Friday, January 7, 2011

Football update: Last few games

I have been dreading posting football updates, as you see I have less and less of them. Don't get me wrong I do watch em :) (YAY GO ARSENAL!!) but they disappoint me when I feel like they should make me excited and happy. Ya know what I mean?! Meaning more winning, less draws...thankfully they have not lost many games so far and this Saturday night, FA cup and they have their Carling cup semi final match Wednesday. So contemplating to go to my orchestra practice or not XD. Shhhhhhh don't tell my conductor!!

Past few games (wow totally just checked last update - 5 games ago! XD):

December 13th 
Arsenal v Manchester Utd (0 - 1) - The lost, what can I say? Could've gone top of the table...grrrr.

December 27th
Chelsea v Arsenal (3 - 1) - Then the next game they won. o.O Really surprising how they can come up and surprise ya. I am thrilled of course!! It's Chelsea we're talking about XD.

December 29th
Wigan Athletic v Arsenal (2 - 2) - From a lost, to a win, to a draw. See my frustration? >.<' They were winning, then....need explanation much?

January 1st
Birmingham City v Arsenal (3 - 0) - Another win! Yay, and it was on new year's day too. Happy! ^^. We need more of this to come!

January 5th
Arsenal v Manchester City (0 - 0) - The other devil, in blue. *sigh* Another draw, a win would put them below Manchester Utd. Why does this keep happening?? And some players are going on loan. Come back soon!! =___='' Apparently they only have wallpaper on their site of winning games :P I never noticed that.

January 8th (FA Cup - I thought it was a Carling cup match. Guess they changed the date)
Arsenal v Leeds
Hoping for a win - fingers crossed!! Leeds have not been in the Barclays Premier League in a long time. So a win would be great! And the football clubs need jersey colors in pink and purple. No more boring black, blues and red (except for Arsenal XD).

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