Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am back!

YAY!! I love being back. :) And today I went shoe shopping with my mom, ok my mom went shoe shopping but I was there for the ride. I wanted to compare prices and shoes, altho the shoe I wanted at Charles and Keith are GONE!! I don't know if they were sold or it wasn't on SALE. Yes it is a SALE!!! I have a love/hate relationship with SALES.

I am planning to buy something from here or here. I do adore the stuff she has here. It makes me go nuts just trying to figure out what to buy. I have been busy lately going to my practices for my show on Tuesday. And I have shoe pics that I love, but I need to bluetooth them to by lappie which I am not willing to do at 2am. So tomorrow it shall be done :D. Toodles, nighty nite time. zzZZzzzz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lappie is in ICU

Just as I was having a fantabulous day with Sitie and Daszz, and I wanted to upload pictures...Lappie crashed!!! X( Again! ~~sob sob (sobbing quietly at the corner). So much for bad luck.

~ Having fun in the car XD

I hope to have it back by Friday, the worse next MONDAY!! How can it do this to ME??!?!

~In the car with Daszz and Sitie, and camwhoring of course!

~ Showing some love <3

~ With Sitie at BK

~ The gorgeous man himself

Anyway I went out (on a freakinly hot Saturday) with Sitie and Daszz, cause Daszz was going off the next day, to Perak (I think) before he is sent off to an unknown destination... Anywho, we had fun! Altho I think I was overdressed, but maybe he was having a bad-day-after day ;). Had lunch at Tun Jugah food court, then we went to BK to 'chill' altho I didn't think it helped that much, since it was obviously hot that day. But we were fabulous anyway XD.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We are a big happy family 8 + 2 :D

I love cats. I love kittens. And then my cat gave me my 'OoomyGosh'-moment, last month, just a day after the departed of our "beloved" Michael Jackson (ok, technically, it was ON the day Michael Jackson died since we live a half world apart). Yes, my beloved Valentine, gave birth to 2 lil-cute-slimy-ooomygosh-i-can't-believe-it-happened-in-front-of-my-eyes kittens. :) I noticed she was a lil antsy when I got home from work. She meowed at me and brushed at my feet (I know the kitty loves me ^^). I was tired and we were suppose to go out for a last time together dinner with my sisters, but I put her in a cute cardboard box. Ok it was a plain box but she was satisfied. :D

After we came home from the wonderful seafood dinner at Top Spot, as usual we had our usual table, I came home to a distress pregnant cat. She was in a hurry to get those 2 lil cute-ness out of her big belly. Initially I thought she was gonna have 4 kitties (I was hoping she would have more than 2) but that's not the case.

She was in distress, and she was the bottom. I've seen my fair share of pregnant cat about to give birth but I've never seen a cat that is GONNA give birth before my eyes. The problem is that...she won't stay in the box UNLESS I'm there. o.O I wasn't looking forward to seeing the actual birth but I am honored. :) My cat, my baby, let me stay and watch her give birth to her wonderful now fat-chubby-squishy kitties.

I have pictures to prove it too. :D The first kitty was born at 10:40pm. I saw, I mean really SAW it came popping out of her butt. Like in a sack, red sack, the kitty is so small...but I bet she didn't feel it was small, comparing her and the kitty, it was huge. And I saw her..licking and licking, and (ewww) eating the after birth. (I don't know what it was called, but CLK said it was the after birth, the sack, or **temunek, as we call it).

It was disgusting, and I was reporting live to CLK...and by experience I know it would be awhile till the second one, but I was wrong. I was busy with my Yahoo! and my Facebook, poofff...out of nowhere the second one was there. Out in the open, to the world, to my beautiful eyes *batting lashes*. And it was clean. Hmmm I don't know the time of birth but I am guessing 11:20pm. :) They are booo-tiful. :D Like really. ^^ I am a happy mommie-kat. :D

Now they are about, 3 weeks old (they were born on the 26th June 2009, almost midnight) and they are fat and
squishy!!! Like seriously....I told CLK but he said it's not a good idea to squish them...*squishy squishy squishy* Like a rubber ducky :D. At first I was kinda scared for the lil one, I called Trooper, cause it was smaller than the first one. But behold, he is now bigger than its kitty sibling ^^. That's my baby!! :D

** I will provide pictures when I have them transferred!!! I am so excited! ^^) Now we are 8 + 2!