XD