Friday, October 26, 2012

Playlist Friday: Ryan Cabrera - 40 kinds of sadness

Yes Ryan, you give me 40 kinds of sadness. :) I love a guy who can strum a guitar and sing his heart out. I fell in love with Ryan from the first time I heard his song. I can't remember which but he always have a special place in my heart.

How was your week? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead. No sadness, just happiness. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


On my birthday weekend my sister and I decided to go out and check out this mall that has been under construction (and still is!! They are adding a hotel to the existing mall!) because I heard there was a lot to see there. Shops opening up and stuff. And to my surprise I discover this.

Ok if you follow me on Twitter you know I have been pestering my friend to check out the Essence booth to see if they sell their gel liners because I want to get my hands on them and no one has ever been to the booth. I heard a lot of good things about some of their products and I own a few which I loved! I won those in a giveaway last year. I love eyeliners and I always gravitate towards them. Since essence eyeliners are cheap and affordable enough, I decided to try them out.

I was looking for the sun club collection but they only had the regular line available. And some of the products are sold out but there was a variety to choose from. :) I was a happy camper. I wanted to try some of their nail polish but I didn't want to go crazy all at once so I will be back to get some. The colors are pretty so it is hard to make up my mind!

I posted this picture the day I bought them on instagram. I will do a post with swatches later. I need to take nicer pictures. :D I ended up getting the purple gel liner (I forgot the name of it), an eyeliner in Teddy, a metallic eyeliner in black knight and a lipgloss in trendsetter. My sister got the smokey eye kit. She said she didn't like it because it is not dark enough. I didn't get a chance to try it but we shall see.

I can't wait to go back because I heard a lot of people really like the XXXL lip gloss and I am curious. :P I use to love lip gloss but now I am so obsessed with red lipsticks! It is crazy. So if you want to send me something send me red lipsticks or eyeliners. LOL :P

Have you tried any Essence products?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Playlist Friday: Jessica Simpson - When you told me you love me

Happy Friday! Do you realize Fridays comes ever so fast every week??! It is concerning to me cause the days are just winding down too fast for my liking. I love weekends (especially the football!) but I don't like days and weeks to come knocking so fast. I need to savor the time spent with people more.

I was listening to this song most of this week, my playlist on my iPod is kind of ancient so I am reminiscing :P. It is one of my favorite song from Jessica Simpson. Trouble was I couldn't find a video for this song. I don't even know if there was ever a video. I love it still. Not to say that I am heart broken but if I ever was this song would probably make me cry buckets. Let's hope I don't have to cry buckets eh...

Jessica is one sexy lady back then, now she is a hot mama. :D I have not yet seen a picture of her baby though. Haha...but she was uber sexy back then wasn't she??! :)

What is everyone up to this weekend? I am hoping the weather is treating you right. Hugs and kisses.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday night chatter

What did you do last night? Were you watching the stars? No, I was watching this.

Print screen from last night leap of faith. :) Felix Baumgartner jump from space! It was was super awesome! It was crazy! He actually landed on both feet. :D If you did not see it you are missing out!! 

This was the jump. It was amazing and wow. I am so glad I witness it. :) Thanks to my friend B who told me about it and we watched it together. :D Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Think Pink!

I usually do this the beginning of the month but I totally forgot, it is Pinktober month! and my birthday month too, CLK and I that is. And a whole lot of our friends too. Crazy that a bunch of people I know are born in October Pinktober (my aunt have the same birthday as me and his son have the same birthday as my sister - 8th October Pinktober!).

If you are wondering why is it Pinktober (I hope you know what I am talking about) it is because October is breast cancer awareness month. :) I am proud to be sharing my birthday month with an awareness that every women and men should know about, how to detect it early and prevent it at all cost. Well prevention is better than cure is what they say and knowing how to check for it, doing breast examination is a must for all your ladies out there. If you don't want to do it let your boyfriend/fiancee/husband do it. I am sure they will be happy to feel up examine your breasts for you.

My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and she passed away years ago. I have friends that found lumps in their breasts and thankfully they were harmless. It is crucial that everyone know how to check for lumps and if they feel like their breasts are changing consult a doctor. I do check my breasts every time I am in the shower or in front of a mirror. This blog has some interesting facts and information about breast cancer.

So all of this October or Pinktober, think pink!! I know there are a lot of awareness programs, runs, walks, products, organization that raises funds all through the month to raise money for breast cancer research. I will try my best to do my part and I hope you do too.


I wish I had pink lipstick or something but I found out I lack the color pink in my makeup collection :P. I guess that's one reason to go shopping for makeup eh? :P And since it is also the month of Halloween madness, I went a little crazy with the font. :D Don't worry it will go away once Halloween passes over us. 

Have a berry pink weekend everyone. Remember think PINK!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Playlist Friday: Shayne Ward - Breathless

I use to listen to this song endlessly - over and over, one after another. Since Shayne is also hot and have a really sexy voice, it didn't really matter to me if I was listening to the songs 1000000 times a day. I don't know how my roommates thought of it but they never complained either. :P This is one of my favorite song. Although I am not very fond of his new music. I might have to give it a listen through again. I think I prefer his ballads :D.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Anyone going to a Halloween party this weekend?? Send me some candy please! :P

Thursday, October 11, 2012


My sister and I went to Bing! to have a mini birthday celebration. We shared the food because it was kinda late at night. XD

Friday, October 5, 2012

Playlist Friday: The Clash - Should I stay or should I go

So I have been listening to a part of this song for the longest time and I never know who sang the song. And now I do!! :D It is a fun song although I think it's kinda like a breakup song, should I stay or should I go? LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Football update: Champions League

Arsenal 3 v 1 Olympiacos

The last of the 2 game week came on Thursday morning for me (245am) and I did not stay up to watch it. Simply because the last game I saw they lost haha, and I made a mistake of laying on my bed waiting for the match to start. If I did not, I would probably be glued in front of the tv.

I was kinda sad because they won. I wanted to watch the game where they win and not lose :P. I was on my iPod on the EuroSport app and first half they were level at 1-1. I think that made me even lazier to get up and watch the second half, because I was afraid it was gonna end up in a draw and it would be a waste for me to watch the game. XD you know sleep is kinda important.

Podolski and Ramsey scored in the second half, and I think it might be Ramsey's first goal of the season. I was so relieve! meaning they won the game. I think it puts them on the top of Group B. I hope they stay that way and do not end up meeting any teams from the Premier League (Chelsea, Manchester Utd or Manchester City).

Another good game boys! Now if only you can apply this method when you play against Manchester Utd, Chelsea or Manchester City, that would be awesome.

More snacks and yummy cakes.

Just some snack pictures for a few months ago. :)

The picture of the seaweed snack above is made from wanton or eggroll wrappers (I don't know if it's the same thing?) and the seaweed is place in between and they are cut into strips and fried. My sister made that.

More pictures I took of snacks and cakes. We made some of the cakes in the last pictures, the ones with the pretty designs are all bought though. :P I have yet to learn how to make those.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 'kuih'

This was meant to be posted like 2 months ago and things happened, I got lazy then you know...procrastination. Bla bla...I don't have a good excuse but I did edited them to make them look nicer. :P I think I was a little disappointed because I did not take as many pictures as I did during eid this year as years before. I don't know why but I felt kinda empty and sad. But even though it has been a few months it's never too late right? :)

I woke up early in the morning and took pictures of all the cookies or biscuits. Kuih is the Malay word for cookies, well actually I think it is cake. I might be wrong so don't quote me :). I would have to look that up actually ;).

I have a few more pictures to share. I hope I get them up sooner and not wait another 2 months. Haha.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Football update: Day 6

Arsenal v Chelsea

So Arsenal 6th game was really a sad one for me. They lost to Chelsea and it really sucked. At first I thought it was an own goal but they credited the goal to Mata, which it was Mata's free kick. Still I thought they didn't play that well. I hope they do make up for it this Wednesday when they play against Olympiacos in the Champions League.

I was a little disappointed but I was so glad Liverpool won their first game and Manchester United lost to Tottenham Hotspur. HAHA I live on other peoples suffering. :P