Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Oh I was bitter last night because I could not watch my Arsenal match and thought "Oh yeah because Manchester United is playing. It's because of Manchester United...blablabla..". I didn't watch that game because Manchester United was playing...see the problem? But this morning, OMFG!!! They lost!!! >:D *evil laugh* See people at Astro, you should put the Arsenal game live because Manchester United got beaten bad by West Ham United (4 - 0)...muahahhahahah!! Evil..I am evil!!!

Even though they only scored one goal (Bendtner) they did win!! And are going to the semi final! And with no big four (Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool) to stop them, they have an equal chance (hopefully more) to win the cup!! Come on, if they lose to Ipswich that would be humiliating. o.O

I am a happy panda. :D


P.S I had to remove the video because it was naken down from the ~~


Andrea said...

Congrats! It seems that it really makes you happy! :)

I would love to invite you to my giveaway! It's open worlwide, so don't hesitate to join it! :)

Straylights said...

My those boys are cuties *drools* lol!

How exciting that they might win the cup! I'd be running around like a crazy person in excitement!

Keirasluckycharm said...

Girl lol.... me and sports= confusion. So your team won? YAY! <3 Hugs

a!k0 said...

@Andres: Giveaway noted :D They's very refreshing that they didn't lose (again!).

@Starlights: Right?? Cute cute cute *drools* Running around like a crazy person, check. It's a must but too bad they haven't won anything yet :P

@Keirasluckycharm: lol I am still getting the hang of all the rules but they make me scream and curse like a sailor :P Ok maybe just scream and then go, oh cute guy alert! :P