Saturday, December 18, 2010

Football update: What happened last week

Hey guys~ It has been almost 10 days. Sorry =___='' It has been a busy week. :) Will update soon! Just had our Christmas/year end concert and it was Ah-mazing! :) First time I have felt so happy after a show! ^__^

So I wanted to update about football. First of all, the game tonight (18th December, 1500 UK time) is postponed because there is a blizzard in London. I am kinda sad but the snow is so beautiful.

See? Awesome huh? But the game is postponed. Sucks. Arsenal vs Stoke City will commence until further notice. Last week they met Manchester United for a match but they lost, 1 - 0. Which sucks more. *sigh*

They will meet Barcelona for the round of 16 for the Champions League and it does not seem very bright. Like ending the run for the Champions League. So no game tonight, maybe that means early night? :)

I will have updates soon-ish!!

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