Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lappie is in ICU

Just as I was having a fantabulous day with Sitie and Daszz, and I wanted to upload pictures...Lappie crashed!!! X( Again! ~~sob sob (sobbing quietly at the corner). So much for bad luck.

~ Having fun in the car XD

I hope to have it back by Friday, the worse next MONDAY!! How can it do this to ME??!?!

~In the car with Daszz and Sitie, and camwhoring of course!

~ Showing some love <3

~ With Sitie at BK

~ The gorgeous man himself

Anyway I went out (on a freakinly hot Saturday) with Sitie and Daszz, cause Daszz was going off the next day, to Perak (I think) before he is sent off to an unknown destination... Anywho, we had fun! Altho I think I was overdressed, but maybe he was having a bad-day-after day ;). Had lunch at Tun Jugah food court, then we went to BK to 'chill' altho I didn't think it helped that much, since it was obviously hot that day. But we were fabulous anyway XD.

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