Sunday, January 30, 2011

TV Date: Better off Ted

OMG this must be one of the funnies show I have watched (in awhile) but too bad it got cancelled. Awww... *pout* but no worries, I still think it is worth the mention. Like seriously if you want a good laugh, dark humor, this is one for you. Seriously. :D And if you like Portia de Rossi, I think she is be honest :).

CLK and I fell in love with this series after watching it Thursday and now, we're hooked!! :D There's only 2 seasons so we are going to run through it non-stop! The downside to it is, other than it was cancelled, is that it's only 20-something minutes long. I wish it was an hour long. More dark humor >:D.

Show Summary (from

Ted Crisp loves his job. He works for the team at Veridian Dynamics, where nothing is too far-fetched, or out of the ordinary. An average day for Ted could easily involve creating a suicidal turkey, for instance. The only problem is, Ted is ethical and the company is not.

Jay Harrington - Ted Crisp
Portia de Rossi - Victoria Palmer
Andrea Anders - Linda Zwordling
Jonathan Slavin - Phil Mymen
Malcolm Barrett - Lem Hewitt
Isabella Acres - Rose Crisp

I am in love with this!

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