Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food and more food

Happy weekend everyone! :) I am lacking in posts these few months and I am sorry. I have so many things unedited and I lack motivation for some reason. I diagnosed myself as depressed for a little while and I am trying to face the day happily one at a time. Sometimes it is kinda hard and I function on a very short fuse. Which is not good for me and people around me. But enough about I want to share some awesome food pictures I have been indulging these past few weeks. Nothing special though just comfort food I love. :D

Sorry for the blurry photo but most (if not all) of these pictures are taken with my very crappy old phone :P). These dhal is one of the best I have had in a very long while (beside I try to stay away from them because I prefer curry instead). Dhal is an Indian cuisine consists of dried lentils, peas or beans. You can read here if you are interested. I eat dhal mostly with roti (wheat-based flat bread).

I love munching...and I love pickled fruits. Oh it get my mouth water even as I type this. If you like something sour and mind boggling awesome, you should try some picked mangoes :D

On a very lazy day I love instant noodles. One of my favorite thing to add in my instant noodles are tomatoes, veggies, eggs and cheese! Cheese and curry noodles are awesome. Especially with tomatoes. :D

And of course pizza!!! It is not complete without pizza :D. We had pizza twice in January because everyone was craving for some grease...although I wish we had Dominos here. I think their pizza are nicer and more awesome.

What have you been craving lately?

FYI do you know Picnik are closing?? I am upset...and that's why you see all of my picture editing are different. I am trying to use all of their different effects before they are gone.

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