Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie Date: Hunger Games

Heyya...I know it is a little late but who has not watched the Hunger Games right? :) So I got the opportunity to watch it too with my movie date buddy. I wanted to write about this the night after the movie but I just got other things on my mind and forgotten about it.

So anyway my experience was...the movie was pretty good but with a whole lot of moving (the cameras was moving a lot, as if you were running with the characters) I got motion sickness. So by the end of the movie I felt pretty light headed. :P It was one of the worse movie experience I have had in awhile.

By all means it was not a bad movie, although I don't know if I would watch the other ones...although I might. You never know! :D Did you watch the movie? How did you like it?

I have not read the books but now I feel tempted to read them. :)

Overall it was pretty good. If it wasn't for all the moving and making me feel sickly I would watch it again.

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