Monday, April 30, 2012

Football Update: The best news so far!

Arsenal just signed another player and will start this summer! This is one of the best news I have heard in a long time (other than they just replaced Cesc Fabregas with the hottie Mikel Arteta!). They have signed Lukas Podolski! OMFGadasfshwuhwerhnj!

If you are a football fan (I am not so, but I do follow!) he plays for the German national team and I am always weary when ever he plays cause he is so good! I am so glad Arsenal gets him for next season. After replacing 8 key players on the first squad, having Podolski hopefully would strengthen the team even more. I would love to see Chamakh play more and Vela and Bendtner return to the squad. And Denilson. We will see if any of the loan players would move permanently.

I am so excited after hearing the news on Twitter from the Arsenal camp. :D This brings hope and hopefully it would be a magical for seasons to come. Welcome home Podolski!

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