Thursday, October 4, 2012

Football update: Champions League

Arsenal 3 v 1 Olympiacos

The last of the 2 game week came on Thursday morning for me (245am) and I did not stay up to watch it. Simply because the last game I saw they lost haha, and I made a mistake of laying on my bed waiting for the match to start. If I did not, I would probably be glued in front of the tv.

I was kinda sad because they won. I wanted to watch the game where they win and not lose :P. I was on my iPod on the EuroSport app and first half they were level at 1-1. I think that made me even lazier to get up and watch the second half, because I was afraid it was gonna end up in a draw and it would be a waste for me to watch the game. XD you know sleep is kinda important.

Podolski and Ramsey scored in the second half, and I think it might be Ramsey's first goal of the season. I was so relieve! meaning they won the game. I think it puts them on the top of Group B. I hope they stay that way and do not end up meeting any teams from the Premier League (Chelsea, Manchester Utd or Manchester City).

Another good game boys! Now if only you can apply this method when you play against Manchester Utd, Chelsea or Manchester City, that would be awesome.

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