Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project 365: #24 I ♥♥♥ cheese

I love noodles, especially the instant ones :P It's not good for you so, step away from the noodles *grab noodles and runs*. My favorite flavor would have to be curry but...I have manage to altered the chicken flavor spicier by adding white pepper. Lotsa white pepper >:D *evil laugh* I think chicken flavor is kinda boring.

So I was reading tweets from this one lady (I don't remember her name..sorry :(..) but she added cheese to her curry noodles. *Light bulb* I have cheese in the fridge. *runs to get cheese and make curry noodles* So...I am in love!!! 

This was the aftermath of the cheese, I cut it into strips and let it melt on the hot noodle and oh it was sooo good!! I can't describe it. Now I feel like having a bowl of noodles *drools* but maybe in the morning XD. Although after this bowl of sinful goodness CLK got sick o_0.


KittyBonkers said...

OMG. CHEESE. AND NOODLES? IN ONE BOWL? *wants to try this piece of heaven*

Kitty xox

a!k0 said...

@Kitty: you should! I was skeptical at first but when I tried it... OMG I need more!

Ayu~Emma said...

oh!never try it before.. I might try it..ya know, in south korea, they got instant noodles in cheese flavor.

Keirasluckycharm said...

Yummy i love noodles but not sure if i want it with cheese lol :-)

a!k0 said...

@Ayu: You should! I was skeptical at first but when I tried it, the cheese melted, and oh so good! You would want it again, with more cheese :P

@Keirasluckycharm: I was like that at first when I saw the picture, now i was like oh it's cheese time! ;)