Friday, March 16, 2012

Playlist Friday: Radiohead - Creep

Why is Friday. I have totally missed a whole week without posts =___=''. Very bad me...sorry I have no excuse other than my favorite pajama pants that my grandma made eons ago finally decide to fall apart and I was sad and had to get fabric so I can make a new one. :D Of course it won't be gramma's pjs but it would be something similar. Although I need to break it in. I hate new clothes. They are not as comfy as the old worn out ones.

Anyway, this week song is inspired by all the creeps out there...and if Johnny Depp was next to me listening music, I would totally ask for an autograph, phone number and if he wants to sit for coffee :P. Enjoy!

P.S. Is there a creep in your life? XD and I just found out when I first talked to CLK, he planted flowers for me just to impress me, isn't that sweet?


Chris said...

Aww that's sad how your nan's Pj's broke. Haha and I enjoy watching Johnny Depp on the big screen, there's something really convincing about his performances! I would be a little embarrassed to ask for an autograph!

just tututiny said...

Hope all is well my dear, this video was a cool watch!

a!k0 said...

@Chris: I love Johnny Depp too! Yeah he makes a boring movie looks awesome :P I know~ now I gotta make a replacement pjs lol yeah i know but it would be a waste to let him go by without getting anything lol

@just tututiny: it was :D i hope you are well too!