Monday, October 31, 2011

The last day of Horror-ween

So October  Pinktober have come and gone. It is sad really. Also some happy times through out this month. :) And I have been a lazy blogger. I just felt so deflated I needed some recharge time!! I hope I have recharged enough and my camera ran out of memory. I told it to take it easy and walked, but it RAN! LOL So I, who is a lazy bumm, will have to remove and delete all pictures in the hope that I will post them here. :P I will...sooner or later. Sooner is what you should hope for.

Before I move on to November, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY HORRORWEEN!! I saw in the news that the east coast of US was snowing. SNOWING! on Halloween?? what they call a 'rare' snowstorm? So I guess for all you folks out there who wanted to dress as Santa or Mrs Clause this would probably be the appropriate time. :P Now who says you can never be Santa on Halloween? Maybe creepy Santa >:D

I do hope everyone who was hit by this white Halloween is safe and staying warm :). I shall be back with the next post.

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