Monday, April 30, 2012

Football Update: The best news so far!

Arsenal just signed another player and will start this summer! This is one of the best news I have heard in a long time (other than they just replaced Cesc Fabregas with the hottie Mikel Arteta!). They have signed Lukas Podolski! OMFGadasfshwuhwerhnj!

If you are a football fan (I am not so, but I do follow!) he plays for the German national team and I am always weary when ever he plays cause he is so good! I am so glad Arsenal gets him for next season. After replacing 8 key players on the first squad, having Podolski hopefully would strengthen the team even more. I would love to see Chamakh play more and Vela and Bendtner return to the squad. And Denilson. We will see if any of the loan players would move permanently.

I am so excited after hearing the news on Twitter from the Arsenal camp. :D This brings hope and hopefully it would be a magical for seasons to come. Welcome home Podolski!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie Date: Hunger Games

Heyya...I know it is a little late but who has not watched the Hunger Games right? :) So I got the opportunity to watch it too with my movie date buddy. I wanted to write about this the night after the movie but I just got other things on my mind and forgotten about it.

So anyway my experience was...the movie was pretty good but with a whole lot of moving (the cameras was moving a lot, as if you were running with the characters) I got motion sickness. So by the end of the movie I felt pretty light headed. :P It was one of the worse movie experience I have had in awhile.

By all means it was not a bad movie, although I don't know if I would watch the other ones...although I might. You never know! :D Did you watch the movie? How did you like it?

I have not read the books but now I feel tempted to read them. :)

Overall it was pretty good. If it wasn't for all the moving and making me feel sickly I would watch it again.

Playlist Friday: Fun !!

Playlist Friday :) Ok, I was watching one of the episode Glee and I fell in love with this song.

This song is so FUN! :D I knew it was gonna be stuck in my head for a long time :P What do you think of the song??? Doesn't it just makes you wanna get up and dance? :D

Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Playlist Friday: White Town

Playlist Friday time! and just in time I say. My cousin and I have loved this song since we first heard it eons ago..I feel so old :P but I think I have posted it before on my blog. I still love it today so I am posting it again! It's a song by White Town - Your woman. I never knew what this song meant... 'till today. XD

How is everyone liking this new blogspot layout? I have not been on for awhile and it's kinda intimidating and I for one hate huge changes. I am sure I will grow to love it :) Have an awesome weekend everyone. I have a concert Saturday night (that I am not looking forward).

Friday, April 13, 2012

Playlist Friday: Jimmy Eat World

It's Playlist Friday time. This week I have been listening to Jimmy Eat World. I love their songs cause it is so catchy!

It always makes me smile when I watch this :) Imagine if we had a party like would probably end up badly. LOL. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Piece of the week: Mozart Symphony No.25 In G Minor

It's been awhile since I post any Piece of the week, since we cut back on practice, we don't get to practice new pieces. It is sad but c'est la vie. This week I started going to my classical orchestra practice after 4 months hiatus and I fell in love with this piece by Mozart. It's the symphony no 25 in G minor. But of course I was kind of shocked to hear the original piece being played. Damn I need to practice 2 hours a day to be as good and play twice as fast. I hope you enjoy this piece. :)

Playlist Friday: Matchbox Twenty

Ok technically Friday is over and I totally forgot to schedule a post for Playlist Friday..silly me ;) It was a holiday here Friday and I think that's what threw me off my groove (and a very bad groove for that). Anyway, here is my pick for Friday.

Do you know the hottie Rob Thomas? If you do then you must remember Matchbox Twenty. They have the most catchiest songs...and I love them all. Ironically I never bought any of their albums :P.

Do you liked any songs from Matchbox Twenty? I often wonder why they named their group Matchbox Twenty...did they have 20 matchboxes?