Friday, December 10, 2010

My football update

This is a football update so...if you are not a football fan, turn your face away...or I'll entertain you with a picture of my cat, Charlie.

My Cat Charlie (with his newspaper ball)

So last Wednesday (I watched it Thursday morning) Arsenal played their last Champions League match against FK Partizan Beograd. They are in Group H, and was top of that group but lost their last game so they need to win this game in order to go on to the last 16. In normal talk, they better win or pack their bags. Well actually I think they have a good chance to go to the last 16 rounds but a win would be sweeter. I did not update my football last month because they weren't doing very good. (Lost a lot of games and really poor performance).

I am happy to report that they cruise past FK Partizan Beograd. :) I was scared a lil when they scored 1 each but then it was smooth sailing. Although Bacary Sagna did get a red card, minutes before time. What a shame. I hope they get to play somewhat mediocre team next cause I want them in the finals!

I hope they didn't take down the video again, if they do check out footytube if you are interested in the clips. :)

They had a game Saturday against Fulham and won! Of course, it was one of those long game and you get very edgy. It was a pretty good game, Samir Nasri scored both goals. I thought they were gonna give it all away or get a draw from the game. It took them a very long time to score the second goal and thankfully they did! Don't scare us like that Arsenal! (At least don't scare me :P).

Courtesy of wallpaper here

The week before they had a Carling Cup clash and since all the top teams are out, I hope Arsenal would be favorite to win the cup. :) The matches for the cup match in January are as follows:

Birmingham CityvsWest Ham United
St. Andrews
ArsenalvsIpswich Town
Emirates Stadium

Ipswich TownvsArsenal
Portman Road
West Ham UnitedvsBirmingham City
Upton Park

Courtesy of Carling Cup website

 That would be in January o.O and I have to wait!!! It sucks. At least I get to see a game with CLK and hopefully it would be a good one and not fall asleep like I use to. LOL.


Keirasluckycharm said...

Haha i love this blog post. Its about your cat right? hehe

galpal.hi said...

Saw this post on Jennifer's blogroll and I had to take a better look. Your cat looks very similar to mine! He's so cute!


Anna Katrina said...

adorable cat !!!

stop by sometime<3

a!k0 said...

@Keirasluckycharm: ;) Of course. He's the 'main' theme of this post :D.

@galpal.hi: Thanks for dropping by :D He is adorable and he likes to be loved ;) Oh I gotta see your kitty!

@Anna: Thank you love! :D Thanks for dropping by.

Ayu~Emma said...

lol..kak idda..frankly said..I was so interest with dis blog post cz of ur cats.. x) cute cute

btw,I'll adopt a cat..his name is rocky..I dh cop die awal2..hehe. whn, I have him..I'll post about him on my blog.

Melissa said...

You're cat is sooooo beautiful and sweet!
Meow! ^.^


a!k0 said...

@Ayu: LOL now I know how to make people read my football updates :P hehehe...where did you adopt?? SPCA? :D I can't wait to see your new kitty ^__^

@Melissa: :D Thank you! I think he knows that too..he loves to pose for the camera.

Anonymous said...

Lol lot's of cats!

galpal.hi said...

Did a blog post with pictures of my cat. Charlie's pictures are much cuter though.