Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Date: Abduction

2 days ago my cousin and I decided to go watch a movie on a whim. Since no one else wanted to go with (it was a working and school night) we decided to watch the 1045pm show. Out of all the movies (which was not many available that night) we decided to watch Abduction. I was drawn to it because of Taylor Lautner (admitting now). After watching the movie, I seriously wished I chose Dream House instead. At least it will keep me shivering until we reach home (which was almost 1am).

It was very disappointing, and kinda sad. Wish the movie had more awesomeness to it. I can't decide whether the movie was going too slow or too fast, probably both and the ending was kind of a let down. One the good side, I get to spend time with my cousin (whom I rarely see) and took tons of pictures with the Johnny English movie poster. :P Will probably do a separate post on that.

via - wish this scene was in the actual movie!


Marie said...

Thanks for the review.. I might just watch this on Netflix..

***** Marie *****
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a!k0 said...

Yes, I think you should :) better not spend your money on this!